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by Dom and Jane posted May 30 2014 7:25AM

Dear Friend or Family Member,
I am excited to hear that you are embarking on a new adventure by choosing to move to a new home. I am confident your new home will serve you well until which time you decide to move again.
As your friend or family member, it has fallen to me to help you move. Let me stress that this is a task I am more than willing to help with, however, moving sucks!  I won’t enjoy it, and will more than likely hate my life during the entire process of helping you move.
For that reason, on the following pages is an agreement I am asking you to sign and abide by, whole heartedly, in an effort to preserve our relationship during this stressful time. 
Moving day is inherently traumatic. Tempers will flare, words will be said, fights will be had, but if we can agree to the terms of my labor we’ll move forward with a strong a healthy relationship. By signing this agreement we will mutually agree upon several terms by which both of us will abide by regardless how moving day goes.
As I hope you will see from the listed expectations, the overall theme is respect for my time and energy.  If you ask me, or any other friend or family member to help you move, I expect you to be fully prepared on the agreed upon date and time.  I also expect anyone else you recruit to help, to arrive ready to work.  Moving day is not social hour! These people are you friends and family and there will be plenty of other opportunities to socialize with them. Moving day is meant for work and only work until the job is done.
Please continue to the next page to review the moving agreement.


Moving Agreement
  • You agree and acknowledge that you have 2 hours of my time. (does not include travel time across town if necessary) Ideally this will allow 1 hour and 30 minutes for loading the truck, and 30 minutes to unload. If for any reason we use more than the allotted amount of time, I will be held guiltless for leaving to pursue other activities of any kind.
    • I will allot up to 20 minutes before we begin moving for socialization and communication of game plan. Beyond that 20 minutes, you will begin using the 2 hours I’ve allotted to help you move.
    • I will not begin moving until the majority (more than half) of your crew has finished socializing.  Although I am available to help you move, I am one person and should not be expected to contribute more or less than the rest of your moving team. (Moving team consists of all friends/family present at either home during any point of the move)
    • Timer will start when I lift the first item or at the end of the 20 minutes of socialization.
    • All residents of the home are required to be assisting with the moving process.
      • Exceptions to this rule only apply if a resident is medically unable to help or one parent (maximum) is watching children.  Also your ex-significant other is excused if they’re evicting you from the house under less than amicable circumstances.
  • You agree that prior to moving day, every item to be moved will be appropriately packed, prepared, and readied to be loaded onto a truck. In the case that you have not sufficiently prepared your home for moving I will immediately leave and return on a new date and time we agree to.
  • You agree that any items NOT being moved will be cleared away from all doors and entry ways prior to moving day to allow unfettered access to all items being moved.  Furthermore, you agree that all items NOT being moved will be cleared away from all items that ARE being moved to allow movers ease of access.
  • If there are large items NOT being moved, and/or a significant amount of items NOT being moved, those items will be segregated from all other belongings so as to make it clear and easy to know which items will be moved.
  • Segregation is defined by walls of rooms.  I will not be moving half a room and leaving the other half.  That becomes too difficult to communicate with your movers and will constitute a violation of this agreement.
  • Last minute decisions of whether furniture stays or goes is not acceptable.  All large items that cannot be easily segregated will have a large, easily identifiable symbol attached so I know not to move it.
  • You agree the truck (or other mode of transportation), and all appropriate materials will be at the home you are moving FROM at or before the agreed upon time.  If for any reason the vehicle is more than 5 minutes late, you understand I as your mover will be held guiltless if I leave.  If such an event were to occur, I am willing to return on a new day and time we agree upon.  You as the home owner are expected to be fully prepared prior to moving day.
    • Hand trucks/dolly’s are highly recommend in order to stay within designated time frame.
    • In certain situations, I will refuse to move an item if you are not properly prepared with a hand truck or other device designed to reduce the likelihood of my being injured.  Such refusal is at my sole discretion and is NOT up for debate.
  • Upon arrival at your new home, you will have a plan in place to instruct me, as your mover, where everything goes with zero lag time. Under no circumstance will I stand in one place holding a piece of furniture, box or other item while you decide which room it belongs in.  In the case you have no answer all items will be moved into the main living area of the home with no exceptions.
  • If this occurs, I will operate on a 3 strike policy.  If for any reason you cannot immediately give instructions for a maximum number of 3 items, all items moved after the 3rd strike will automatically go to the main living area. If the main living area is full all items moved from the truck will go to a random room in which I (or other person who is assisting me move a large item) select. It will be your responsibility after moving day to move items to their proper room.
