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by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 8:53AM
CoBank is headquartered in Greenwood Village, and are a wonderful supporter of the Food Bank of the Rockies. CoBank is a national cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America, and they understand how important TFBOTR is to communities near and far in Colorado. Amy stopped by today with an impressive annual $75k donation, thank you so much!
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Location : Colorado
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 8:01AM
Kim from Natural Grocers stopped by for their annual donation to the Food Bank of the Rockies. Bring your own bag to Natural Grocers, and for every trip, they will donate .05 till the end of the year. And they're also accepting food, and doing a matching program! So far they have raised $28K, and they are still getting donations until the end of the year! Stop by Jane's favorite store today!

by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 7:00AM
Le Peep has been a wonderful partner throughout the years, and for the 16th Annual Dom and Jane Charity Marathon, they provided a fantastic breakfast (think fresh green chili, burritos, bacon and cheesy potatoes YUM!) for all the volunteers from the Community College of Denver.
by Dom and Jane posted Nov 21 2014 6:45AM
A big THANK YOU to Panera for getting our morning started with fresh coffee and pastries! We're going for over 12 hours today to raise money for The Food Bank of the Rockies, so we needed this goodness!

by Dom posted Nov 6 2014 2:15PM

After millions of calls, emails, and Facebook posts (okay, maybe we're exaggerating), we've narrowed down the candidates for Greatest Song Ever to six.
Here's a link to the story and a list of the finalists. Good luck!
(And don't worry - the Rick Astley picture is just a joke.)
by Dom posted Nov 4 2014 10:47AM

Rum Punch
By Elmore Leonard
Reviewed by Dom

I'm a big fan of Elmore Leonard's writing, especially his dialogue. He was a master at delivering compelling conversations between his characters, and along the way he surely inspired not only other writers but some filmmakers, too.

It's no secret that Quentin Tarentino is a fan; he took this month's book club selection and turned it into a hit movie called Jackie Brown – starring Denver resident Pam Grier.

Leonard wrote in several genres, but his crime thrillers, like Get Shorty and Raylan (which F/X turned into the hit show Justified) made him one of America's favorite authors. Rum Punch tells the story of flight attendant Jackie Brown, who is sneaking money into the country for an arms dealer . . . until she's nabbed by the law.

Jackie decides that perhaps she'll find a way to keep the money for herself – and you can imagine how that sits with the bad guys.

Elmore Leonard is a writer who doesn't waste words, which makes for fast-paced thrillers, full of memorable characters and spicy language. People magazine claimed that Rum Punch was his best, and you can find it for 20% off at The Tattered Cover Book Store.
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Location : Denver
by Dom posted Nov 1 2014 3:47PM

For the longest time, Subaru relied on its reputation as an all-wheel-drive beast to sell scads of cars to people in Colorado and other snowy regions. In fact, just this week someone mentioned to me that Subarus were "unofficially the official car of Colorado."

Now Subaru is elbowing its way into the discussion with a redesigned look and feel to the 2015 Legacy. Sure, it's still excellent in the snow, but suddenly there's more to make it an attractive option in the crowded - and formidable - midsize sedan field.
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Location : Colorado
by Dom posted Oct 1 2014 3:58PM
When You Are Engulfed in Flames
By David Sedaris

Reviewed by Dom

One of the undisputed masters of the memoir, David Sedaris has built a rabid following by talking about himself - which sounds odd to some people, but is generally the recipe for the best humor. We’re suckers for funny first-person stories.

This isn’t a novel, nor is it a collection of short stories; it’s an escape through the mind of an award-winning humorist. Sedaris is best known for the pieces he has contributed to Esquire and The New Yorker, as well as stints on NPR.

But it’s the books that have cemented his fame. The Dom and Jane Book Club has featured a couple of his other titles over the years (Me Talk Pretty One Day is perhaps the most popular), and it’s natural for people to compare them to each other. When you’re as good as Sedaris, that can be tough, because the bar has been set high.

Tales such as “Solution to Saturday’s Puzzle” will resonate with frequent air travelers, while “The Smoking Section” is sure to get nods from anyone who has tried to quit smoking.

Please be aware that language and adult issues/situations will not appeal to everyone. But Sedaris has a way of eliciting a chuckle or two - or outright guffaw - from most of us.

When You Are Engulfed in Flames is available for 20% off at all three locations of The Tattered Cover Book Store. Just let them know you’re there with The Dom and Jane Book Club to snag the discount.

And thanks!
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by Dom posted Sep 19 2014 6:19AM

Another week, another story about how our food is killing us. This time it's artificial sweeteners (again). I know, I know, but the scientists insist on taking away all our fun. The story is in the link below.

And when you feel really sick, but you still drag your carcass into work, you know what you're doing? You're infecting everyone else. A new study shows just how fast your flu virus is racing around the office - and it's not pretty. Details in the link.

Plus, a new formula for being productive - based on how long you work at one stretch followed by a specific break time - and the video of the week: a robot cheetah. Yes!

Follow this digital path for all the stories, and prepare to get your nerd on!

Image courtesy of Romain Behar via Wikimedia Commons

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by Dom and Jane posted Sep 12 2014 6:54AM
One of our favorites, Amanda from Le Peep, brought us a delicious breakfast for LAF. She spoiled us with burritos and Bananas Foster and pig! Head into Le Peep in October to support Breast Cancer Awareness AND enjoy some pancakes! When you order the Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes, half of all sales from all orders will go to the National Breast Cancer Fund. We love our breakfast here on The Dom and Jane Show, so trust us when we say Le Peep is good for a big YUM. 
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