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25 things you didn't know about me!

1.  I've been a working DJ since 1999
2.  I got the name "Sinna-G" from the sister of my childhood friend which combines part of my last name with the letter "G" to sound like the word synergy!  It's a total play on words!
3.  I currently also host 2 House Music podcasts on the internet and you can check those out by visiting: &
4.  I am a total Carb junkie and the only time I really like to eat fruits and veggies is when my body is craving them!
5.  I have a weird obsession with white socks.  I am super easy to shop for, just buy me white socks and I'm a happy girl!
6.  I pretty much suffer from O.C.D.  Not like I have to turn the light switch on/off an exact amount of times before leaving the house, but I am an ultra neat freak!
7.  I moved to Denver from Florida in 2010
8.  I HATE the cold.  You will never hear me complain about it being 98 degrees with 100% humidity!  The hotter, the better!
9.  I love the sound of packaging bubbles being popped
10.  Boating or being near or in the water is my panacea.  I am at peace around water!  (I guess it's because I'm a fire sign so it puts the flames out!)
11.  I cannot live without coffee.  And neither can anyone else if I don't have my coffee.
12.  I am a proud Leo!
13.  I am a proud Italian!
14.  I was born and raised in NY and proud of that too!
15.  My favorite sport to watch is Football and I'm a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE (did I say HUGE?) NY Giants Fan!....Broncos are secondary though!...Gotta show the hometown love!
16.  My favorite foods are Pizza, Hot Dogs w/ Sauerkraut & Ketchup and Sushi!!....Not all at the same time.
17.  I don't drink alcohol and haven't since 2003
18.  My favorite color is Forest Green
19.  My dream play car would be a 1951 Mercury Chop Top!
20.  My dream everyday car would be a Mercedes CLS
21.  My favorite movie is "Goodfellas"
22.  I scream like a little girl when I'm on roller coasters but I love every second of it!
23.  I once played a DJ gig in the Philippines
24.  I have a fur-baby kitty cat named Moose that acts more like a dog.  He's got a little bit of an identity crisis!
25.  I have a weird ability to memorize numbers but am horrible at math and have a bad memory in general!
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