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Book Club September 2012

by Dom posted Sep 4 2012 5:10AM

The Fault in Our Stars
By John Green

Reviewed by Dom

There are two things that might stop people from even giving this book a shot (and both would be mistakes). One is when they hear that it’s a book about kids dying from cancer. I get it, that subject matter might make some people hesitant or uncomfortable. And two, they’ll hear that it’s a “young adult” book.

In response, let me tell you this: John Green has composed a remarkable story that isn’t about cancer; it’s about the evolution and growth of two young people. I say composed because Green is truly an artist, and the kind of writer who makes other writers envious.

And as for the “young adult” tag, please. I would argue that some of the best books that adults can read are YA, especially when the author wastes no time talking down to his audience. Green is a master at compelling prose, regardless of the so-called target audience.

This tale centers on Hazel and Augustus, two kids who meet in a “kids with cancer” support group. In no time at all you find yourself connecting with these two special individuals, through their fears and their strengths. And their fears might surprise you.

At times touching and at times humorous, The Fault in Our Stars does what really good literature is supposed to do: make you take a good, long look at yourself. In between watery eyes and laughter, Green’s tale affects you. And that’s a good, good thing.

Oh, and a PS: You’d be foolish to not check out the author’s blog/vlog. He and his brother, Hank, create arguably the best short videos on any author’s web site. Go to and enjoy. Some of the videos are created by John, and some by Hank. Both are impossible-to-stop-watching.

The Fault in Our Stars can be found at all three locations of The Tattered Cover Book Store for 20 percent off. Just waltz in and ask (in a low, pleasant voice), “Where’s the Dom and Jane Book Club?”
09/04/2012 3:10AM
Book Club September 2012
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