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Hello, my friends!
I am over the moon to be a part of the morning show. I am finally living proof of that old saying, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.”
I was born in New York, although I call myself a Ken Caryl girl… A Chatfield graduate to be exact. And my many adventures have brought me everywhere from Europe to California. The stage of Shakespeare’s Globe, to the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. And after years of soul searching, two broken engagements, four different colleges, and millions of hours in the restaurant industry, here I am. Yappin yer ear off on Mix 100.
A quick breakdown of moi includes, but is not limited to:
1. I would gratefully eat sushi for each meal every day of my life if I could afford it.
2. My dirty little secrets include, but are not limited to: a full-on nail polish addiction, Bryan Fuller television series, live bar trivia, Goonies/Pretty Woman quotes, Daddy-Daughter meals, boxed-wine consumption, Marilyn Monroe and Beatles snapshot collecting, and The Gin Blossoms. I freaking love the Gin Blossoms.
3. My doggie, Kramer, is the cutest Shih Tzu on the planet; quite possibly the cutest dog in the world. It’s really not fair to other pups how ridiculously adorable my Kramer is.
4. Friends are my family, and my family is my life… And oh how I love to embarrass my sucker friends and family.
5. I, without fail, say what everyone is thinking but too scared to voice out loud. It’s a blessing… And a curse. (As I’m sure you know from listening to the show!)
Let's be friends! I'm good for a chuckle or three. And please, keep listening to Dom in the Morning with Emily and Jeremy weekday mornings for hours of laughs, stories, and general merriment. You, my dears, rock my world.  Check out my Instagram, Facebook or blog below!
by Emily Makinzie posted Jan 26 2015 8:20AM
Over the weekend, I was the guest judge for Dance Pros Live. It was the most precise, energetic, and alluring production I've ever seen. Professional dancer Karina Smirnoff was also a judge, and is totally used to seeing cha-cha magic up close and personal. I, however, am not. And I am now obsessed with all forms of ballroom dancing and dancers… Particularly the male variety of dancers. During one of Tango dances, (Tango originating from the Latin word 'tangere', meaning to touch) (hot hot hottie), I leaned over to Karina and whispered, "I wish dancing was more accepted in America. It seems to be considered a feminine activity here; whereas in Europe and South America, ballroom dancing is as common as soccer or David Hasslehoff." Karina just nodded and said "Yes, yes, yessss." Which tells me her life of dancing is full of sensuality and desire and passion… Compared to my life of non-dancing, full of nachos and Netflix. Sigh.
Guys, dance. Here's why:
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by Emily Makinzie posted Jan 23 2015 6:13AM
You're going to live through 25 seconds today, you may as well make those 25 seconds filled with the cutest beeping baby elephant video I've ever seen.
As I watch this, I find myself talking to the screen. "Come here, lil buddy! C'mere! Come on!"
File this one under 'Just Another Reason Why I Love Animals More Than Humans'.
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by Emily Makinzie posted Jan 22 2015 7:20AM
It's time for another round of Turn That Frown Upside Down!
If at least one of these pictures doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will. Would a delicious, FREE, pizza make you smile? At the end of the post, if you genuinely did not smile, let me know and I'll send you a picture of pizza.
(You thought I was gonna say 'I'll buy you a pizza', didn't you? Nope. Sucker.)
by Emily Makinzie posted Jan 16 2015 7:19AM
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. Moon River. Shaft. Disney Disney Disney. Jai Ho.
I love the Academy Award for Best Song. One of my secret dreams is to compile to soundtrack for a movie, because it's marvelous to me the power that music has to elevate a film.
(Not-so-secret anymore, now...)
One of the songs nominated this year caught my attention. It's from a movie that I've never even heard of, (like most Oscar nominations, let's be honest), and it was written by Adam Levine. Yup, the sizzling lead singer of Maroon 5. The commercial-pop machine that is Levine is in the running to win a freakin' Academy Award. Makes you think twice about Overexposed.
And another shocker for me was the movie version of the song... The actress who sings it. Wha wha whaaaaat??! She sings?
But here are the two versions, and they made me smile.
Oh, and let me tell you up front that the song is mellow. Do not add it to your work out play list.
by Emily Makinzie posted Jan 13 2015 6:11AM
A man who can make Sesame Street relevant to 30-somethings is a man with a Awesomesauce Meter rating of over 4000. (The Awesomesauce Meter only goes to 1500, so keep that in mind.) I mean, there's a FISH in his TOP HAT.
Macklemore, AKA Ben Haggerty, is expecting his first child with his long-term lady, and I think this was the perfect way to prepare for fatherhood.
Sir, you are fantastic and brilliant and j'adore you.
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by Emily Makinzie posted Jan 8 2015 7:45AM
As the resident ray of sunshine here at Mix 100, I enjoy making others smile. So please enjoy this random posting of motivational/adorable/happy pictures. Guaranteed warm fuzzies, or your money back. ;-)
by Emily Makinzie posted Jan 6 2015 2:15PM
December is a fantastic month for me. Parties and cheer, singing and dancing, presents and an excuse to add Bailey's to your cereal. (Hey, it's what Santa does.) My favorite reason for j'adoring the twelfth month is the show takes time off to recharge, and I get to sleep past 3:41am on a Tuesday.
So sue me. I heart vacation.
This past 10 days of non-work were incredibly educational for me. And through the food-and-booze haze that is vacation, I managed to remember a few handy tid-bits and lessons. I will share them with you now...
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by Emily Makinzie posted Dec 17 2014 6:11AM
If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will... Jeremy and I have this on repeat. Sooooo gouda! 
Mashup by Yeplum The Toaster. Of course. 
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by Emily Makinzie posted Dec 10 2014 6:12AM
I have to admit, dogs dreaming make my heart smile. For example, when my old man pup Rex gently ruffs and his little paws wiggle, I know he's in a big field of bunnies and having the time of his life. But when they whine and twitch, I get really worried about what's going on in their slumbering brains. 
This is Jackson, (the napper), and Laika. And I hope this 20 seconds makes your day.
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by Emily Makinzie posted Dec 3 2014 6:25AM
A friend posted a link to Dorkly dot com with realistic versions of comic characters that are mindblowing. (Thanks, Tony! You're my favorite dork.) And the pictures truly delivered. The creativity and talent of these artist is unreal. Anyone who makes me jealous of a PICTURE of Jessica Rabbit and her stunning bazooms deserves a high five. I have included my favorites here, but you can find the whole collection by clicking here. 
And fair warning, the Calvin and Hobbes picture is disgustingly adorable. 
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