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Mark Andrew

by Mark Andrew posted Aug 27 2015 11:26AM
And here's the jiggly phone video to prove it!

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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 21 2015 1:55PM
Ghost Bar atop the Palms casino in Vegas is the first place I remember seeing it. The vertigo inducing glass floor that you can actually walk on and look down some 48 stories to street below.

Pretty soon there was one at the Willis Tower in Chicago that was even scarier. Don't forget to get a pedicure first.

And the Grand Canyon went a little scarier still.

Now a London builder is taking vertigo inducing architecture to a whole new level. Check out what's going to be atop this new luxury apartment building. It's a sky pool serving as a bridge between two towers. What could possibly go wrong?

Have a closer look

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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 21 2015 1:16PM
Rachel Platten visited us back in March. This was well before her inspirational anthem "Fight Song" had really taken off. Both Emily and I had just heard the song for the first time THAT DAY. We had a really fun chat with Rachel about the song, touring with Andy Grammer and tour prank ideas. Take a listen.

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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 19 2015 3:06PM
"Kidnapped For Christ" Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival
Mark Andrew and Emily Makinzie recently had the chance to chat with Lance Bass, formerly of 'N Sync. They talked about Zayn Malik, Caitlin Jenner, the paparazi, outer space and Lance's upcoming trip to Tracks nightclub in Denver Saturday night. Tracks is at 3500 Walnut Street. More details at

by Mark Andrew posted Aug 12 2015 11:53AM

by Mark Andrew posted Aug 11 2015 11:46AM
Not only did he cover Magic's song Rude and make his own video co-starring his girlfriend's father, he got a local movie theater to run the video during what seemed like an ordinary date. It is perhaps the most epic marraige proposal ever. Take a look!

by Mark Andrew posted Aug 6 2015 2:25PM

Anyone can make a mistake. And we usually do. Today it was EXTRA's turn. The entertainment TV show made an error on Thursday that is likely to spark international outrage. Fortunately for us, them and the world, PRIZE GUY TJ was here to right this wrong. Take a listen.

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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 5 2015 12:20PM
Emily says she's going to drink a gallon of water every day. I can't let Emily drink me under the table at work too. So I'm in! Plus all this water is supposed to be like good for your skin or something. Glug Glug Glug Glug! Do I look like I'm playing the trombone?

I have to pee already.
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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 3 2015 10:50AM
Liliana is a HUGE fan of Sabrina Carpenter from Disney Channel's Girl Meets World. So imagine how over the moon she was when her mom called her to tell her she'd won meet and greet to her show at Elitch Garden's on Saturday on Liliana's 10th birthday no less . Take a listen!

Congrats Liliana! Thanks for sharing your pics.

by Mark Andrew posted Jul 29 2015 2:26PM
This video is a classic and has made the rounds over the years.  It's the story of Christian the lion and his loving and happy reunion with his former owners.  This is a good week to look at it again and realize how wonderful and amazing lions are. 

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