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by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 5:05PM
We're creeping closer to a record-breaking year for The Dom and Jane Charity Marathon benefiting the Food Bank of the Rockies, thanks to the incredible $30k donation from Randy and the team at Grainger! You are awesome, thank you!

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Topics : Human Interest
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 4:27PM
Doug from Encana stopped by to show some love to TFBOTR. Encana is a leading North American energy producer that is focused on contributing to the strength and sustainability of the communities where it operates. Encana Cares is the program the employees contribute to, and they raised 2600 pounds of food and $30k! Thank you mucho!

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Topics : Environment
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 3:58PM
Another great local company stepped up to support TFBOTR, Steve from Urban Mattress stopped by. Urban Mattress genuinely cares about Colorado, and giving back to the community. Most of their owners are all former non-profit workers, they even donate 2% of every purchase to a local charity of your choice. They donated $2500 today and we are grateful! 
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Topics : Social Issues
Location : Colorado
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 3:11PM
Anadarko is committed to safely producing the energy we all need in a manner that protects the environment, public health and supports our communities. They have over 1400 employees that are all passionate about giving back to the communities by not just donating, but volunteering. Anadarko supports over 100 non-profit groups annually, and donated $10k to TFBOTR today! Thank you so much to Amy and all of the employees! 
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 1:56PM
Bryan from Halliburton, the second largest oil and gas service company in the world, and the largest in the United States, stopped by to give generously to TFBOTR. They collected money in the best way possible way, by throwing a tail gate party for their customers and gathering funds! And party they did, thanks Halliburton for the amazing $191k donation! Wowza!
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by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 12:59PM
CHS Inc. works in rural areas of Colorado, and those communities benefit from the Mobile Food Truck that TFBOTR has. Their employees are very grateful for the wonderful work of the Food Bank, and their support of families all over Colorado, so they collected $28k to donate this year! Thank you to Mel, the gentleman with the handsome voice from CHS, and the entire company. 

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Location : Colorado
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 12:45PM
Whiting Petroleum is an independent exploration and production company with an oil focused asset base headquartered in Denver. Their 362 employees include Kathy, Carla, Nanette, and Leah; are not only are they fantastic and adorable, but they are passionate about giving back to the community. One of the many programs they participated in during this year to raise money is awesome: they would pay $100 and take a half day on Fridays, and bank the money for a donation... And the employees raised $43k! Whiting is throwing in an extra $25k, for a total of $68k! Whiting, you rock.

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Topics : Business_FinanceLabor
Location : Denver
People : CarlaKathyLeahNanette
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 12:07PM
Not only has Panera been feeding us all day for The Dom and Jane Charity Marathon, but they are also giving back to community. They've had the Operation Dough-nation box up at the 31 Denver area locations throughout the year, and they have proudly collected $65k, which translates into 260,000 meals! So amazing! Support the businesses that support our neighbors.

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Location : Denver
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 11:07AM
Bank of America understands the importance of a strong community, and has been fighting hunger in Colorado through their Give A Meal campaign. For every dollar donated to Feeding America during the campaign, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation has given an additional $2. On top of the $30k Jodi stopped by to donate to TFBOTR, many of thier employees are volunteers for the Food Bank. Please follow them at @BofA_Community and Tweet about today's event and reference @BofA_Community. Most important, let us know when you’ve tweeted so we can consider re-tweeting to our more than 200,000 followers. Or, like them on Facebook:

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Topics : Business_Finance
Location : Colorado
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 9:18AM
Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is a wholesale electric power supplier. Tri-State generates and transmits electricity to its systems throughout a 200,000 square-mile service territory across Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. They work in mainly rural areas, and love that their $25k donation to TFBOTR will go to the mobile pantry, which services those communities! 
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Topics : Environment
Location : ColoradoNebraskaNew MexicoWyoming
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