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Mark Andrew Reviews DIA's New Reserved Parking

by Mark Andrew posted Apr 14 2014 9:59AM
It's totally worth it!

I can't stand the shuttle lots or the off-site lots.   The people working there do an okay job, but the thought of standing on the crowded shuttle bus after a trip when you're tired is brutal.  Can't do it.  And if I'm late for a flight going out bound and stuck on a bus?  I would want to subject all those innocent people to my mood. 

So this past weekend my fiancé Beth and I tried DIA's reserved parking for our trip to Atlanta and we are now true believers.  It costs 4 dollars a day to park as close as 20 feet from the terminal door!  You still have to pay the 23 dollars a day for the garage parking, but for a quick weekend getaway it amounts to about the same cost as dinner out.  No brainer. 
The website,, was easy to navigate and the sign-up was quick.  They take your license plate number, charge your credit card then send you a confirmation e-mail.  When we arrived at the airport, we were relieved we did it because the economy lot looked packed.  We immediately saw a temporary looking sign directing us to reserved parking.   I'm sure a permanent sign will be up soon.  We pulled into the garage and quickly saw the well marked signs for reserved parking and parked 20 feet from the sliding door entrance to the terminal.  There's no attendant though.  So I felt a little unsure at first about leaving my car there.  How do they know we're legit?  "They have your license plate," Beth reminded me.  That works but I probably would have liked to have had a little plackart or something to put on my dash.  

We were able to reserve a spot the night before we travelled and there were ton of empty spots.  But I bet as its popularity grows you'll need to reserve further in advance.  4 bucks is cheap too, but I'm guessing that will go up in time once the secret gets out and everyone starts using it.  Enjoy it now!

It was also great not to have to wipe snow off our car when we got back, but the best part is that I'm emailing Guinness today to tell them I broke the record for the fastest time between exiting the plane and driving on to Pena blvd.  10 minutes baby!  I bet the Rockies can't even top that. 

For short trips in the near future, we will be utilizing the reserved parking at DIA.  Unless, of course, we can bribe one of our friends to drop us off and pick us up.  Which, as you know, can't possibly be beat.
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04/14/2014 9:59AM
Mark Andrew Reviews DIA's New Reserved Parking
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04/14/2014 12:54PM
Nice to know, THANKS!
Thanks for this review!....Good to know!
04/14/2014 1:48PM
Good insight!
Didn't even know it was an option. I am glad to know and have such a great review. Thank you.
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