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The Jane Report

by Dom and Jane posted Aug 15 2013 6:20AM

Kim Kardashian finally showed her face in public after birthing baby North West -- surfacing at an L.A. medical facility Wednesday -- and giving us a glimpse at her post pregnancy bod ... sorta.  These are the FIRST photos of Kim and Kanye West with their daughter since KK popped back in June, and everyone looks happy and healthy. Hell, even Yeezy was smiling as they walked into the doc's office ... with a nanny-assist, naturally.  No shot of North's face though ... she was fully covered in a car seat.  Mama K was all top secret too -- concealing her figure under a baggy button-down with another shirt tied around her waist and famous cheeks ... for extra coverage.  Hey, Kim knows her body is a cash cow -- and she ain't giving away the milk for free. 
The path is clear for Simon Cowell, because his baby  mama, Lauren Silverman just settled her divorce with Andrew Silverman. Sources connected to the case say Lauren and Andrew have agreed to some form of joint custody over their 7-year-old son.  As for money ... we're told Lauren got just north of $2 million.  And we're also told Lauren will definitely live in New York City so she can be close to her son.   Sources also say Lauren and Simon are still "very much together."
Oprah Winfrey was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, talking about her new movie "The Butler".  And she stopped in the middle of a sentence, chose an audience member at random, and GAVE HER A CAR. 
Oprah and Jimmy started talking at one point about farming chickens, for some reason.  Apparently Jimmy wants to get into it.  And of course they started talking about the one other thing chickens do well, besides laying eggs.  Oprah says their droppings are great for fertilizer, so you put them in coops on wheels and you move them around over your vegetable garden.
The premiere of Season 4 of "Duck Dynasty" was last night.  The guys and their wives put on a wedding ceremony for Phil and Miss Kaye, so they could renew their vows for their 49th anniversary.  Originally they got married by a justice of the peace, so they never had a real ceremony.  Phil says it cost him $15, and it was the best $15 he ever borrowed.
The cast of "Duck Dynasty" was also on the "Today" show yesterday, to do an interview with Matt Lauer before the premiere of their new season.  And the first thing they did was talk about how the show ISN'T REAL.  Kind of nice to hear someone come out and say it, actually.  Phil and Jase both said that what usually happens is the writers give them scenarios, and they just ad lib their own dialogue, so they can be themselves.  Phil says it wouldn't work if writers in Hollywood were trying to put words in their mouths.
David Arquette was reportedly fired from a movie called "Something About Her" . . . because he's DRINKING again. The official reason given for his departure was "creative differences", but sources say he showed up one day not fit to work and, quote, "The director had no choice but to fire him on the spot.  Everyone on the set was pissed and disappointed."  David was replaced by Anthony Michael Hall.
After a lifetime of shying from social media, Prince has FINALLY joined the Twitterverse ... and instantly became "that guy" who posts photos of his food. Dammit Prince. The singer fired off his first tweet last night under the handle, "@3rdeyegirl -- and it read, "PRINCE'S 1ST TWEET... TESTING 1,2..."  His 2nd tweet read -- "PRINCE'S 2ND TWEET."  Followed by Tweet #3 -- a photo of his over-peppered salad, with the caption, "DID EYE ADD 2 MUCH PEPPER?"  Yes, Prince ... you did. 
Authorities say former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has been charged in Nevada with possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. The Nye County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday that officers found nearly 400 marijuana plants growing in and around her home in Pahrump.  Fleiss was not arrested. No telephone listing could be found for her.   Las Vegas station KVVU-TV Fox 5 said deputies arrived at Fleiss's address last week looking for a woman wanted for arrest. Instead, they allegedly found marijuana plants in the backyard.  Fleiss was spotted walking home from a nearby house. Authorities say she told officers she had been growing marijuana without a license and said she intended to sell to a cooperative in Las Vegas.  Police said 158 marijuana plants were found in her backyard and 234 more in the nearby house.
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08/15/2013 6:20AM
The Jane Report
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