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This is the section of the website where we brag about our accomplishments.
I've been at Mix 100 for almost a decade. I don't have any cavities. I like woodworking.
I collect horse figurines and enjoy tight fitting corduroy pants.
People enjoy my company.
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Posts from July 2014
by Jeremy posted Jul 31 2014 6:57AM
YO, where my toddlers at?  How many of you are living with these little monsters? 

How many of you are wondering what those sticky spots on your walls are?  How many of you always have a little guest with you in the bathroom? HOW many of you are constantly cleaning Cheerios out of your car?
How many of you wouldn’t trade it for the world?
Check out the link below that any parent of a toddler can relate to…

Little Monsters
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by Jeremy posted Jul 31 2014 6:01AM
Want to see some of the most epic selfies around?! Of course you do you narcissistic SOB. 

Click on the link below for a webpage that has been trending its way up the web world – some of these will blow your little mind!
Look At ME!
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by Jeremy posted Jul 30 2014 6:28AM
Bet ya didn’t know that I enjoy photography and I’ve been doing it for years!  I started back in High School where many of my shots ended up in the school paper and yearbook. Continuing through college I developed a pretty spectacular portfolio where I started to dabble in digital photography and Photoshop.

Some of my most unique and favorite shots were always taken off the cuff without the subject knowing I was taking the shot.  I developed a pretty good eye for shadows, textures and interesting angles.  Maybe someday I’ll post some of my work….maybe.

In the mean time check out this really cool link to photos that were shot at JUST the right moment!  Some of these are pretty mind blowing.

Click the link below!

Shoot Me
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by Jeremy posted Jul 30 2014 5:30AM
Poor little Saide has come to the realization that unfortunately we must all grow up.  This video is trending its way up the world of social media and yep, it’s ridiculously cute. The look on the little brother’s face is priceless.

 Give er’ a watch below.

by Jeremy posted Jul 29 2014 6:01AM
Well my old dance troop is at it again (kidding) and this time they have moves that are 2 Legit 2 Quit! 

Could they have picked a better song to bust a move to.... (no). One of my favorite Hammer songs from the 90’s!

Enjoy the modern dance styling of The Manoeuvres in the video below.  Click it (now)!

by Jeremy posted Jul 28 2014 6:02AM
For all the grownup kids out there - Hot Wheels is unleashing the Star Wars excitement with the release of a full sized Darth Vader sports car! Say WHAT?!  Check out the pictures in the link below, it’s pretty cool!
The 0 to 60 force is strong…
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by Jeremy posted Jul 28 2014 5:39AM
Check out how these seniors are celebrating their golden years with their rendition of HAPPY!  Should put you in a pretty good mood for Monday!

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by Jeremy posted Jul 25 2014 8:11AM
Here is a recipe that will make you spin with joy.  I’m a big fan of pretzels and this video made my mouth water.  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend…..

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by Jeremy posted Jul 25 2014 5:39AM
Check out what the group Postmodern Jukebox is doing to modern day music!  They are putting a 1940’s twist on it - and I LOVE IT!  Enjoy….

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by Jeremy posted Jul 24 2014 9:13AM
Join Mix 100 TODAY for FREE ICE CREAM!!

Noon to 2 (or until we run out) WASH PARK at SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL parking lot. Come see us!

by Jeremy posted Jul 23 2014 5:51AM
You know I’m the car guy on the morning show, and that’s why I’m really excited to be endorsing my friends shop - Colorado Off Road in Littleton!

Need work done on your vehicle? Take some time to stop in and see my buddy and owner Jerry Jones at Colorado Off Road 4x4 in Littleton! He'll take care of all your automotive needs - great company!

Oh, and stay tuned for a fun car show in August at his store with Mix 100....deets soon.

7977 W. Tufts Ave – Phil Long Ford Lot – “Signature Building” on the NW side OR
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Location : Colorado
People : Jerry Jones
by Jeremy posted Jul 23 2014 5:42AM
The latest craze circulating the world wide web is taking photos in front of your computer screen - making it look like you took a vacation to an exotic location.  Well… I had to try it out.  Check out this great pic of me next to Niagara Falls.  What a great trip.  #fakecation
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by Jeremy posted Jul 17 2014 8:21AM
Check out the video of Gov. Hickenlooper singing with Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks!

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by Jeremy posted Jul 17 2014 5:48AM
Well this website is kinda creepy - Check out photos taken of famous people right before they died!

Click below....

by Jeremy posted Jul 17 2014 5:43AM
Check out this former gymnast that killed it on American Ninja Warrior!!

by Jeremy posted Jul 15 2014 6:10AM
Ohhhh yeah he’s back – one of my childhood idols Weird Al.  Check out his new song - a parody of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’.

Weird Al will be releasing 8 videos in 8 days.  Watch his new video in the link below.

The Nerdist
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by Jeremy posted Jul 10 2014 5:55AM
I had no idea that the worlds largest pool was THIS BIG! I'm booking my next rip to San Alfonso del Mar, a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile that boasts the world’s most massive swimming pool! 

You could pee in this one andno one would ever know! 

Check it out below....

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by Jeremy posted Jul 10 2014 5:40AM
Ladies - How awesome is your husband?  Take the quick little survey in the link below and this website will let you know!  My wife took it and I scored 99% AWESOME!

by Jeremy posted Jul 2 2014 5:50AM
Anyone can look up your house on Google Maps...are you sick of it? Check out this link to have your house blurred out!

Click here to Blurrrrrrrrrrrrr......
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