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by Mark Andrew posted Nov 20 2014 11:01AM
It's finally here! But not really. We have a trailer for the much anticipated Pitch Perfect 2. And in it we get to hear a new arrangement of Anna Kendrick's hit single from the first installment, Cups. It leaves us wondering if part 2 will yeild new radio friendly ditty from the unlikely songstress. In the meantime the trailer is chock-full of snarky barbs, slapstick humor and incredibly cute outfits. Take a peek! For the actual movie we'll have to wait till next May. Sigh.

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by Mark Andrew posted Nov 11 2014 10:33AM
Denver Broncos camp

It's one of the coolest prizes we've ever given away. Mix 100.3 is sending one lucky listener and a guest on a trip to see Denver play Kansas City on the road. We're providing airfare, hotel and game tickets! You can qualify every hour all week. Just be the 10th caller when you hear the Pigskin Plane cue to call. We're drawing the winner Friday!

It got me to thinking about some of the times I got to see my favorite teams on the road. So I've compiled a top 10 list of the most awesome things about seeing your team on the road. If you've seen any of your teams on the road and have something to add, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

10. It's a great reason to visit a city you may never have been to before.

9. You get to see your team wear a different color jersey in person. This part is actually really cool.

8. You can go shopping in places you've never been.

7. During the trip you will meet other fans of your team and trade stories.

6. At the game you'll get the unexpected thrill of hearing the home crowd go silent when your team scores.

5. You can check out restaurants you've never been to.

4. While there is some trash talk, some people will actually welcome you. It's true!

3. You get to tell stories about your trip when you get home.

2. You can post Facebook pics on game day from your seats and make everyone at home jelly!

1. For years and years to come, every time you see that stadium on TV it'll remind you of your trip. And you can say "I was there!"

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by Mark Andrew posted Oct 16 2014 1:16PM
Who cares?  If you have a window seat at work and it’s above the 2nd floor, these guys are laying it all on the line for you every day.  And whether they chose this career to live on the edge or are just good with a squeegee and have bills to pay, they deserve our gratitude.   So shout out the the window washers!  Thank you and we’ll see you in a few months. 

Mark Andrew

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by Mark Andrew posted Oct 13 2014 12:30PM
Nina Pham is the Dallas nurse who has been identified as first person to contract the Ebola virus in the United States.  But her dog, pictured here, is about to steal the headlines.  While Nina is quarantined in the hospital, her dog is still locked in her apartment.  And it's raising a lot of questions.  Dogs have been known to spread the virus in other countries.  That's why a dog in Madrid, Spain named Excalliber, was euthanized last week despite a petition with over 400,000 signatures to save him.  

Don't expect the same result here.  Everything that can be done to save the dog will be done.  This is dog-loving America.  We love dogs like no other country in the world.  Some would argue we love dogs more than people.  Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings was wise to say the dog would be kept in a safe location.  He better be.  If anything happens to that dog on Mayor Rawlings watch, his political career will be in jeopardy.  

As this picture continues go to viral, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes #eboladog to start trending on Twitter.  And when will we find out the dog's name?  That shouldn't take long.  
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by Mark Andrew posted Oct 8 2014 2:48PM
GLENDALE -  Crews were still working Wednesday to repair a sinkhole that opened up sometime Tuesday afternoon.  The apparent cause according to seismologists was an intense vibration due to what they called "hit music" coming from the Mix 100.3 studios inside the adjacent building at Colorado and Exposition.   “My bad,” said mid-day host Mark Andrew.  “I guess I didn’t realize how loud the music was in the studio.”  Overcome with how fantastic the “all the hits” format is, Andrew really had the tunes cranked.  “I don’t know if it was Jessie J’s hit ‘Bang Bang’ that did it or The Script’s new anthem ‘Superheroes.’  Or who knows? Maybe it was Coldplay ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ but I guess I got carried away.”  Crews hoped to have the damage repaired by Thursday morning’s commute.

(just kidding)
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by Mark Andrew posted Oct 7 2014 1:38PM
Today on Mix I was talking about how office pranks are the hallmark of a good work environment.  It truely signifies great morale and people that like each other.  Therefore I give you: 

Top 5 Radio Station Pranks I’ve Experienced

5.  A guy about to do a newscast.  Someone got ahold of the paper copy he was about to read when he wasn’t looking and drew some rated-x pictures.  He didn’t see them until he started the newscast.  Gotta give the guy credit.  He smiled but didn’t laugh still did the newscast flawlessly. 
4.  A person was hiding under the board.  When I started talking on the air they grabbed my ankle hard.  This happened late at night which made it even better.  I screamed on the air.
3.  I’m talking on the air and to my right out of the corner of my eye I see a known station prankster.  Suddenly there is a bright flash and I feel heat.  He lit a fire in the garbage can 3 feet from me.
2.  DJ walks out of the studio.  Lock the door.  When he gets down the hall you yell that he has dead air.
1.  You’re talking on the air and someone from another studio manages to get their voice into your headphones, but not on the air.  They start whispering profanities. 
Honorable Mention:   This one also happened to me.  I turned on the mic and start talking, a guy walks into the studio and gives me the middle finger in an effort to get me to laugh or stumble on the air.  I did neither.  I gave him the finger back and continued the break flawlessly!  (Better luck next time Jeremy)
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by Mark Andrew posted Oct 3 2014 1:00PM
Blake Lewis was the American Idol Season 6 runner up to Jordin Sparx.  He made a huge splash on the show with is beat-boxing rendition of Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name.  Lewis returns to Denver Saturday night for a performance at Exdo Events Center at the Out Front Magazine annual Power Party.  OFC recognizes individuals who have shown leadership in Colorado's LGBT community. 

Tickets here:

Mark Andrew spoke with Lewis about his upcoming perfomance and his days on American Idol.  Check it out!

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by Mark Andrew posted Oct 2 2014 11:39AM
by Mark Andrew posted Oct 2 2014 3:00AM
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by Mark Andrew posted Oct 1 2014 12:58PM
If you look at Vanilla Ice early in his career, the similarites with Justin Bieber are striking.  Rude behaviour, run-ins with the law and substance abuse.  A much older and wiser Ice, or as he's commonly refered to now, Robert Van Winkle, offers his thoughts on the Biebs.


Ice plays the Grizzly Rose Friday night at 10 p.m.  

Tickets here:

More chances to win tickets coming up on Mix 100.3!

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