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The Jane Report

by Dom and Jane posted Oct 24 2013 5:55AM

Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day just finished an album with Norah Jones.  It's a COVER of a cover album.  They remade the whole Everly Brothers album "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us", song for song.  They're calling it "Foreverly". The album will be out on November 25th.

This isn't the least bit surprising if it's true:  Kim Kardashian reportedly knew Kanye West was going to propose, and she even told him what jeweler to go to for her ring. Kanye supposedly designed the 15-carat ring, but Kim told him to use Lorraine Schwartz, the same jeweler who made the ring Kris Humphries gave her. Her first ring was estimated to be worth around $2 million, but Kris got a deal because of all the publicity the ring was going to get.  He only had to pay about $250,000 for it.  And he recently sold it for about $750,000.  As for the Kanye ring, we've heard varying reports of its worth from $1.25 million to $3 million, all the way up to $6 million.  But once again, Lorraine Schwartz was willing to sell it for cheap in exchange for the press.  Kanye reportedly paid less than half a million for it.  And he made sure it was BIGGER than Kim's last engagement ring.  
Bruce Jenner was NOT invited to AT&T Park when Kanye West popped the question to Kim Kardashian ... in fact, he had no idea his step-daughter was getting engaged until AFTER the fact. Family sources say Bruce and Kanye have never had a "real conversation."  As we previously reported, Bruce was not happy when Kim hooked up with Kanye so quickly after she left Kris Humphries.    We're told Kanye is the one who planned every detail of the surprise proposal.  We do not know exactly why Bruce was not invited -- whether it was because of Kanye or because of Bruce's separation from Kris.  What IS known is that Bruce didn't even know Kanye was popping the question until he got a call from Kim immediately after she got engaged.   We're told Bruce was Kim's first call, because Kim considers him to be her father.
Madonna has rid herself of her massive Beverly Hills estate, the one she bought during her marriage to Guy Ritchie, and she pocketed a cool $8 MILLION in the process.  Madge had only listed the property back in January for $22.5 mil ... and just 10 months later, real estate guru Kurt Rappaport closed the deal for $20 mil. Not bad considering she bought the place in 2003 for $12 mil.  Real estate sources say the lucky guy who scooped up the pad is a Wall St. big shot.  The mystery buyer is clearly a fan of privacy 'cause the 17,000 square foot property is incredibly secluded -- with a 500 foot tree-lined driveway, and massive trees covering the perimeter of the estate.  The home is insane -- with 15 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms, a 2-story dining room, pool, movie theater tennis court and a gym -- 'cause as we all know, Madge LOOOVES to pump iron.  So, where's Madonna gonna live now? We're told Madge is on the hunt for a smaller place in L.A. But don't worry about her, she's still got massive properties in London and New York.
Dina Lohan had a hearing in her DUI case this week.  And it sounds like she might be in a lot of trouble.  Her attorney Mark Heller plans to defend her by saying it was the MEDIA's fault that she drove drunk.  He literally says he has an expert opinion that Dina was forced over the edge by the constant paparazzi attention and negative portrayals in the media, and she coped by drinking and driving.
Last night on "The Colbert Report", Stephen sat down and tried to sign up for Obamacare.  It was pretty hilarious.  The woman helping him is a Health Care Navigator.  They're private citizens with special training whose job is to help people figure out how to get insurance through Obamacare.  It's a free service, paid for by government grants. Stephen desperately tried to get the woman to take down his sexual history. 
Diddy just did an interview where he said he plans to be the first African-American owner of an NFL team.  Think about it, there has never been one before.  Every time you watch a game and they focus on that old guy with glasses in the luxury box, he's white.  Diddy could have a shot.  The least valuable team in the NFL is worth about $825 million, so to be the majority owner Diddy would have to come up with at least $413 million.  And one estimate has Diddy's net worth at $580 million.
Last night on Duck Dynasty, they were talking Halloweed.  Jase had a problem because his wife wanted to wear matching costumes with him.  He told her that's against the rules of being a man.  He says it starts with matching sweaters, and eventually becomes something much worse.
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10/24/2013 6:07AM
The Jane Report
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