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Mark Andrew


by Mark Andrew posted Apr 30 2014 11:33PM
I was bitterly disappointed at Wednesday night’s game 7 loss by the Colorado Avalanche - for about ten seconds.  Then I was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude.  Patrick Roy and this young Avs team gave us a gift that we haven’t had here in 4 years.  Pride in our hockey team.  And while so many of us are “Colorado Proud” it never hurts to have a team of young warriors backing that cause. No one thought this team was going to be any good this year.  No one!  Because great players don’t make great coaches.  They just don’t!  Ask Wayne Gretzky, Isaiah Thomas and so many more.  But now I’m happy to eat those words.  And a lot of people who know way more about hockey than I do (there are many) can eat their words too, happy or not.  Patrick Roy has put that narrative on hold for the time being.  It’s been 4 years since people have worn their Avs jerseys to work in April and high fived in the break room.  It’s been that long since Avs fans have packed bars and spilled drinks and tipped over bar stools cheering and at a goal or an almost goal.  It’s been an eternity since Beth and I have screamed at the television in our home in April because of a great scoring chance and sent our cats scrambling from the room in terror.  That’s a gift!  We got to watch a now proven NHL coach turn a group of young men into hockey players.  And at the same time bring back something the rocky mountain west really needed.  Something to be excited about in April.  And for that coach Roy and this group of young men deserve our gratitude.  GO AVALANCHE!
p.s. Walt Weiss was a “great player” too.  Just sayin’.  
Mark Andrew

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04/30/2014 11:33PM
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