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February Book Club

by Emily posted Feb 4 2014 6:06PM

By Nora Ephron
Reviewed by Emily
                Sleepless in Seattle. Julie and Julia. When Harry Met Sally. Who doesn’t love Nora Ephron?! Romance and humor are the constant champions in all of her stories, making a fan of nearly every soul that encounters her work. Having said that, Heartburn is different kind of rom-com, based on Ephron’s own life. And before you categorize it as sappy and generic, allow me to explain…

                First I need to say that I have never seen the movie version of Heartburn. It apparently was a bitter and shrill film, which encased a lot of anger. This review is solely on the charming book. A book that sort of depicts this strong woman as naked and vulnerable, yet completely capable.
                Rachel is seven months pregnant with her second child when she discovers her husband is having an affair. She gets mugged in therapy. She has mediocre friends. There’s a lot going against this poor woman. And while some of the plot twists are endearing, ie: using humor as a way to mask the pain, some are downright shocking, ie: STD rumors. (But falling in love with a handsome bookstore-conglomerate titan on the internet ala You’ve Got Mail is totally un-shocking, right?) The point is, there are some brutally honest parts of this totally Ephronian story that I think a lot of women will relate to.
                Over the course of the story, through Rachel’s strength and stupidity, there is peace in cooking. And a cute little component about this book is all of the actual recipes sprinkled throughout. They are wasted on me, but might I suggest the Key Lime Pie?
                All in all, this is kind of the antithesis of a romantic novel for your Valentine’s Day month. But if you’re looking for a good girlfriend, who knows how to laugh and cry and fight and move on when she’s had just a bit too much, in the form of a book, then Heartburn is the story for you. Get it at any Tattered Cover location in town for 20% off this month.
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02/04/2014 6:09PM
February Book Club
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