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This is the section of the website where we brag about our accomplishments.
I've been at Mix 100 for almost a decade. I don't have any cavities. I like woodworking.
I collect horse figurines and enjoy tight fitting corduroy pants.
People enjoy my company.
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I also eat hard boiled eggs and I'm a Netflix subscriber.
by Jeremy posted Aug 24 2015 5:35AM

Sure, sports are great for kids, but starting at what age? Guest blogger, Jeremy Padgett, dad and radio show host, shares his experience with a soccer team of 4-year-olds.

Read the blog here: Limp, Heavy and Miserable

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by Jeremy posted Aug 20 2015 5:48AM
A reporter interviewed a four-year-old named Andrew Macias before his first day of pre-school on Tuesday. And when she asked if he was going to miss his mom, he said no . . . then immediately started crying, because OF COURSE he missed his mom. Poor little man.

by Jeremy posted Aug 12 2015 5:53AM
KFC just rolled out PINK buns for a new chicken sandwich in China. What do you think of these?

In the promotional photos, they look like a bright pink bubblegum color. But the pictures people have been posting on social media make them look more like a muted, sickly Pepto-Bismol color.

What is KFC putting inside the pink buns? A sandwich called the, quote, "rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger."

They're only going to be on sale for a limited time. And hopefully they will NOT make it to America. Dig in!
by Jeremy posted Aug 4 2015 5:16AM
Well, this probably took some time to put together! Enjoy!

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