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The Jane Report

by Dom and Jane posted Jul 23 2013 5:45AM

Britain's royal baby was born yesterday.  In the delivery room Prince Charles called the Queen first, and then they sent out an electronic announcement to the media.  There's also a traditional written notice that they put up on an easel.  This used to be the first public announcement, until now.
All the British people on TV were pretty excited about this new baby yesterday.  Sounded like some of them weren't really thinking straight.  CNN's Victoria Arbiter tried to say Kate was BRILLIANT for having a boy and not a girl . . . like she actually made the decision herself.  She says there have been lots of British royal women throughout history who have worried about whether they'd ever produce a male heir, and Kate did it on the first try.  Of course, Princess Diana was the last one before Kate to produce an heir, and she had boys on her first TWO tries.

And now that the wait is over, it's time for the next waiting game to begin: When will the royal baby get its name? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's bundle of joy weighed in at 8 lbs, 6 oz., and will carry the title of "His Royal Highness Prince [name] of Cambridge," the Palace released in a statement.  Prince William's own parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, spent a full seven days deciding upon his moniker, while Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip waited a full month before naming Charles.  Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, spent two weeks pondering the name of their little girl (and William's cousin) before naming her Beatrice.  Kate and William have struck a good middle-ground thus far in their own name game: The pair took three weeks to figure out a name for their cocker spaniel before deciding to name him Lupo, which means "wolf" in Italian.
Someone asked Jennifer Lawrence about her Oscar the other day, and she said her mom stole it.  Jennifer had it sitting in a hallway, and her mom told her she was taking it.  And now it's sitting on a piano in her mom's house in Kentucky.
Partridge Family mom Shirley Jones reveals many, many explicit sexual details in her new autobiography, Shirley Jones: A Memoir. Why it’s enough to make Danny, Keith, Laurie and even Reuben Kincaid blush. Shirley, 79, appears to hold nothing back, writing about a threesome she had with husband Jack Cassidy. She’s no prude, as the book proves, but the threesome gets a retroactive “yuck” from Jones, according to the Huffington Post. However, other sexual details are brazenly told and embraced. She isn’t shy about discussing Jack’s impressive manhood. And she relates in clear detail that she was highly sexed. And while she discusses their sex life in great detail, Jones also reveals Cassidy was repeatedly unfaithful and also once had a sexual encounter with Cole Porter. As far as the Partridge Family, it was just a job that enabled her to stay in Los Angeles working and come home to her kids at night.
Hip surgery may have sidelined Lady Gaga for most of the past six months, but her unplanned hiatus certainly didn't put a dent in her wallet. She's sitting pretty in the No. 1 spot on Forbes magazine's list of "Top-Earning Celebs Under 30."  Gaga, who had to cut her Born This Way Ball tour short, still managed to rake in an estimated $80 million between June 2012 and June 2013.  She was joined by fellow pop stars Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift in the top three on a list dominated by musicians and female celebs.
Check out the top 10 stars on the list:
1, Lady Gaga, 27, singer: $80 million
2. Justin Bieber, 19, singer: $58 million
3. Taylor Swift, 23, singer: $55 million
4. Calvin Harris, 29, DJ: $46 million
5. Rihanna, 25, singer: $43 million
6. Katy Perry, 28, singer: $39 million
7. Adele, 25, singer: $25 million
8. Jennifer Lawrence, 22, actress: $26 million
9. Kristen Stewart, 23, actress: $22 million
10. Taylor Lautner, 21, actor: $22 million
It took SIX years and a $6-million-discount ... but David Spade finally managed to unload his Malibu mansion ... for practically no profit at all. Spade bought the beachfront pad waaaay back in 2005 for $9.3 million. Two years later he tried to hock it for $16.5 million, but there were no takers (wonder why?) ... and he took it off the market.  Not to be defeated, Spade tried again in 2011, listing it for $13.5 million. But still no cigar.  Spade sold the place for the low, low price of $10,225,000. Leaving him with a much smaller profit than he expected ... a cool $925,000. Small in rich people terms.  But the real winner is the buyer, as Spade reportedly made a ton of upgrades over the years.  As for the stats: 3,763 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, pool, top of the line finishes ... oh and one of the nicest beaches in the world ... happens to be the backyard. 

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07/23/2013 5:54AM
The Jane Report
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