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Bo Jaxon loves playing the Hits for you every afternoon, 3p-7p and hitting the streets...Bo is everywhere!!!
Hosting charity events, 5Ks, and speaking at schools...if you need Bo's help for an event shoot him an e mail
Posts from September 2014
by Bo posted Sep 29 2014 4:25PM
WWWAAZZUUPPP with all the or not????

by Bo posted Sep 26 2014 4:03PM
HOT OR NOT??????
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by Bo posted Sep 25 2014 10:32AM
Check out this little critter hanging out on our MIX 100.3 window which is 12 floors up.....what should we name him????
by Bo posted Sep 23 2014 4:54PM
Can you make the best apple pie?????

by Bo posted Sep 19 2014 10:29AM

Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19

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Location : Arrrrgggggggg
by Bo posted Sep 17 2014 5:15PM
Stop by and see Dr Oz, you might get on his show

Here's the details.........

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Location : Denver
People : Oz
by Bo posted Sep 17 2014 11:40AM
It's a hilarious roll reversal you must watch!

Ending so true!!!

by Bo posted Sep 16 2014 4:37PM
Krispy Kreme to Sell ‘Ghostbusters’ Themed Doughnuts
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by Bo posted Sep 15 2014 5:56PM
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 opens Nov. 21

by Bo posted Sep 8 2014 9:40AM
Who said you learn all the dances moves from momma???

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Topics : Human Interest
by Bo posted Sep 5 2014 11:22AM
I am PUMPED and ready to hit the gym, how about you???

by Bo posted Sep 4 2014 4:20PM
Oregon dog eats 43 socks, vets remove every single one
The photo above provided by the hospital showed all 43 socks; it’s unknown if there are any matches!

The vets went to work on the Great Dane, performing an exploratory surgery, and removed all 43 socks from the dog’s stomach.
What crazy thing has your dogs eaten??????

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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Oregon
by Bo posted Sep 3 2014 2:25PM
Do you leave the TV on for your dogs?
What channel do they like?
I usually leave ESPN on for my two dogs, Ginger and Cheech….they watch so much, they should pick my fantasy football team!
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Topics : Human InterestSports
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