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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 6 2015 11:07AM
After an unusually high number of shark attacks on the east coast, this god-loving Tennessee woman has some common sense advice for staying safe this summer.

by Mark Andrew posted Jul 1 2015 10:22AM
Oh no he didn't! Yes he did! He even medleyed in a little Opps Up Side Your Head. Go Rick!

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by Mark Andrew posted Jun 30 2015 11:34AM
At first I thought it actually was Lady Gaga.  Her name is Ariana Savalas and she's with Sarah Reich.  Great video to share with your friends who are Gaga fans. 

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by Mark Andrew posted Jun 29 2015 2:25PM
My step-brother is a dog.  His name is Dusty and he's sooooo sweeet.  But he got himself in a jam over the weekend with our Mom.  I tried to tell her there's no proof he did it but she's not buying my story.  Don't admit anything Dusty!

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by Mark Andrew posted Jun 26 2015 11:28AM
Months ago we had a lip sync battle and I must admit, she defeated me soundly.  So naturally Emily wants a rematch.  Our management teams are still negotiating the details but this could happen as soon as next week. 

by Mark Andrew posted Jun 25 2015 2:04PM




And my favorite for many years, The Four Agreements.  Even if you only have time for this quick overview, I think you will enjoy it!


by Mark Andrew posted Jun 25 2015 10:53AM
Check out these side by side pictures expertly shot by Mark Andrew from the Mix 100.3 studio 12 floors above Colorado Blvd near E. Exposition Circle N.  The one on the left is at about 5:30 p.m. yesterday during the storm.  The one on the rightis at 10:30 a.m. today. 
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by Mark Andrew posted Jun 24 2015 2:04PM
This jumped out of my TV last night and grabbed me.  Yow!

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by Mark Andrew posted May 7 2015 12:31PM
It wasn’t until today that I learned what the term “Sugar Bomb” means.  (Thank you Urban Dictionary)  This came up after Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was Sugar Bombed outside the Jimmy Kimmel show.  Someone tossed sugar on him also striking a security guard and Adam’s assistant with the granulated monosaccharides, glucose, fructose and galactose

No one was hurt.  Tossing sugar on someone may seem harmless enough unless you’re the one being doused.  From the looks of the picture there was nothing sweet about it. The guy who did it was arrested and is being held in lieu $100,000 bond on battery charges.  Jerk. 

Lost on me is what dark political or social statement was being made here. (tongue in cheek)  Especially when you consider Sugar bomb is more often a noun than a verb and actually means a thing or event that has lots of hype at the outset but fades quickly.  Example: the Mayweather Pacquiao fight. 

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by Mark Andrew posted Apr 28 2015 2:49PM
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