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Hi, it's Jeremy...

This is the section of the website where we brag about our accomplishments.
I've been at Mix 100 for almost a decade. I don't have any cavities. I like woodworking.
I collect horse figurines and enjoy tight fitting corduroy pants.
People enjoy my company.
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I also eat hard boiled eggs and I'm a Netflix subscriber.
by Jeremy posted Jul 28 2015 6:00AM

Behold the world record semi truck jump... men everywhere are rejoicing!

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by Jeremy posted Jul 23 2015 5:35AM
You know you have to watch it...

by Jeremy posted Jul 22 2015 5:38AM
There's one thing that's consistent at every office around the world: When someone puts FREE FOOD in the kitchen, people devour it like they've never eaten before, and might never eat again.

So some psychologists looked at WHY office workers lust for free food. Here are the three main reasons . . .

1. It goes back to our prehistoric days. There's a deep, biological instinct in us to grab food when it's available. Because if we don't, we might starve. It's also why we can't resist the free samples at the grocery store.

2. We spend our entire lives learning to grab free food that other people are after. It's why we try to get as much candy as we can on Halloween, or out of a piñata, and why we make sure we're first in line to get a piece of birthday cake.

If you've ever missed out on the food in one of those situations, something clicks, and tells you to NEVER let it happen again.

3. It's a good bonding experience. Eating with someone builds trust, so it's a good chance to develop better relationships with your coworkers.

by Jeremy Padgett posted Jul 14 2015 6:38AM

It was a lesson in death and departing at the home of guest blogger, Jeremy Padgett, dad and radio show host!

Check out the link here:

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by Jeremy posted Jul 14 2015 6:12AM

A Baby Gets Her First Pair of Glasses, and Loves Them

A couple posted a video of their baby trying on glasses for the first time, and LOVING them. Apparently her vision is really bad, and she couldn't stop smiling when she saw a non-blurry version of her mom for the first time.

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by Jeremy posted Jul 9 2015 6:38AM
Pretty darn good - enjoy!

by Jeremy posted Jul 7 2015 5:40AM
Anthony Vincent the voice behind Ten Second Songs is at it again! This time he does an epic job of reinventing Taylor Swift's Bad Blood! Enjoy.

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by Jeremy posted Jul 2 2015 5:25AM
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