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by Mark Andrew posted Sep 17 2014 1:47PM
Well almost. But you know what? Here's something we don't use nearly enough. You Tube tutorials! You can learn just about anything you'd ever want to know! You can learn calculus. How to tie a bow tie. How to use complicated software. How to nurse your cat back to health. Whatever you want. I made a decision recently that I'm tired of not knowing how to do stuff. Like fix a hole in the wall in our townhouse. I've never really done dry wall but I'm gonna learn thanks to you tube. A few months ago I needed a costume for a comic con event and I wanted to be a White Walker from Game Of Thrones. Check it out.

I used this site to achieve that look.

The sassy gal in my pic on the left is my fiance Beth. She gets tons of make up tips from LUSTRE LUX. It's a pretty amazing channel. This girl running it has nearly 400,000 followers. She has all kinds of make-up and hair ideas and tutorials. Check her out!

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by Mark Andrew posted Sep 5 2014 12:17PM
I saw Joan Rivers live and in person in February of 1987. I was 16 years old and fortunate enough to be in the studio audience at an episode of The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, on the brand new Fox Network. I'd never seen a television broadcast before and I as absolutely geeked to be there. As someone who aspired to talk on the radio someday, I remember wondering before she came out if she was nervous about performing in front of a national TV audience. I was nervous for her just thinking about it. The pressure must have been incredible. When she finally burst out of the curtain the first thing that struck me was how little she was. We screamed and cheered endlessly just as we had been instructed to do by the warm up staff. She took the room by storm. She absolutely crushed the monologue. I remember laughing so hard that my ribs ached! She was in total command of the room, the band, the audience and the viewers. I was in awe of her confidence and natural ability to entertain. I was inspired. But also wanted to hide. She picked on a few people in the audience and you didn't want to be next. No one was safe!

Her stint on The Late Show didn't last but she was the first woman to have her own talk show on a major TV network. She set the stage for a many to follow.
It was only a few months later Joan Rivers endured a gut-wrenching tragedy when her husband committed suicide. Something she never forgave him for. I felt horrible for her. She stayed out of the public eye for a few years before bravely returning to host another day-time talk show in 1989. Then she became a red carpet staple on the E! network in the 90s. After everthing she went through personally and being unfairly blacklisted from late night TV she could easily have dropped off the grid for good. Be she rebuilt herself and her career. I've always admired her courage to do that.

This quote from her explains a lot:

"I have become my own version of an optimist. If I can't make it through one door I'll go through another door – or I'll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present."

Well said.

R.I.P Joan.
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