  • All pets, children, toys, and other obstacles of any kind will be moved away from both premises’ before and during the move.   
    • Pets may be locked in a bathroom or other secluded area where they cannot interfere with the moving process.
    • Children too young to assist with moving will be at a sitter’s house or other location.  Your attention should be on the move and not your children while you have friends/family helping you move.
      • One parent maximum is allowed to watch children at a different location other than the homes.  However, this should be a last resort as the homeowners are expected to help as much as possible.
      • Assisting with moving is qualified by being able to lift an average size box with average weight and all items lighters than the average box of average weight.
      • Friends/Family should be discouraged from bringing their children or pets to either home during the move so they too are putting more effort into assisting your move than herding children.
  • If multiple trips will be needed for any reason, you will notify all movers that multiple trips will be needed at least one week before the move.
    • Multiple trips include stops at storage units, dumpsters, donation center, etc.  (This list can and will be expanded in the future and does not constitute the entire list of qualified stops)
    • If an additional/secondary trip is needed to a storage unit, I will allot another 20 minutes to packing/unpacking as needed. I will have sole discretion as to the allotment of additional time.
  • You agree and acknowledge that I am not a professional mover.  I am a friend/family member helping you move in order to save the expense of hiring a professional. 
  • You agree and acknowledge that I will work hard not to damage any of your belongings but you also agree and acknowledge that an inherent part of moving is that items sometimes break in the process of moving.  You agree to hold me harmless if an item I move, touch, transport or have any other contact with in any fashion, is accidently damaged in any manner.  
  • You agree and acknowledge that any derogatory rhetoric exchanged between us during this stressful time will not affect our relationship in any manner.  When your move is done we can sit down and drink a beer together and laugh at each other’s stress.
  • If you supply food during the move, I will take 30 minutes to eat. If your team of movers decides to take longer than the allotted 30 minutes, time will start coming off the allotted 2 hours for moving.
  • I will not begin moving again until the majority (more than half) of your crew has finished eating and socializing. I am one person and should not be expected to contribute more or less than the rest of your moving team.
  • I do not require that you provide food and/or drink (water is required, therefore cups are required) but I do appreciate when it’s offered as it is an appropriate quid pro quo for the effort I’m exerting as a favor to you.
  • Absurd requests such as taking my shoes off at either home will result in the loss of my help.  If this is something you’re concerned about I expect you to either hire a professional mover or supply another means by which we can come and go as we move such as supplying surgical slippers. (Please note surgical slippers will remain on my feet the entire time and will not be removed each time I leave the house)
    • Removal of shoes is an example only. Requests will be designated as absurd on a situational basis and will be subject to my sole discretion.
  • Hand written changes to this document will occur on a situational basis.  Although I’ve tried to be thorough in outlining my expectations, there will be additional expectations added over time and may or may not be added in the middle of moving day.
This agreement is between:
Mover Name:                                                                    Mover Signature:
_____________________________                   ______________________________________
 Home Owner Name:                                                         Home Owner Signature:              _______________________________                 ­­______________________________________

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by Dom and Jane posted May 30 2014 6:56AM
There's never really a day when we DON"T want Le Peep in our bellies. Thank goodness Amanda came in with piles of deliciousness for us. One of the things we love about Le Peep, is the variety of food is fantastic. Dom and Jeremy had plenty of bacon, Jane enjoyed gluten-free waffles, and Emily had a lovely vegetarian breakfast. There's really something for everyone... especially Dad. Bring the whole family in for Father's Day, and Dad will get a $10 gift certificate to use on his next visit, and he'll be entered in a drawing to win $100 to a sporting goods store! It's perfect. Find the Le Peep closest to you by clicking here. 
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by Dom posted May 30 2014 6:20AM

Ok, let the firestorm begin. A new study not only explains the differences in personality between dog owners and cat owners, it goes so far as to say which group is the more intelligent bunch. Don't shoot the messenger. Read all about it in the link below.

Also, we're getting closer to the days where you can pull an Austin Powers move and be frozen for years. (Well, at least for a few hours, anyway.) Suspended animation has arrived, and I have the details.

Plus, tips for taking a better nap, and a new amusement park thrill ride that drops you FACE FIRST from more than 300 feet up. Yes!

