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by Dom and Jane posted Aug 9 2013 5:47AM

Jimmy Fallon talked about Beyonce's new short haircut.  He says some people are saying it looks weird and unflattering... while other people have lives. 

Ask any woman and she'll tell you that achieving the perfect hair color can take hours. In the case of Beyoncé and her new pixie cut, it took four.  That's right, Rita Hazan the colorist behind Bey's lightened locks said that while the edgy 'do was certainly the main attraction, the brilliant blond color played an important supporting role.  Hazan expertly dyed the star's hair to a soft, glamorous hue that gave off an Old Hollywood vibe with a modern edge; making sure that the roots were left natural while the ends were brightened to a perfect summery champagne blond shade.  She also paid special attention to make sure that Bey's locks weren't damaged in the process, and noted that the singer was "very excited the whole time, happy to cut it and happy to do the color."

"I think it is sexy, strong, a statement, empowering," says Hazan. "She always had beautiful, gorgeous tons of hair and for her to strip down and reveal herself this way is a very powerful moment."
Pink is currently barnstorming through Australia, playing show after show, with her husband Carey Hart and daughter Willow in tow.  But even though she's sold 500,000 tickets on this current  tour, Pink says she's baffled as to why so many fans want to come see her.  Asked by Marie Claire Australia magazine why she's so popular in Australia, Pink says, "I have never, ever been able to answer that question. I have no idea why anyone likes me!"  She laughs, "I am very polarizing. It’s either absolutely love or absolutely can’t-be-around-for-more-than-three-seconds."  

Pink also opens up to Marie Claire about what it's like touring the world with her two-year-old daughter, which she says is "different" from the way she used to spend her days on the road.  "I used to stay up til 4 o’clock in the morning on the Internet, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, wake up at noon, roll out of bed, go to the gym," she explains.  Kids change things.
Kris Jenner was talking with Tom Bergeron about orgasms yesterday on her show.  And it kind of sounds like she might not know what they are.  She said between having an orgasm and solving a crossword puzzle, she doesn't know which one feels better.
Jimmy Fallon joked last night about an old Orson Welles film that was recently rediscovered.  It's actually called "Too Much Johnson".  Until recently, everyone thought that no copies of the film had survived.  It was footage shot for a theater production that never made it to Broadway.  Jimmy says if you want to know more about the film, DON'T Google "Too Much Johnson."  
You'd think when you spend $60 million to build a massive Florida house it would stay above sea level ... but not so with Tiger Woods, who has a GIGANTIC hole in his dining room!  Sources connected with the repair of the Jupiter Island mansion say, the hole is "massive" and the underlying problem is serious.   Tiger apparently noticed sagging in the dining room.   Contractors have now opened up the floor, creating a big fat hole, trying to determine what's causing the problem. They think the pilings may have been improperly set.  They also fear some may be missing.  So far the problem seems limited to the dining room, but they don't know for sure. Tiger's had more than his share of ups and downs with holes over the last few years ... for sure.
A male model who claims he had unprotected sex with Kourtney Kardashian in 2009 claims 3-year-old Mason is HIS son and he's now filed a paternity lawsuit asking for joint custody. Michael Girgenti claims in legal docs -- filed Thursday-- he met Kourtney during a photo shoot in August, 2008.  Girgenti says they connected and began a texting relationship for 3 months.  Girgenti says in legal doc things heated up by March, 2009, when Kourtney allegedly told him she and then BF Scott Disick were "on the outs" and "she wanted to hang."  Girgenti says 9 months later Kourtney gave birth to Mason.  He says he immediately saw a striking resemblance and tried contacting her, to no avail, so he began a media blitz to get her attention.  Girgenti's docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, request joint custody of Mason.  He also wants the judge to order DNA tests for Kourtney, Scott, Mason and him.  The judge set a hearing for next month.  We also know Girgenti received a letter from Kourtney's lawyer, Shawn Holley, saying his allegations are "false and defamatory."  
Amanda Bynes will be in court Friday, and we're told she will mount a ferocious fight for her freedom.  Sources involved in the case say Amanda will be transported from the psychiatric hospital -- where she's been staying against her will for the last 2 weeks -- to a courthouse where her parents will be asking a judge for a temporary conservatorship.  We're told Amanda will be transported by a hospital vehicle and accompanied by her lawyer.  The only snag would be if Amanda goes off the rails before the hearing.  Sources tell us Amanda will be speaking with the judge -- possibly in chambers -- so he can get a read on her mental competency.  If the parents prevail, the temporary conservatorship will last until Sept. 30, when a full-blown conservatorship hearing will take place.  If the parents get their way, Amanda will go back to the psych ward for further treatment.  If Amanda prevails, she will walk out of the courthouse a free woman.
John Mayer's new album,"Paradise Valley", hits stores a week from next Tuesday . . . and it features a guest appearance by Katy Perry, his on-again, off-again girlfriend.  Katy sings with John on a song called "Who You Love".  Frank Ocean is also on the album.  He appears on a track called "Wildfire".  John also has a man-crush on Frank, which I'm sure he might appreciate.  Earlier this year, John said, quote, "I love Frank's stuff.  "Frank is such an interesting, deep, touched, wonderful guy.  They don't make a lot of other Frank Oceans, and the guy is looking for another." 

Simon Cowell and Howard Stern apparently have more in common than just expressing how they truly feel about things. According to Forbes, which just released its list of the highest-paid TV personalities, each of them pulled in the most money between June 2012 and June 2013.  In fact, Cowell and Stern tied for the top spot, both with estimated earnings of $95 million.  Not too far behind is another outspoken individual.  Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, whose Internet program The Blaze has been a huge hit since it debuted in 2011, raked in an estimated $90 million to place third.  Meanwhile, Oprah Winfrey, who has topped this list in the past, fell to fourth place this time around with an estimated $77 million in earnings.  And speaking of Oprah, the man who got his start thanks to the media mogul, Dr. Phil, rounds out the top five with an estimated $72 million.
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08/09/2013 5:47AM
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