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by Dom and Jane posted Aug 12 2013 5:47AM

Katy Perry's new single "Roar" leaked out over the weekend.  It appeared online on Saturday, and then it was officially available on iTunes at midnight last night.  She didn't get too broken up about it.  She Tweeted that there was, quote, "a tiger on the loose."

And Katy has a semi truck driving around America promoting her upcoming album, "Prism", which comes out on October 22nd. It's pretty hard to miss, since the entire truck is painted a ridiculous BRIGHT GOLD... but apparently, if you're drunk enough, anything can happen.  On Friday afternoon, the driver of another truck slammed into it while it was parked outside a Walmart in Pennsylvania.  The collision caused some damage to the gold truck's cab. Fortunately, Katy's driver is OK.  He was actually IN the Walmart at the time. The other driver was arrested for DRUNK DRIVING.  He initially tried to flee the scene . . . but then he came to his senses, and returned to the parking lot. 

Ashton Kutcher won the Ultimate Choice Award last night at the Teen Choice Awards. He handed down his wisdom on how to be sexy:  being smart is the sexiest thing there is.  Other than being smart, thoughtful and generous, everything else is, quote, "just crap."
Sandra Bullock won the award for best female summer movie star, for "The Heat".  In her speech she apologized for something she did in the movie that was really wrong.  It was for sticking a peanut in her nose.  She told the audience never to try it themselves.
A judge has extended Amanda Bynes' psychiatric hold for another 30 days.  As you probably recall, Amanda was placed on a 72-hour hold after she started a fire in a woman's driveway.  That hold was extended another two weeks.  In order to keep Amanda for another month beyond that, doctors had to convince the judge that she's, quote, "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder."  Obviously, they did.  Meanwhile, Amanda's mother has been named her temporary conservator.  

This was good news for Amanda, though:  On Thursday night, she was reunited with her Pomeranian, Sherbert.  You may recall that the dog was accidentally SOAKED WITH GASOLINE when Amanda lit that fire.  Sources say Amanda was thrilled to see Sherbert again, and it brought her a lot of comfort.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are passing up several million smackeroos ... because they've decided not to attach a price to priceless baby pics of North West. The pics could fetch a cool $3 mil ... but we're told K & K have already rejected such an offer.  Our sources says Kim and Kanye toyed with the idea of selling the pics and donating the money to charity, but decided against it. They've decided to go one of two routes:  Either release the pics to a fancy mag like Vanity Fair, or pull a Bey/Jay Z and release a crude snap on social media.

And little Nori's daddy, Kanye is NOT God, even though he thinks he is -- and we know that because he can't even control the housing market. Kanye has just knocked a cool half-a-mil off the asking price for his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad.  He listed it for $3.3 mil back in March.  Apparently he thought a house with Kanye attached could fetch more than the comparable prices in the neighborhood -- the house should have been listed at around $2.5 mil.  Yeezus dropped the price to $3.15 in early June, but still no takers.  So he's just dropped the price again -- to $2.8 mil.
The Swiss government apologized to Oprah Winfrey recently, after she said in an interview last week that she ran into a racist employee in a store in Zurich.  Basically, she asked if she could see an expensive handbag, and the employee told her she couldn't afford it.  She asked a few more times, but the employee refused to get it down for her.  

Justin Theroux turned 41 on Saturday, and Jennifer Aniston threw him a party at their Bel Air mansion.  The guest list was INSANE.  Check out who showed up:Ben Stiller, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, Jason Bateman, Laura Dern, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Tobey Maguire, Lake Bell, Will Arnett, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Es no bueno for Jen's BFF, Courteney Cox... Her Cancun vacation was cut short, when she fell and broke her wrist Saturday -- leaving her no choice but to hightail it back to the states.  Our sources tell us Courteney was chillin' with friends south of the border when it happened. We're told she somehow slipped and when she tried to break her fall, her wrist snapped. Doctors came to her hotel room and confirmed it was pretty bad. So much so, the medicos put a cast on the busted limb -- but Courtney wasn't taking any chances and booked private jet to take her stateside ASAP ... to get treated by her own physicians. It's unclear if surgery will be necessary. 
Singer Eydie Gorme died over the weekend, in Las Vegas.  She and her husband Steve Lawrence sang together for 55 years, starting when they met back on "The Steve Allen Show" in the late 50s.
As Americans, we all tend to agree that everything's better with bacon.  And that includes "Forrest Gump".  According to casting director Ellen Lewis, that movie almost contained 100% MORE BACON.  She says director Robert Zemeckis really wanted Kevin Bacon to play Gump's commanding officer and shrimp boat partner Lieutenant Dan. For some reason, he passed... and Gary Sinise ended up with the part.
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08/12/2013 6:02AM
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