Here's your digital path to all of the above, because science is cool. C'mon and get your nerd on!

Photo courtesy of Don Wecua via Wikimedia Commons
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by Dom posted May 23 2014 6:24AM

Scientists have found a way to learn more efficiently, and it involves "reflecting." You can do that, right? This is pretty cool stuff, and I've got the details for you.

Also, I don't know if I've ever given you a News For Nerds story about the gentle octopus, but, if not, it's overdue. These are not only beautiful creatures, but incredibly intelligent animals, too. This week's story is about their remarkable arms. You should check it out.

Plus, the largest dinosaur ever discovered, a spectacular meteor shower, and a funny story about mice running on wheels. Who knew?

Check it all out right here, when you follow this digital pathway. It's so easy - and cool - to get your nerd on.

Photo courtesy of Lourdes S. via Wikimedia Commons
by Dom posted May 12 2014 3:47PM

It might draw an argument from some, but many give Lexus credit for introducing the concept of the luxury crossover vehicle to the market. Now, many years later, they continue to lead the pack when it comes to sport utility vehicles that bathe you in comfort and spoil you with toys.

I spent a week behind the wheel of the RX350, and grudgingly handed the keys over at the end of the trial. Here’s what I came away with:

Let’s start outside. The RX has beautiful lines, with a distinctive nose and a stylishly-swept rear end. It might technically compete with the likes of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the BMW X-3, but it wins in the looks category.

Slide behind the wheel and you know instantly that you’re in a Lexus. Comfortable seating and high-quality materials surround you, while good sight lines provide ample visibility. The gear shift is located on the dash, which I’ve decided is a great idea, if only to free up space to rest your arm on the center console. Visually, the entire cockpit looks smart.

If you’re shopping for an SUV or crossover with a third row, the RX350 isn’t for you. However, if seating for five is plenty for you - with the bonus of good storage capacity in the back - then this is your baby. Adults won’t feel cramped in the back seat.

Under the hood the RX comes standard with a V6 that pumps out about 270 horses. You can opt for either front-wheel or all-wheel drive (a no-brainer in Colorado, but still). I found the acceleration and overall ride impressive, with feathery steering that always makes a Lexus a joy to drive.

One of the few dings that I would point out is really a matter of taste. The master screen that controls your audio/climate/navigation/etc looks fine, but the mouse-like device at the heart of it is pretty touchy. I can see it as a safety issue in many cases, because instead of just hitting a button you have to maneuver through a screen or two, and I find that distracting and somewhat annoying.

Hard to knock Lexus, however, when all of the manufacturers are getting to this point. People apparently demand this type of interface. I wish the big boys in the industry would offer a choice: mouse or buttons.

Even though the RX350 comes with fairly generous standard features, there are some option packages available that make the experience even better. The backup camera has become a hit in the industry, and the blind-spot warning is getting to that same level of adoration.

Mileage clocks in at around 21 combined. The base price of my test vehicle showed an MSRP of $47k, while options bumped the final sticker to about $53k.

Given the surge in popularity of luxury crossover choices, Lexus has done a terrific job of maintaining their reputation for a quality, comfortable, but powerful ride. The RX350 carries on a proud tradition.

Reviewed by Dom Testa, vehicle provided by the manufacturer.
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by Dom and Jane posted May 9 2014 8:12AM
We would never steer you wrong. Spice up your weekend and go to a comedy show over seeing an over-priced, dull movie. And lucky for you, Jake Johannsen is playing Comedy Works tonight and tomorrow night. Jake’s bizarre take on life and his uniquely intelligent style have made him a regular at comedy clubs all over the country, landed him multiple cable specials, and is a favorite of late night hosts, including Dave Letterman. Get thee to Comedy Works and laugh your butt off. You'll thank us.   
by Dom posted May 9 2014 6:18AM

We love the Great Pyramid, but we're still not completely sure how it was built. If the ancient Egyptians really rolled those 3-ton blocks across the desert, wouldn't they bog down in the sand? An early drawing from those days might've revealed the answer, and it involves water.

And if you're going to take notes in class, don't use your laptop. Students may groan when they hear this, but writing notes in longhand fashion actually produces better results and better grades. I've got details.

Plus, one simple thing you can do to make people THINK you're smarter (even if you're not), and the physics behind Pinocchio's nose. Yep, all of that - and more - can be found down this digital pathway right here. All of the cool kids are getting their nerd on, and you can, too.

