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Hi, it's Jeremy...

This is the section of the website where we brag about our accomplishments.
I've been at Mix 100 for almost a decade. I don't have any cavities. I like woodworking.
I collect horse figurines and enjoy tight fitting corduroy pants.
People enjoy my company.
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I also eat hard boiled eggs and I'm a Netflix subscriber.
by Jeremy posted Apr 24 2015 7:26AM
I did the #KylieJenner #lipchallenge I beg you don't do it!

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by Jeremy posted Apr 23 2015 5:16AM
Click the link below to find out how the Starbucks barista will butcher your name!

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by Jeremy posted Apr 22 2015 6:02AM
Seriously, who needs balls to make trick shots when you have a perfectly good bag of Oreos! Check out homeboy on this video, who obliviously has no girlfriend.

by Jeremy posted Apr 15 2015 5:54AM
Check out this actor's compilation from Vine – his impressions are SPOT ON!

This makes me happy.


by Jeremy posted Apr 9 2015 5:50AM
OK – here is your cringe worthy moment of the day! Are you ready? Here we go…..oh, and make sure your sound is turned UP!

by Jeremy posted Apr 6 2015 6:26AM
This month, we introduce a new blog by dad, husband and radio-show co-host on Mix 100's "Dom in the Morning with Emily and Jeremy" show, Jeremy Padgett. With a second child on the way, Jeremy is in the thick of early-parenthood. In this post, Jeremy shares those times when you don't know whether to be upset or hang onto the memories brought about by a child's actions.

Click here for the post >> Delightfully Random
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by Jeremy posted Apr 1 2015 7:37AM
I'm posting this for Emily, seems like some junk she'd do :) I gotta admit it's pretty good and the world of trending seems to love it.

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by Jeremy posted Apr 1 2015 5:37AM

I don't care how bad you get pranked today, this is worse. A TV show in Brazil messed with women on the subway by locking all the doors of their subway car, and cutting the light!

Then when the lights came back on . . . a bunch of realistic ZOMBIES were outside pounding on the windows.

It's in spanish by you'll get the gist. It's pretty epic. Enjoy!

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