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by Dom Testa posted Mar 28 2014 6:25AM

Imagine a sea of bubbles, and each one contains an entire universe. Some people think this is the coolest idea ever; other people say it gives them a headache. Either way, you gotta check it out. It's in the link below.

Also, I've got the best (and worst) science jokes, courtesy of our nerdy friends at Popular Science. Plus, opening a wine bottle with a shoe (video), voting on the fashion design of the next wave of spacesuits (photos), and a fantastic video explanation of why Thor's hammer would destroy the entire planet if the muscular dude ever dropped it. It's one of my favorite videos of the month.

It's all waiting for you to enjoy and to share when you follow this easy digital path. Click away and get your nerd on!

Image courtesy of Bohringer Friedrich via Wikimedia Commons
by Dom Testa posted Mar 21 2014 6:24AM

Got bags under your eyes? Yawning throughout the day? Maybe not getting enough sleep? Well . . . YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!

That's what my doctor said to me. And to make it worse, there's new research that shows what your lack of sleep is doing to your brain . . . and it's not good. I've got details in the link down below.

It's not all bad news this week, though. I'm a fanatic about dark chocolate, and it turns out that your gut is, too. There are good microbes in your stomach that turn dark chocolate into anti-inflammatories, which ultimately is good for your heart (and other parts). Check out that story in the link below.

Plus, I have a somewhat-creepy story about how Siri is a lightweight compared to the computer assistance we're about to get. In fact, computers will soon know what you need BEFORE you ask for it. There's also a segment about how a particular new craze could lead more teenagers to smoking. Sigh.

All of these stories are awaiting you in the digital wonderland known as News For Nerds, which you can find right here. C'mon, it's time to get your nerd on.
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by Dom Testa posted Mar 18 2014 10:43AM

The car market seems to go through stages where big is in, then big is out, then it’s in again. Gas hits $4.25 a gallon and everyone scrambles back to the small vehicles and hybrids.

Lately the manufacturers have been sprucing up their larger models, and the public has responded. One of the hits has been the Chrysler 300 - which I jokingly refer to as a gangster car, just because of the “I’ll kick your butt” feel it gives off.

But really, it’s a sweetheart. Here’s what I discovered after tooling around for almost a week in the 300C...

First of all, I should point out that the gangster car is ready for any type of Colorado weather. There are multiple trim levels for you to choose from, but keep in mind that all-wheel-drive is certainly an option. Plus, in the 300C the standard equipment includes not only heated (and ventilated) front seats as standard equipment, the rear seats are heated, too, along with the steering wheel. We like that around here.

Obviously everyone’s taste in exterior styles will be different, but you can’t deny that the Chrysler 300 stands out from the crowd. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate a Toyota from a Nissan from an Infiniti, but the 300 has its own unique signature.

Inside you’ll have a nice appreciation for the spacious, comfortable front seats. (Not as much room in the back, where I was surprised that the legroom wasn’t what I expected.) The analog clock adds a nice touch of class. There's decent storage in the front, and about-average room in the trunk.

Materials quality is good; I especially liked the pebbled dashboard. The controls are intuitive and laid out well - I gripe aloud about overly-complicated controls for climate and sound, but the 300 is a breeze. One minor ding would be the somewhat-cool gear shifter; I found myself in neutral more than once when I was shooting for reverse. It’s just a bit too touchy, maybe. (But it looks cool.)

Take your pick between the V6 and V8, but my test car came with the V6 and it delivered plenty of power. Sure, the AWD aspect cost me a little bit with mileage, but for a large sedan 21 mpg (combined) isn’t too bad.

Where the Chrysler scores well is “drive for the money.” It’s a smooth ride, with good handing and fine steering. No, the ride won’t be confused with that of a Lexus, but it does harken back to its old association with Mercedes (remember DaimlerChrysler?). The point is that, while it may not be the all-time smooth-ride champ, it also won’t set you back as much as some of the luxury options, either.

For many people the prime reason for getting a big car is the safety factor, and, again, here the 300C doesn’t disappoint. It earns top-of-the-line 5-star government ratings overall in crash tests.

My test version - the 300C with AWD - was base-priced at just over $39k. My option package included the Beats Audio Group (you’ll look extremely trendy with that lower-case red ‘b’, don’tcha know?), the Safety Tec group (blind spot warning, collision warning, etc), and the beefed up Light Group. Throw in a Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof (love those things) and it ups the sticker to more than $45k.

Car makers have definitely turned their attention back to their big players, so the market has several choices for you to consider. But, given the combination of price, ride, handling, and interior comfort, the Chrysler 300C is a solid choice.