Image courtesy of NilsonFM via Wikimedia Commons

by Dom posted May 8 2014 8:20PM

A friend of mine turned me on to an independent film called Once, and I found it to be an interesting tale of music and mettle. When I heard that the Broadway production of the story was coming to Denver I wondered how it would translate from the screen to the stage.

The answer is: Brilliantly.

If you’re a fan of the film, it probably won’t surprise you to know that there are differences; it’s almost impossible to clone everything and make any sense in a different medium.

But those changes are insignificant, and they actually provide a charming intimacy to a story where you never really know the lead characters’ names.

“Guy” is a street musician in Dublin, Ireland. He’s beyond down on his luck: his girlfriend has run off to America, his music hasn’t attracted attention, and he lives with - and works for - his father, repairing vacuum cleaners.

Then he meets “GIrl.” She’s going through her own turmoil; her husband has moved out, leaving her to raise a young daughter while living with her mother and brothers. Together, Guy and Girl discover a common interest in music and in figuring out their lives.

There were two things about the Tony-Award-winning Once that stand out. For one thing, you don’t have to be a musician to benefit from the lesson of this story. We all go through periods of doubt and despair, and although the “hang in there and do what you believe in” message is not unique, there’s a definite charm in the way these characters deliver the goods.

And secondly, the performances are inspiring. Everyone on stage - every character in the tale with the exception of Girl’s daughter - plays an instrument, often several, including guitars, violins, cellos, drums, and even banjos. And they’re good. I mean damned good. In an age of digital/artificial recording, the performers in Once are talented musicians who showcase the heart of true musicianship.

It shows. Before the performance even begins, patrons are allowed onstage to visit the “bar” on the set, and about fifteen minutes before showtime several of the cast members stroll out and begin to play, right there among audience members. It’s the opening signal that this show excels at the one thing that all productions strive for: connecting with the audience.

A bittersweet story of love and personal triumph, Once is playing at the Buell Theater in Denver through May 18th. I strongly encourage you to see it. Tickets can be found online at, or by calling 303-893-4100.
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by Dom posted May 2 2014 6:23AM

How'd you like to get behind the wheel of your car and read a book while it drives you to work? Well, we're getting closer to that day. You gotta see the video of Google's self-driving car. The future is (almost) now!

You've seen mortgage calculators, and life-span calculators. But you've gotta see the weirdest collection of calculators, including one that figures out how many Lego bricks it would take to build your house (I mean your actual house), and one that calculates how many - ahem - indirect "partners" you've had in your life.

Plus fun videos about how beards are no longer sexy and the physics behind pouring ketchup. Yep, we cover it all when we get our nerd on. To get there, just follow this virtual yellow brick road, and have fun!

Photo courtesy of TheGoTeam via Wikimedia Commons

by Dom and Jane posted May 2 2014 5:59AM

The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte
--reviewed by Jane
I've been a fan of Danielle LaPorte ever since I started reading her blog, White Hot Truth several years ago. I hate to call her a 'coach' because I think that a lot of hacks appropriate that term, so I would instead call her a consultant who can work on career, personal and spiritual growth, but mostly from a business or professional standpoint.

The Fire Starter Sessions book is a compilation of many of her early blogs and it's a great way to get a kick in the pants if you feel stuck; her main focus is your career and professional development, but much of the book can absolutely relate to your life in general. It's a way to focus your attention on what you really want and how you want to live your life.

While she is grounded in a lot of spiritual study and searching (like many of us) she is pro-success and pro-making money. She is an entrepreneur with a lot of experience in a lot of areas, but mostly she has been a marketing and branding guru, meaning she helps you dig down to figure out the core of your beliefs, your needs, your skills and what you can offer the world, be it professonally or personally.

I enjoy her writing style; some may find it a bit too breezy and hip, but I think she's able to communicate her concepts simply and concisely. She seems like someone you'd really like to hang out with.

The book has 3 sections: Mojo, where you define yourself; Moxie, where you being to see the way forward and Results, which is pretty obvious.

This is not your typical success manual and I think that most guys would hate it. This is aimed at us, ladies and I think that many of you can take away some valuable lessons and strategies from reading The Fire Starter Sessions.

Pick up The Fire Starter Sessions during the month of May at any of the three Tattered Cover locations in town, for 20% off. 
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