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People generally want a morning radio show to make them laugh, give them interesting things to think (and talk) about, and to include some stimulating games. Sadly, The Dom and Jeremy Show does none of that. Kidding! It’s only been Denver’s favorite morning show for more than twenty years for ALL of those reasons!

Fun topics, lots of listener interaction, and the most popular radio contest in the world, The Mindbender. Entire families have grown up listening every weekday morning. You should, too.

Check this out. When Dom became the host of the morning show on Mix 100, Bill Clinton had only been president for a week. That means he’s about to celebrate 25 years of dragging out of bed at an inhuman hour to have fun on the radio. Dom is also a writer, with fifteen published books. He’s written for kids, teens, and adults, and even had a #1 bestseller. Additionally, he’s a much-sought-after speaker, and has given fun, informative keynotes in front of tens of thousands of people. On top of everything else, he makes the best spaghetti sauce in Colorado, and has kept a ficus tree alive for 26 years.

Dom's Blogs

Review: 2018 Dodge Challenger GT

The nickname has been around for ages, but I still snicker whenever I hear the term “muscle car.” I always imagine some ripped young dude in sunglasses, cruising around with the window rolled down, his bicep pressed against the door, the other hand lightly placed at 12 o’clock, maneuvering a twisty road near the beach.…Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Mercedes S450 4Matic

When most of us were kids, the cry of “Shotgun!” rang out every time your mom or dad drove you and your sibs around. Nobody wanted to ride in the back. Everybody recognized that the cool spot was up front with the grownups. But when I drove the Mercedes S450 around for a week, every…Continue Reading

Review: Subaru Forester 2.5i Touring

We have seen the future of driving in America, and it appears (for now) to come in three forms: Self/Auto-Driving vehicles (I’m a big fan) Sharing services (Uber/Lfyt/WhoKnowsWhatsNext) Roads and highways populated with SUVs and trucks (Ford is the first to basically throw in the towel when it comes to sedans) Let’s focus on that…Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Toyota Camry hybrid

Remember when hybrid cars were new to the market? They looked a little funny, they didn’t exactly woo you with the goodies we’ve been spoiled by over the years, and some folks were just downright scared of them. To steal a line from the old Virginia Slims commercial, you’ve come a long way, baby. Ain’t…Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Toyota Corolla XSE

Back when I was a young lad in the radio business, easily impressed by the more experienced folks around me, I had a conversation I still vividly recall. Warren was in his late 60s, a grizzled advertising man who’d made a lot of money over the years. Rumor has it he was worth a couple…Continue Reading

Dom’s Book Club for April: Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow By Jason Matthews Dom’s Book Club for April, 2018 It’s not like anyone misses the fear and the outright danger we experienced during the Cold War. Americans actually built bomb shelters in their backyards, and I have memories of doing nuclear attack drills in elementary school. Weird. So, no, we don’t miss that…Continue Reading

Dom’s Book Club for February, 2018: A Gentleman in Moscow

His name is Count Alexander Rostov, an aristocrat in early 20th century Russia. But trouble has come his way, all because of a poem he penned years earlier as a university student. A troublemaker, the ruling powers claim. So the Count is sentenced to house arrest – but this is no ordinary “house.” Instead, Rostov…Continue Reading