Reviewed by Dom Testa / Test car provided by the manufacturer

by Jerbear posted Mar 17 2014 10:03AM
Check out the video of Jeremy getting his head shaved!! Link below!

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by Dom and Jane posted Mar 17 2014 8:26AM

Hey thanks again to everyone that donated AND came out to the St. Baldrick’s event in Highlands Ranch yesterday!  We raised a ton of money, and it will all go towards cancer research. Good job!

So, I'm a man of my word – here is the before and after…

Thanks again,

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by Dom Testa posted Mar 14 2014 6:25AM

Who knew that brushing your teeth and flossing would help you live longer? And if you walk faster than your friends, you'll probably outlive them. This week's News For Nerds includes a story about the strange factors that help to determine how long you'll live. I've got the info in the link down below.

Lots of people get excited about Daylight Savings Time, although a few people hate it. But why do we have it in the first place? Well, the Germans were the first to actually do it, but we finally joined the fun - well, everyone except Arizona and Hawaii. Get the full poop below.

Plus, some quickies this week: If you drop your Snickers bar on the ground, you'll want to know if the Five-Second-Rule is real or bogus, and I can tell you that answer. There's also an interesting story about childhood obesity and its effects on school grades (especially with girls). And your cool video this week spotlights an ant fight. It's crazy!

Check out all of these stories and get your nerd on right here!

Photo courtesy of Sun Ladder via Wikimedia Commons

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by Emily Makinzie posted Mar 10 2014 7:57AM

Go to Prom with Emily! Here's the deal:

1. You must get APPROVAL from your school to bring Emily as your date.
2. Your son or daughter must make a fun video, asking Emily to be their date.
-The video must be 2 minutes OR LESS.
3. The finalist's videos will be posted, and voted upon by our listeners. Most likes wins!
4. The winner will get Dom to provide a stylish ride, Emily will be the lovely date, and... 
                        ***Mark Andrew will DJ the prom FOR FREE!***
5. Videos must be submitted by 6pm on Sunday March 23.
- Email videos to:
6. The winner will be announced on Monday, March 31. 

Good luck...And tell your kid to get ready to shake it like a Polaroid picture!
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by Dom Testa posted Mar 7 2014 5:57AM

Thinking about going on a diet? Then get ready to lose a few friends along with those pounds. I've got details for you in the link below.

Also, if you'd like to live a long, happy life, then put away your camera. The explanation is in the link, but you gotta click.

Plus, a microwave that makes perfect popcorn by being a good listener, and the subtle characteristic that helps us pick out a good mate. If you wanna get your nerd on, you better follow this digital pathway right here, and all will be revealed.

Image courtesy of Viriditas via Wikimedia Commons


by Dom Testa posted Mar 2 2014 4:39PM

The Hunt for Red October
By Tom Clancy

Reviewed by Dom

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen the hit movie starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin, but this is definitely one of those occasions where the book far outshines the cinematic version.

The Hunt for Red October was Tom Clancy’s debut novel. Up until that point he was an insurance salesman; he wrote novels - including Red October - in his spare time.

Apparently the practice paid off, because this adventure/thriller is terrific.

The story centers on a Soviet (yes, the book is set in the 1980s, when the USSR was still a superpower) submarine commander, Marko Ramius. Ramius is bent on revenge against the Soviet regime that he feels contributed to the death of his wife. Plus, he's fed up after watching a lifetime of injustice, including the activities of his father, a dedicated communist.

Ramius commands his nation’s first super sub - the Red October - when it is launched. The submarine is fitted with a new, stealthy form of propulsion (a “caterpillar” drive) that renders it practically invisible to enemy detection; it conceivably could cruise right up to New York City without America’s defense network knowing anything at all.

But instead of running through the usual tests and scripted war games, Ramius plans to defect, and to turn this new, deadly war machine over to the United States. Before doing so, however, he sends a letter to the head of the Soviet navy, outlining what he has in mind.

The result is a wild chase through the Atlantic. The Russian military wants to destroy Ramius and the ship before he can turn it over, and the Americans want to find the Red October to keep it for themselves.

Clancy introduces us to CIA analyst Jack Ryan, who would become a continuing character in other books. In The Hunt for Red October, Ryan is the man who must convince the White House that Ramius isn’t trying to launch nuclear weapons; he’s trying to hand over the greatest military prize ever.

A riveting adventure tale with non-stop action, Clancy’s first book set the bar high. It’s a terrific read, and one that you can enjoy for 20% off during March, 2014 at all three locations of The Tattered Cover Book Store. Have fun!
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