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Hello, my friends!
I am over the moon to be a part of the morning show. I am finally living proof of that old saying, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”
I was born in New York, although I call myself a Ken Caryl girl… A Chatfield graduate to be exact. And my many adventures have brought me everywhere from Europe to California. The stage of Shakespeare’s Globe, to the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. And after years of soul searching, two broken engagements, four different colleges, and millions of hours in the restaurant industry, here I am. Yappin yer ear off on Mix 100.
A quick breakdown of moi includes, but is not limited to:
1. I would gratefully eat sushi for each meal every day of my life if I could afford it.
2. My dirty little secrets include, but are not limited to: a full-on nail polish addiction, Bryan Fuller television series, live bar trivia, Goonies/Pretty Woman quotes, Daddy-Daughter meals, boxed-wine consumption, Marilyn Monroe and Beatles snapshot collecting, and The Gin Blossoms. I freaking love the Gin Blossoms.
3. My doggie, Kramer, is the cutest Shih Tzu on the planet; quite possibly the cutest dog in the world. It’s really not fair to other pups how ridiculously adorable my Kramer is.
4. Friends are my family, and my family is my life… And oh how I love to embarrass my sucker friends and family.
5. I, without fail, say what everyone is thinking but too scared to voice out loud. It’s a blessing… And a curse. (As I’m sure you know from listening to the show!)
Let's be friends! I'm good for a chuckle or three. And please, keep listening to Dom in the Morning with Emily and Jeremy weekday mornings for hours of laughs, stories, and general merriment. You, my dears, rock my world.  Check out my Instagram, Facebook or blog below!
Posts from May 2014
by Emily Makinzie posted May 30 2014 8:32AM
Apparently I have a new hobby: I take selfies with pop stars.
This is James, the banjo/guitar player of American Authors.
American Authors are enjoying their fantastic new fame becasue of their hit, "Best Day of My Life". People love that song, sing along, have it on repeat. (Fun fact, BDoML was written about the book, Where the Wild Things Are.)
And trust me when I say, American Authors aren't going anywhere anytime soon.


by Emily Makinzie posted May 29 2014 5:57AM
Lead singer and pianist Issac, and bass/guitar player Joe of The Fray stopped by the Mix studio yesterday. They are one of Colorado's beloved namesakes, with all 4 members of the band growing up in Arvada, and they are just simply cool gents. 

Every time I've dreamt of meeting a huge musician, I had imagine someone who engages with me. A star who is sweet and genuine, laughs at my jokes, and makes me feel like an old friend. And, to my bliss, Issac and Joe were all of these things and more. There's something wonderfully comfortable about being in a room with just some dudes from Colorado. That's what connected us, and turned a meeting of pop superstars/little radio girl into a meeting of neighbors. I mean, at one point in time The Fray had the best selling digital album of all time. But you'd never know it by the humble demeanor of these awesome guys.
But I digress... The Fray performed 3 perfect songs. And the last song they played was a little gem that you would never hear on the radio. They did a sort of acapella version of it, and added a few verses at the end of a powerful hymn. It was stunning. I'm pretty sure it brought some to tears. And while right now I can't post the Mix 100 version of it, I'd like you to listen to the album version. 
It could be about love. Or a higher power. Or friendship. Or Colorado. But whatever you think it's about, it will mean something to you. And if you're not already, this song may turn you into a Fray fan.
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by Emily Makinzie posted May 27 2014 5:38AM

About a month ago, I joined a post card exchange group called Postcrossing. You create a profile, request a few addresses, and once the post cards you send are received, you will start to get them from all over the planet. It's my new happy-maker. I love finding unique cards to send out, and you never know when you will get a little treasure in the mail. 
My first little treat arrived this past weekend. I swear, the giddiness one feels upon opening their mailbox and seeing a colorful little card is one of life's best small pleasures. It's fantastic.
The card was from Annette in Achterhoek, Holland. She is a graphic designer with beautiful hand writing. In my profile, I asked for people to include their favorite songs and artists. So Annette suggested an artist called Dotan and his song "Home". Dotan is a young fellow who grew up in Amsterdam and, from what I can tell, is quite popular in Europe. He's like the love child of Phillip Phillips and Bastille. (And easy on the eyes, too.) 
Music is a common thread between countries, cultures, and people. Learning what songs others across the globe love is so exciting to me. Makes the vast planet, and its billions and billions of inhabitants, seem a bit more relatable.
Hope you, too, enjoy this new little tune.

(Photo cred: dotanmusic dot com)
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by Emily Makinzie posted May 22 2014 7:51AM
We were talking aliases this morning.
I don't have one.
But based on my favorite, Anastasia Beaverhousen, I have come up with a formula:

First name: Something old and regal.
Last name part one: An animal.
Last name part two: A structure of some sort.
Just call me Fiona Otterpool.

