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People generally want a morning radio show to make them laugh, give them interesting things to think (and talk) about, and to include some stimulating games. Sadly, The Dom and Jeremy Show does none of that. Kidding! It’s only been Denver’s favorite morning show for more than twenty years for ALL of those reasons!

Fun topics, lots of listener interaction, and the most popular radio contest in the world, The Mindbender. Entire families have grown up listening every weekday morning. You should, too.

Check this out. When Dom became the host of the morning show on Mix 100, Bill Clinton had only been president for a week. That means he’s about to celebrate 25 years of dragging out of bed at an inhuman hour to have fun on the radio. Dom is also a writer, with fifteen published books. He’s written for kids, teens, and adults, and even had a #1 bestseller. Additionally, he’s a much-sought-after speaker, and has given fun, informative keynotes in front of tens of thousands of people. On top of everything else, he makes the best spaghetti sauce in Colorado, and has kept a ficus tree alive for 26 years.

Dom's Blogs

Review: 2019 GMC Terrain Denali

If you’ve ever wondered about your family’s lineage, there are genealogy services that will pretty much lay out where your ancestors came from. Oh, you didn’t know you had ties to Lithuania? I find it entertaining to trace the lineage of certain cars, trucks, and SUVs. We think they spring from nothing but the mind…Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Toyota C-HR

Subcompact crossover vehicles are becoming quite the rage, because they offer the kind of utility/cargo space that on-the-go urbanites are looking for, without the gargantuan size. Basically, they’ll dart around town and they’re easy to park. The Toyota C-HR was originally going to be produced under the Scion brand until that division was shut down.…Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

I’ve been reviewing cars for about 20 years, and it’s becoming rare to find myself behind the wheel of a sedan. Car makers are definitely caught up in the country’s infatuation with SUVs and crossover vehicles, to the extent that some are in the midst of pretty much phasing out their lineups of sedans. (Ford…Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Subaru BRZ tS

It’s not very often that you find two big players in the automotive world working together to create a car. But that’s exactly what happened when Toyota partnered with Subaru to develop a sporty little number called the 86 under the Toyota badge and the BRZ when Subaru’s name is on the back. The cars…Continue Reading

Review: 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

For a little over twenty years Mitsubishi produced a sporty little car named after a British racehorse from the 1700s that started 18 races and won every time. But, just like the thoroughbred racer which went on to stud duty, the popular little car also left the circuit. The last Mitsubishi Eclipse was produced in…Continue Reading

Review: 2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Alumina jade metallic. You could’ve given me 10,000 guesses regarding the color of the new Toyota Highlander Hybrid I drove in early October, and I wouldn’t have come up with that. But suddenly I’m a fan of alumina jade metallic. Kinda classy in its yellowish-green sheen, and the kind of hue that helps you find…Continue Reading