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Famous Blogger Slams Matchbox Twenty ? Rob Thomas Fires Back

by Mark Andrew posted Aug 11 2014 1:14PM
You may know Bob Lefsetz as the blogger who famously and ruthlessly criticized Taylor Swift after her 2010 Grammy Performance where she committed the unforgivable sin of missing a few notes.  The column he wrote about it and the subsequent backlash was the impetus for Taylor’s song “Mean” which is widely considered to be about Lefsetz. 

I read Lefsetz almost every week because sprinked in with his occasional mean spiritedness and over simplications are some brilliant insights on the music industry, media and pop culture.  He’s always a great read.  You should check him out!

Especially now! Seems he’s taking a bit of a run at Matchbox Twenty.  In the first part of the column compliments the band’s early successes but then knocks them over the head with claims that “their time is over.”  Agree or disagree, you’ll love M20 guitarist and drummer Matt Douchette’s response at the bottom of this page.

AND THEN Rob Thomas really knocks it out of the park.  Check it out.  Go Rob!

Yeah!  Take that Bob you big meany!
Mark Andrew, Bob Lefsetz and Matchbox Twenty fan. 

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08/11/2014 2:15PM
Famous Blogger Slams Matchbox Twenty – Rob Thomas Fires Back
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08/12/2014 12:02PM
Lefsetz Is Never Consistent
If you read his column, you will find distinct patterns. Now, Taylor Swift is one of his faves and is his example for a perfect music career, after spending months beating her up, which drew attention to his column and a response from her. In one column, he will tell artists to play to their tribe and forget about everyone else, and the next column will beat artists up for not selling enough records. He does a Spotify play list for Oldies (70s), yet, he constantly beats up on acts from the 70s still out, selling out sheds, etc. I think he writes so much, he may not remember all the negative things he says, because those same negatives are positives a few months later. Imagine, he spent quite a few columns beating up David Bowie, when he LP 'Next Day' was released. He never followed up with the fact the LP went to #1 in England and was nominated for a Mercury Prize. He just repeated how much no one cared. Many, many years into the future Bowie, his music and his influence on music and culture will still be talked about, and no one, I mean no one will remember Bob Lefsetz.
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