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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 27 2014 12:05PM
Let's go!

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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 18 2014 2:15PM

I came across this picture over the weekend and it got me thinking about our buddy Ed Sheeran.  I’m wondering if he’s still as angry over the “opps” between he and Ellie Goulding as we was when he wrote the song months ago.  

What?  You don’t know about that??  Well then, you need to read about “Don’t.”

It’s a great song and an even better story!  Click.


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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 13 2014 11:32AM
Mark Andrew:  "Oh Captain My Captain"
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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 11 2014 1:14PM
You may know Bob Lefsetz as the blogger who famously and ruthlessly criticized Taylor Swift after her 2010 Grammy Performance where she committed the unforgivable sin of missing a few notes.  The column he wrote about it and the subsequent backlash was the impetus for Taylor’s song “Mean” which is widely considered to be about Lefsetz. 

I read Lefsetz almost every week because sprinked in with his occasional mean spiritedness and over simplications are some brilliant insights on the music industry, media and pop culture.  He’s always a great read.  You should check him out!

Especially now! Seems he’s taking a bit of a run at Matchbox Twenty.  In the first part of the column compliments the band’s early successes but then knocks them over the head with claims that “their time is over.”  Agree or disagree, you’ll love M20 guitarist and drummer Matt Douchette’s response at the bottom of this page.

AND THEN Rob Thomas really knocks it out of the park.  Check it out.  Go Rob!

Yeah!  Take that Bob you big meany!
Mark Andrew, Bob Lefsetz and Matchbox Twenty fan. 

by Mark Andrew posted Aug 7 2014 2:26AM
Lady Gaga
1.  The opening acts were painful.  Who was that metal band making everyone cover their ears?  And DJ Starlight?  Can someone tell me what she brings to the stage besides a friendship with Lady Gaga prior to her fame?  I admire the loyalty, but sorry, her monotonous, dial tone house set had everyone in my area begging for it to end.  Where was the next big up and coming band?  Or how about a GLBT, cutting edge or socially conscious artist who is making waves right now like Mary Lambert, Meghan Trainor, Charlie XCX or anything that's not what you did last tour or a friend riding your gravy train?

2.  When she finally showed up it took SIX songs before Ms. Gaga got to anything the audience cared about.  All stiffs until she finally played Just Dance.  And the show started with her standing still for what seemed like forever.  The shock and awe of her mere presence works for a minute or two but eventually you do have to sing and dance.  No really.  Go.  Any minute now.  Go!  Hello?

3.  There's a really uncomfortable and awkward God-complex in this show.  She proudly proclaimed that when "Just Dance" was released in 2008 the most authentic fan base of the new millennium began.  I adore you Gaga but that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.  No one who follows any other band besides you is authentic in who they are or how they live? Fans of Coldplay, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jack White, Michael Buble and U2 just don't get it right?  Also last night, the message of be yourself, love yourself and be tolerant of others seemed to be choked around a tortured tie in to her failing album 'Artpop' where as last time it was simply a message of support to the GLBT community, now it's the "Artpop" movement.  Um..  Ok.

4.  Born This Way was performed as a sad piano ballad.  Isn't this supposed to be a happy, in your face, get up and go song of empowerment and excitement?  I know you already rocked it on the last tour, but not everyone got to see that.  Some of these fans were seeing you for the first time!  Why did you pull all the joy out of one of your greatest songs?  And where was You And I?

5.  The choreography was clunky and out of sync in parts and where is your band?  Why can't we see them?  Even when they were on screen they were grayed out.  You're supposed to be the raw authentic rock star who plays live and sings live.  This is what sets you apart from Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and all the other manufactured pop.  Yet it was clear you sang behind a track most of the night and for a lot of songs weren't on cue.  Then the songs Swine and Gypsy to end the night?  What?

Alright look!  The costumes were amazing.  The set and lights were stunning.  Her hair was dang fabulous.  The letter she read from a fan was moving.  No other pop artist I know of can sit at a piano and let it all hang out the way she does, but our dear Gaga needs to rethink this show.  The edge we saw 3 years ago at Pepsi Center was missing last night.

by Mark Andrew posted Aug 6 2014 2:40PM
A woman who recently had a problem on a United  flight received an apology letter from the airline.  The airline uses a form letter, which I think anyone can understand.  They have a lot of people to communicate to and it probably saves them time responding to thousands of customer questions.  But in this case they forgot to fill in the blanks.  Now they'll need a new apology letter.  Writing an original this time might be a good idea. 
by Mark Andrew posted Aug 6 2014 2:13PM
Missy Franklin may not be as anamored with Justin Bieber as she once was.  And you have to hear about this OPPS apology letter from an airline to a customer.  It's all in Mark Andrew's Mile High Mix Fix. 

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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 4 2014 3:00PM

Mix 100.3 will have tickets all day tomorrow for Lady Gaga's sold out Pepsi Center show on Wednesday.  The first chance to win is at 11:20 a.m. Tuesday with Mark Andrew.  Good luck monsters. 

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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 4 2014 2:44PM

I-25 is going to be closed for much of the upcomming weekend.  Yet some will still get stuck in the traffic jams.  Not you though right?  Also you'll want to hear this if you've eaten at P.F. Chang's in Belmare in the past few months.  It's Mark Andrew's Mile High Mix Fix.

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