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I am over the moon to be a part of the morning show. I am finally living proof of that old saying, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”
I was born in New York, although I call myself a Ken Caryl girl… A Chatfield graduate to be exact. And my many adventures have brought me everywhere from Europe to California. The stage of Shakespeare’s Globe, to the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. And after years of soul searching, two broken engagements, four different colleges, and millions of hours in the restaurant industry, here I am. Yappin yer ear off on Mix 100.
A quick breakdown of moi includes, but is not limited to:
1. I would gratefully eat sushi for each meal every day of my life if I could afford it.
2. My dirty little secrets include, but are not limited to: a full-on nail polish addiction, Bryan Fuller television series, live bar trivia, Goonies/Pretty Woman quotes, Daddy-Daughter meals, boxed-wine consumption, Marilyn Monroe and Beatles snapshot collecting, and The Gin Blossoms. I freaking love the Gin Blossoms.
3. My doggie, Kramer, is the cutest Shih Tzu on the planet; quite possibly the cutest dog in the world. It’s really not fair to other pups how ridiculously adorable my Kramer is.
4. Friends are my family, and my family is my life… And oh how I love to embarrass my sucker friends and family.
5. I, without fail, say what everyone is thinking but too scared to voice out loud. It’s a blessing… And a curse. (As I’m sure you know from listening to the show!)
Let's be friends! I'm good for a chuckle or three. And please, keep listening to Dom in the Morning with Emily and Jeremy weekday mornings for hours of laughs, stories, and general merriment. You, my dears, rock my world.  Check out my Instagram, Facebook or blog below!

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by Emily Makinzie posted Jun 18 2014 4:39PM
Dom suggested a book to me over a year ago, The Fault In Our Stars. He kinda knows what he's doing when it comes to books, so I read it. Honestly, I wasn't that impressed with it. (Ack, don't hurt me!) The teenage voices just seemed WAAAAAAY too mature to be believable. It took away from the story.
Like Dawson's Creek. You remember that crappy show? What teenager thinks like that? Acts like that? Talks like that??! No teenager I have ever met. Ever... And I went to prom a few months ago, so before you get on your 'Emily isn't a teenager' platform, know that I am immature enough to seriously hang with teeny boppers. 

You, of course, are entitled to your own opinion. You should blog about it. ;-)
But, ha ha, this is my blog. Therefore my opinion. The book was lame. 
But... BUT... Darling loves, TFIOS has done something to me that I haven't done SINCE I was a teenager, and that is listen to a soundtrack. This song is fan freaking tastic. It's catchy. It's got a phat beat, (as Jeremy would say.) It's sung by a chick that looks like Lorde and sounds like Gwen Stefani. And, in an ironic twist, she's wearing bitchin' chokers from the 90s. (My era, ya'll.)
This song, it's my new favorite. 
So can we still be friends if I hate the book but like the music from the movie? I hope so.
And Dom, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I think your recommendation was blah. I still love you and trust you. And think you have pretty eyes. 
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06/18/2014 5:03PM
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06/18/2014 5:29PM
Can't agree
I can't agree with your opinion that the book was lame. I do agree that the teens seemed very mature. I thought the book carried a great message if if it probably wouldn't have come from this age group.
06/18/2014 8:35PM
Yay Im Not Alone
I'm so glad to read that I'm no longer alone in just thinking this book was so-so. It wasn't bad, just not something that struck me as it has other people. I am anxious to see the movie though! A good book that I read recently was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.
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