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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 29 2015 2:26PM
This video is a classic and has made the rounds over the years.  It's the story of Christian the lion and his loving and happy reunion with his former owners.  This is a good week to look at it again and realize how wonderful and amazing lions are. 

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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 29 2015 2:02PM
by Mark Andrew posted Jul 27 2015 1:49PM
My wife Beth and I are usually city rats.  But yesteday we decided to get up in the mountains and do something different.  So we rolled up to Lake Dillon and rented a boat!  OMG we had a blast.  The people at the rental doc are all incredibly nice and we had so much fun cruising all over the lake.  If you're looking for a fun staycation, we highly recommend Lake Dillon.

Beth was reluctant to drive the boat at first, but once she did she loved it.  Look how happy that face is. 

This is way up the Snake River Arm.  There are a bunch of mansions on the cliff side. This one with the red roof was our favorite. 

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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 27 2015 12:19PM
Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In Tokyo -  Night 1
Friday she had Walk The Moon

Saturday is was MKTO.

by Mark Andrew posted Jul 27 2015 10:34AM

That is all.
by Mark Andrew posted Jul 24 2015 1:27PM
Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In Tokyo -  Night 1
So far on her #1989 tour, Taylor Swift has made a huge splash, not only with her epic stage show, but the stunning surprise guests she’s invited on stage.  The Weeknd, Echosmith, Lena Dunham and Jason Derulo just to name a few.  So those lucky fans holding a ticket to her shows tonight and tomorrow at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass have to be asking themselves, WHO’S NEXT?!?!
Here are my somewhat scientific and partly intuitive predictions:


It could happen.  Jimmy is less than an hour away by plane in New York and the two have “sort of” performed before.  He’s got the chops hang with any song on her set list.  He could come out as Sara!  Ew!  Jimmy would be an awesome guest!


I can totally see this one.  Sam has a show in Maryland Friday night, but then he doesn’t have another show until Monday.  He could totally make Saturday’s show!  He’s a friend of Taylor’s and joined her onstage once before in Europe during her Red tour.  Play it again Sam! 


This one is a little more of a long shot just because of the awkward feelings left over after their minor twitter dust up.  But given all the hype, a surprise appearance by Nicki would probably make the biggest splash and send social media into a frenzy.  She was a guest once previously on the Speak Now world tour.  AND Nicki IS in the neighborhood this weekend.  She has a show in Holmdel, New Jersey Friday, but is totally off Saturday!  Hmmm. 


A Tom Brady surprise appearace may be a hail Mary.  But think about it.  Tom needs the positive press.  And the fans in Gillette Stadium would GO FLIPPIN’ CRAY CRAY.  So why not?  That would grab tons of headlines. As for Gisele, Taylor has had supermodels appear on stage througout the 1989 tour.  So Mrs. B would be a natural fit!


Uh…  no.  No flippin’ way.  I think Katy is reaching for a knife in this pic. 
by Mark Andrew posted Jul 22 2015 11:59AM
And one cat.  Sue me!  This montage inspired by Kala and Kiera, the Georgia dogs whose adorable photos inspired someone to rescue them just hours before their time was to run out in a shelter.  Here's to cute cuddly dogs everywhere. 

by Mark Andrew posted Jul 16 2015 12:38PM
Not only did Bono invite this 13 year old fan on stage to play Angel of Harlem with U2 in Boston last weekend, he also let Brian Hartman keep the guitar!!  Watch all the way to the end.

At the end you hear Bono say "sorry Dallas."  He's speaking to Dallas Schoo, the U2 guitar tech, who had approached the stage to collect the guitar which now belonged to a fan.  ;)

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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 15 2015 1:44PM
She's had Echosmith, Rachel Platten, The Weeknd, Lena Dunham and plenty more.  But her surprise guest at last night's Washington D.C. show is the one that truely would have made my face melt.  JASON FRIGGIN'-DERULO!!  WHAT?  HUH?  JAW-DROP!  And they performed Want To Want Me in the middle of which he rips off his shirt.  Have a look.

And it begs the question: will she have a guest at either for both of her Pepsi Center shows this September.  And if so, who? 

by Mark Andrew posted Jul 13 2015 11:20AM
Taylor Swift's 1989 tour is quickly becoming known for it's epic guest appearances.  She's invited the likes of Echosmith, Little Big Town, actress Mariska Hartigay, model Cara Delevigne.  She recorded a backstage performance of Fight Song with Rachel Platten.  Then Friday night at here Met Life Stadium show may have topped them all.  Abel Tesfaye of “The Weeknd” came out to perform his hit song “Can’t Feel My Face.” Then there was Heidi Klum, members of the US Women's Soccer team followed by Lena Dunham from 'Girls', Victoria Secret Angel Lily Aldridge, actor Hailee Steinfeld and model Gigi Hadid!
The Saturday show was pretty spectacular too when she brought out Nick Jonas and they performed "Jealous" together.  Check it out!
It makes one wonder what suprises we may be in store for when she plays the Pepsi Center on September 5th and 6th!

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