(Picture via Crystal Bachman)
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by Emily Makinzie posted May 22 2014 6:22AM
What band or musician would play at your birthday party? (Isn't that question fantastic and fun?!)
Well, check your couch cushions for extra pennies and put together a Bruno Mars fund. Or perhaps you'd like Lana Del Ray to serenade you? Wanna get jiggy to the tunes of Bone Thugs & Harmony?
For me, I'd want Jewel to be my entertainment. And she'd only cost $75-100K! What a bargain. 
Check out this list and see how much your favorite would be.
Then, if you can afford it, please keep me in mind when creating your guest list. 
(Photo cred: Marc Nader)
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by Emily Makinzie posted May 21 2014 8:22AM
The low self-esteem of humans these days dumbfounds me. It isn't just a girl thing. It isn't just an American thing. And it isn't just a youth thing.
Please stop obsessing over food. Please stop ridiculing your own appearance and weight. Please stop fat-shaming others. 
Grow a healthy view of your beautiful self and stop comparing the precious body you were given to those of photoshopped entertainers. We all have bumps and lumps and bits that jiggle and split ends and pimples and bags and dings and gaps and bruises.
Yes, even those pristine people you think are so fabulous.
The proof is right here. Scroll through these pictures and crack through your insecurities to the bright side of the road. It's exhausting hating how you look. Knock it off.
Then take yourself out for french fries and a glass of wine. 
by Emily Makinzie posted May 19 2014 7:34AM
My brothers and I grew up loving Michael Jackson. He was the soundtrack to my childhood. So he will forever be a favorite of mine. At the Billboard Music Awards, they brought my MJ back to life. Well. Back to hologram. He "performed" Slave to the Rhythm from his new album Xscape. (That album, by the way, is so freaking fun.) 
This amazing performance blew me away. Not only because the incredible technology really does fool you for two sweet minutes, making you forget that MJ is no longer with us, but because the hologram number brings the realization that there will never be another spirit as epic as MJ. 

The video can be found by clicking here... Get funky, friends. 
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by Emily Makinzie posted May 16 2014 8:52AM
I love animals. I always have. I love wine. And I always will. 
Please join me as I emcee the 2014 Woof and Wine, benefitting the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley. I can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful Colorado evening... At the Ralph Schomp BMW dealership in Highlands Ranch, (which has stunning views of the Foothills), with a tasty glass of wine in hand, surrounded by wonderful people who have kind hearts and that also care about animals in our community.
Tickets are available by clicking here...
I look forward to seeing you at the Woof and Wine!
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by Emily Makinzie posted May 15 2014 6:43AM
I j'adore mashups. To the moon and back. And if you don't love this mashup, your ears might be broken...
Mashup by NilsOfficial
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by Emily Makinzie posted May 8 2014 5:59AM
I have mentioned many times before that I wanted a pen pal. A good, old fashioned, hand written, pen pal. I found a few sites that provided you with a pal across the globe, but all the messages were via email. It didn't scratch my pen pal itch sufficiently.
Recently, a listener told me about Postcrossing, a post card exchange group. This perked my interest, and after further investigation, I am happily enrolled. 
It's really simple, you create and account and request some addresses to send off your post cards. So far, I have sent cards to Russia, Belarus, Germany, China, the Netherlands, and New York. (Ha.) I'm still waiting patiently for my post cards to trickle in, but the anticipation has created an excitement for me that I haven't felt since I was a kid. I'm getting something in the mail! A special hand written message from a stranger somewhere on this planet! A treasure from another land! Something in my mail box besides a bill!
And now my new 'thing' is to find the coolest, quirkiest, most unique post cards to send off. I shan't be the girl in Colorado who sends generic mountain post cards purchased at the drug store, oh no! My first batch of delightful post cards includes hand drawn pictures of Colorado monuments and locations, like Red Rocks and Cave of the Winds, black and white cards fromthe 1950s that support pet adoption, and a portrait of the last Mountain Man in Colorado... (and his pet dog, fox, and skunk.) 
To me, sending quick, personal messages is becoming a lost art. I'm not even sure kids are taught how to write in cursive anymore! So this is my own little way of keeping thoughtfulness alive.
Well. And keeping the post card business afloat. 
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by Emily Makinzie posted May 5 2014 6:30AM
For the first time in yearrrrrrs, I was giddy this prom season. I was honored to be the date of Smoky Hill senior Josh Wortham. First, we had a Masserati as our chariot. And even better, Dom was our chauffeur for the evening. Then, we had a fantastic dinner at Maggiano's in DTC. Josh and I were joined by his nearest and dearest friends. (Needless to say, I loved being surounded by so many handsome young men!) All the boys had never had such a fancy meal! They made us feel like royalty at Maggiano's, and everything was incredible. I even saw one 120 pound kid eat an entire 16 oz steak... It was unreal. Then we were off to the dance. We people watched, we horsed around, we mingled with friends, we shook it like a Polaroid picture, and we made memories that I will cherish forever. 
Here's to being young forever... 


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