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Mark Andrew's Top 10 Moon Songs Of All Time

by Mark Andrew posted Apr 14 2014 11:28PM
Last Lunar Eclipse Until 2007 Reveals "Blood Moon"
The amazing fantastic full moon on Monday night and Tuesday morning has me thinking about some of the greatest moon songs of all time.  Here's my top 10.   Please comment if you think I missed any.  But I didn't!

10. Pink Floyd – Brain Damage:  People so often say “Dark Side of the Moon” when rattling off songs about the moon.  Dark Side of the Moon is the album!  Brain Damage is the song that famously croons “I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon..  ahhh  ahhh..”  It’s side 2, cut 4 on the album, or if you’re a child of the 80s, cut 9 on the CD.

9. Van Morrison – Moon Dance:  When this song comes on I imagine a hayride in late October on a cool evening under a harvest moon.  A ton a friends along for the ride and a flask of whiskey making the rounds.  It should probably be way higher on the list, but I’m too tired to cut and paste at this late hour. 

8. Police – Walking On The Moon:  Best baseline of any song on the list.  So dang catchy. 

7. Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon:  Oh you’re not leaving Frank off the list.  You’re just not. 

6. Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon: It nails that rampant, out of out of control, anarchistic feeling a full moon can gives everyone!  Or me anyway. Great rock n roll tune!   

5. Alan Jackson – Neon Moon:  Oh please don’t accuse me of naming this one just to squeeze in at least one country song.  I actually truly and honestly looooove this song!  Ok you got me.  I was just trying to squeeze in one country song. 

4. CCR – Bad Moon Rising:  My dad made me love this song when I was a kid on vacation in Sandbridge Beach, Virginia.  Or was it that first ever sip of beer that made me love the song?   CCR baby!  A must for any moon song list.

3. Dean Martin – That’s Amore:  “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore!”  Oh don’t be cynical.  Anyone who ever had a first kiss on a summer night under the moon can’t resist this one.  Go Dean.

2. Bruno Mars – Talking To The Moon:  This song makes the list in a feable attempt to prove that not all great moon songs are from half a century ago.  That’s all.  Ok maybe it shouldn't be on the list. 

1. Christopher Cross – Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do):  It’s not just the number one moon song, it’s quite possibly the greatest love song of all time.  It’s timeless.  When I hear it today I still ache for Dudley Moore to get himself together and figure out a way to make it happen with Liza Minnelli.  I also crave for Liza to just give the guy a shot.  Or a should I say a chance?  From the first piano notes you immediately feel something or more than likely remember someone.  Uh huh.  Remember that person?  That my friends is just pure song writing genius. 
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04/14/2014 11:28PM
Mark Andrew's Top 10 Moon Songs Of All Time
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06/03/2014 4:10PM
BROOKS AND DUNN sings Neon Moon.
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