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by Dom and Jane posted Aug 14 2013 6:27AM

Adam Levine's first-ever clothing line will launch in mid-September.   The exclusive-to-Kmart collection, simply called Adam Levine, will arrive September 15 at, followed by a rollout to Kmart stores on October 1.   The collection features denim, outerwear, knits and wovens priced from $14.99 to $69.99, as well as accessories priced from $10 - $17 apiece.

Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testified before the California State Assembly yesterday, about a new anti-paparazzi bill that's being considered.  The bill would make it illegal for people to take pictures of a child without the guardian's permission.  Obviously Jennifer was STRONGLY in favor.  She nearly cried when she described gangs of paparazzi, quote, "traumatizing" her and her family every hour of the day. 
And speaking of Garner, she says she purposely goes to events without Ben Affleck so she doesn't lose her own identity. She tells "Allure" magazine, quote, "It's a very conscious decision.  Sometimes it's a pain because my heels are so high and it would be nice to have his arm.  And he's such a great date! But it can be too much.  I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become 'wife of'."  Jennifer also says she's afraid to try Botox because, quote, "I have a big forehead, and I don't want it to be like this slab, a big glacier."
The hate for Gwyneth Paltrow isn't going away.  If anything, it's spreading.  Now it's even infecting the literary community. Gwyneth is hyping her new cookbook, "It's All Good" . . . and on Saturday, she hit up an annual author's event at the East Hampton Library in New York.  The other authors weren't happy about it.  Christina Oxenberg was seated next to Gwyneth, and had a HORRIBLE time.  She blogged about the experience, saying, quote, "The divinity in question arrived with hubby, children, and a couple of massive bodyguards. The worshippers blocked my view of the whole world, abusing my tiny territory upon which to abandon their trash or lean their sorry asses."  She also said she was BULLIED by Gwyneth's security. Author Jay Mcinerney Tweeted, quote, "Author's night at East Hampton Library highjacked by movie stars with ghost-written cookbooks."  (But wouldn't an author know it's spelled "HIJACKED"?)
Lady Gaga did an interview with Ryan Seacrest yesterday, and talked about how she sometimes likes to wear Michael Jackson's OLD CLOTHES in the studio.  She says she bought a bunch of his stuff for safekeeping, but there are a few favorite things that she actually wears, like when she's finishing up a record.  

Lady Gaga also talked about people in the media trying to create a beef between her and Katy Perry.  She says there was nothing there.  They both released their new singles within a week of each other, but not because they wanted to compete. She says she likes Katy and likes her fans.
Cher and Gaga's duet "The Greatest Thing" just leaked.  Cher says it's the wrong version, but at least you can listen to it. Lady Gaga apparently didn't want it to come out at all.  Back in June Cher told a fan on Twitter that Gaga didn't like the song.

Someone dug up an old "Today" show clip from back in 1994 that shows Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel trying to explain what the Internet was.  And they had no idea what they were talking about. At one point, Bryant Gumbel asked if you write to it, "like mail." 
Justin Bieber just granted his 200th wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  That's the most of any singer.  The lucky kid was an eight-year-old girl named Annalysha, who has a liver disorder.  She met Justin and interviewed him backstage at his concert this past Saturday.  (She asked him about his favorite Justin Bieber song, and his favorite kind of sandwich. Then she asked if he would marry her, and he got down on his knee and proposed to her instead. The all-time record for most wishes granted is held by John Cena, the WWE wrestler.  He's done almost 400.)
What Jen Aniston doesn't like, Jen Aniston DESTROYS ... so says a contractor who claims Jen never paid him for building a deck at her Bel Air home ... a deck she demolished just days after it went up.  The "We're the Millers" star is being sued by J.R. Darnall Associates, Inc. -- which says it was hired to do some major renovation work to Jen's mansion back in October 2012 ... and worked on several projects until March 2013.  The contractor says there was never any problem with work or payment ... until Jen tapped the company to build a fancy $43,710 deck for a party on March 24, 2013.  The project was completed ... the party went off ... but the next day, the contractor says they received a call about a leak in the deck. According to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the company says it offered to send an expert to the home to evaluate the situation -- but Jen had the deck ripped down before the expert could complete his inspection. Now, the company says Jen has completely cut off all communication -- and still hasn't forked over the $43k for building the deck in the first place. We called Jen's people for comment ... so far, no word back.
This will either be brilliant, or just another in a long line of lame movie tie-ins:  Ron Burgundy is writing a memoir called "Let Me Off at the Top!  My Classy Life and Other Musings".  It'll be released November 19th . . . while the "Anchorman" sequel comes out December 20th.  According to a press release, the book will, quote, "offer a rare glimpse behind the camera into the real life of a man many consider to be our greatest living news anchor."  Burgundy will, quote, "share personal anecdotes about the women in his life, about his dog, Baxter, and his legendary news team.  Along the way, he'll also give sage advice on a variety of topics that matter most to him."  Burgundy himself even issued a statement saying, quote, "I don't know if it's the greatest autobiography ever written.  I'm too close to the work."  There's no word if the book is actually being written by Will Ferrell.
Yoko Ono has a new album on the way.  Not that anyone really cares.  But one of the new songs has Mike D and Ad Rock on it.  It's called "Bad Dancer".  (The Beasties don't rap on it.  They just produced the beat.)
Sharon Stone is 55 years old and looks awesome.  How does she stay in shape?  It's pretty simple.  She says, quote, "I just do all the things you're supposed to do.  I eat right, I sleep, I work out, I'm happy.  I choose the good things. I choose the happy, healthy things. I don't choose the bad, unhealthy, unhappy things.  What if you just don't do the dumb, stupid, unhappy things?  Took me a long time to figure that out, but I think that's what it really is."
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08/14/2013 6:28AM
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