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by Mark Andrew posted May 30 2014 12:31PM

by Mark Andrew posted May 29 2014 12:52PM
And a major opps for the Rockies.  What is their punishment?  Find out in Mark Andrew's Mile High Mix Fix. 

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by Mark Andrew posted May 28 2014 2:35PM
And a few other hot shows in Denver this week.  Mark Andrew updates you in the Mile High Mix Fix!

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by Mark Andrew posted May 27 2014 1:59PM
And other happenings around town!  Mark Andrew updates you in the Mile High Mix Fix!

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by Mark Andrew posted May 22 2014 10:00AM
I did!  I’ve only had my new iPhone for about a month and did not remember to turn the emergency alerts off.  The phones come standard with the emergency alerts turned on.  When they go off they are loud and don’t seem to mind if your sound is clicked off or you are in “Do Not Disturb” mode. Yesterday during my show, the storms hit and guess what?   Yup I had a screaming phone while I was on the air.  Lol.  Maybe you heard it.   No big deal.  It’s not like I’m running Norad here.  So I was thinking of leaving the alerts on for now.  It is pretty important info.  I’ll change my mind the first time it knocks me out of bed at 4:30 in the morning.  That happens a lot and angers many iPhone users. 

If you want to change the emergency alert settings in your iPhone go here: 

Settings -> Notification Center -> Scroll to the bottom -> Government Alerts->Turn Emergency Alerts On/Off or Turn AMBER Alerts on/off.

by Mark Andrew posted May 21 2014 12:42PM
It's the worst beating I've seen since Jay Z got on that elevator with Solange.  Yesterday's hail storm shredded our plants! 
More severe weather is coming today, so shelter your plants.  Mine are safe now!

by Mark Andrew posted May 20 2014 1:47PM
And what else is poppin' in the Mile High City today?  Mark Andrew updates you in today's Mile High Mix Fix!

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by Mark Andrew posted May 19 2014 12:13PM
The Michael Jackson hologram performance at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards made a huge splash.  The audience went wild and some were even moved to tears.  My dear friend Emily Makinzie was also awash in MJ nostalgia.  I can easily understand why any Jackson fan could be thrilled at what took place Sunday night.  But at the risk of  sounding way too serious (it’s possible) I have a few questions.    

Because we are able to reproduce stunning three dimensional light images that make it seem as if the dead performer is really alive, does that mean we should?

The hologram technology is amazing, but how far do we want to go with this?  Are we headed for a time when a great performer dies then they go on one final tour post-mortem and we sell a bunch of tickets?  Are artists going to start performing at their own funerals?

This hologram Michael Jackson “performance” apppears to be a one shot deal which is certainly less creepy than a whole tour.  But is it ok for US to engineer new Michael Jackson memories when he’s not here to directly influence what those memories are? 

Michael had no say so in the song choice, the lighting, the venue, the choreography or even some of his own movements.   Did you know some of Jackson’s movements were edited?  Tone Talauega is one of the producers of the hologram.  He admits to altering such things as hand movements and the angle of Michael’s head.  The performance was "classic Michael, but we put our spice on it," he says.   Is that ok?  Is it ok to turn the greatest performer of all time in to a string puppet?

My personal feeling is that too many liberties were taken by people who claim to have both the insight and authroity to declare “what Michael would have wanted.”  When in reality as complex and unpredictable as Michael was, no one really knows what he would have wanted.  Would he have appreciated a team of people, some of whom he never met, taking creative license on a performance deemed to be his?  We just don't know.

One last question, then you can tell me if I need to lighten up. 

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, millions of us wished for him to rest in peace.  Is that still the case or have we changed our tune?

Your thoughts?

Mark Andrew

by Mark Andrew posted May 15 2014 1:38PM
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by Mark Andrew posted May 14 2014 2:44PM
Find out how in today's Mile High Mix Fix!

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by Mark Andrew posted May 13 2014 1:41PM
What are people talking about today in Denver?  Get up to speed now with the Mile High Mix Fix.

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by Mark Andrew posted May 7 2014 1:37PM

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder was named the NBA's most valuable player this week.  His acceptance speech turned this sports story into a human interest story and globally trending phenomenon.  Take a listen to this touching moment has tells the world how much his mother means to him.  And happy Mother's day!

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by Mark Andrew posted May 2 2014 12:50PM
Temps are gonna be in the 80s this weekend!  Mark Andrew has some recommendations for outdoor fun in today's Mile High Mix Fix.

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