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Hello, my friends!
I am over the moon to be a part of the Dom and Jane Show. I am finally living proof of that old saying, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”
I was born in New York, although I call myself a Ken Caryl girl… A Chatfield graduate to be exact. And my many adventures have brought me everywhere from Europe to California. The stage of Shakespeare’s Globe, to the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. And after years of soul searching, two broken engagements, four different colleges, and millions of hours in the restaurant industry, here I am. Yappin yer ear off on Mix 100.
A quick breakdown of moi includes, but is not limited to:
1. I would gratefully eat sushi for each meal every day of my life if I could afford it.
2. My dirty little secrets include, but are not limited to: a full-on nail polish addiction, Bryan Fuller television series, live bar trivia, Goonies/Pretty Woman quotes, Daddy-Daughter meals, boxed-wine consumption, Marilyn Monroe and Beatles snapshot collecting, and The Gin Blossoms. I freaking love the Gin Blossoms.
3. My doggie, Kramer, is the cutest Shih Tzu on the planet; quite possibly the cutest dog in the world. It’s really not fair to other pups how ridiculously adorable my Kramer is.
4. Friends are my family, and my family is my life… And oh how I love to embarrass my sucker friends and family.
5. I, without fail, say what everyone is thinking but too scared to voice out loud. It’s a blessing… And a curse. (As I’m sure you know from listening to the show!)
Let's be friends! I'm good for a chuckle or two. Find me on Facebook. And please, keep listening to the Dom and Jane Show weekday mornings for hours of laughs, stories, and general merriment. You, my dears, rock my world.  Check out my Instagram, Facebook or blog below!
by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 25 2014 5:56AM
A man who reads AND understands emotions??! Not possible!
Har har har...
But really, I know the only certified human in the state of Colorado who can read micro expressions to gauge truthfulness and credibility. Sounds pretty cool, but what does it mean?
It means that you can tell a story to my pal Phil, for example a story about getting married to your S.O., and he will know if you're really happy about it. Or sad about it. Or angry about it. Oh snap!
And besides being fantastic entertainment at the bar, reading micro expressions is incredibly useful in serious situations. Hiring interviews, for example. Fraud or murder investigations. Divorce cases. It's a long list.
We talked to Phil on the show last week, and it was fascinating. Check it out, you'll want to get Botox.
And if you want to learn more about his skillz, yes skillz with a 'z', click here.
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by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 20 2014 6:24AM
You may or may not know that I am in a postcard exchange club of sorts. It's a website that I joined, and after you create an account, you start sending and receiving post cards from other members all over the planet. It's pretty freaking cool. I don't know what I enjoy more, finding the perfect card to send out, or getting a little treasure from somewhere out there. (Cue Fievel singing.)
At this point, I'm sure you want to know two things:
1.) What is this fantastic postcard exchange group?
2.) What are some of the coolest cards you've received, Emily?
Well, read on and I shall take care of you, dear.
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People : Donald Duck
by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 19 2014 5:39AM
If the Emily of yesteryears could see the Emily of today, I think I would be jealous of me. One of the many examples of said-jealousy is coming up this Thursday. I will be hanging out with Marc Roberge at a golf tournament. Who?? Marc. The man with one of the coolest voices in music. The guy who leads a group of musicians in honest and pure artistry. The dude who is the lead singer of the band O.A.R. Holla.
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People : JerryMarc Roberge
by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 13 2014 7:23AM
There was a time when the soundtrack ruled. They were an epic extension of a movie, and sometimes they were even better than the film itself. At one point, I think my personal CD collection was equal parts albums and soundtracks. I mean, The Lion King. (Shut up, you know you had it.) Pulp Fiction. Grease. Purple Rain. Saturday Night Fever. Shall I go on?
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People : Jason
by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 12 2014 8:40AM
My dear girl, we'll call her Rose, has been in my life for over a decade. Over the course of our friendship, she has taught me so much about a quiet killer that affects so many of us: mental illness. Rose has spent years of her life struggling to find balance and peace... To find the perfect blend of therapy, medication, meditation, prayer, exercise, and coffee to get to a place that most of us take for granted. That place being stable. To wake up and take a shower and eat lunch and drive a car and pet a dog without crying, or screaming, or being confused and lost. We all deserve to have good days and bad days and just days… Not peaks and valleys and caves.
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People : Robin Williams
by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 6 2014 5:53AM
The Iggy Azalea song "Fancy" is catchy. You can't deny it.
(And the music video for Fancy is just delicious... I've got 3 words for you: "Uh, as IF!")
I first heard it months ago during the epic lip-sync battle between Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone. Jimmy "sang" it, and it was quite impressive... But I didn't looooove the song.
Then, about a month ago, I went to Vegas with some girlfriends. Fancy turned into the theme song for the weekend. The only line we knew was "Let's get drunk on the mini bar"... But we still rocked it.
And now, I am a convert to the church of Iggy. I'm late to the party, but I'm here. And there's a lot of great people at this fancy party... like President Obama.
Because these videos always make me smile, ladies and gentlemen I give you Barack singing Fancy.
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by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 4 2014 7:08AM
I am so excited to be hosting the Best of the West Pet Fest benefitting the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley. It's an outdoor festival with two of my favorite things on the planet: animals and beer! There will be live music, dog demonstrations, awesome pet goodies and crafts, food trucks, and... wait for it... A pet COSTUME CONTEST! (I'm a sucker for a dog dressed like Yoda.)
This is a free-to-attend fest, and all of the proceeds go to the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley. They are a fantastic animal shelter in Littleton, and I am so proud to be involved with such a stellar organization.
So please grab your kids, of the two or four legged variety, and come out to the Best of the West Pet Fest. My fur babies Kramer and Rex will be there with me, and all of us are hoping to meet you. And sniff you.
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by Emily Makinzie posted Jul 31 2014 6:44AM
"Come and get it, BAE..." Parrell sings. BAE? Is he crooning to Beyonce? Is that a nickname for her I'm not aware of since I'm not in the inner circle?? Or is it short for 'baby'... Since 'baby' is such a long word, and really, who has the time to finish all 4 letters? 
TIFU... Did you just misspell 'tofu', you silly hippie?
ASL... My best gal is an interpreter for American Sign Language... Yes? No?
TL;DR... Tallahassee; Doctor?
My friends, all of these are cool abbreviations. If you're like me, disgustingly UNcool, please read this article and school yourself. 
YW... (You're welcome.) (I just made that one up.)
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by Emily Makinzie posted Jul 30 2014 6:48AM
by Emily Makinzie posted Jul 30 2014 6:15AM
Who's got two thumbs and loves animals? This girl. I came across this awesomesauce story about a brilliant staple in the streets of Istanbul that helps stray animals.
(Please disregard the website name. I am neither bored or a panda. I am at work, being very diligent and productive.)  
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Location : Istanbul
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