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Because you've asked -- a number of times -- here are the questions we receive the most...

 What's this "E + R = O" stuff mean??

A while ago Dom went to see Jack Canfield speak here in Denver. Jack is one of the creators of the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" books series, as well as many other books.

 During his presentation he talked about this particular equation. E is the Event, R is your Reaction to the Event, and O is the Outcome. As Jack explained, often you can't control the event itself; it's going to happen regardless of what you do. So, the only way you can manipulate the outcome is to adjust your own reaction.

It's a simple concept, and yet we often forget how true it is. It's the reason you'll hear us discuss something on the show and say "Hey, control the R!"  And we think it's great advice to pass along to your kids. They should learn at an early age the power of their thoughts.

When you talk about Thornton, why do you always say "where they eat their dead?"

 Okay, here's the deal. Several years ago a teacher at Thornton High School was giving a speech at a graduation ceremony. He mentioned that Thornton doesn't have any cemeteries; he said they were all in Northglenn. So, he told the graduates to go out into the world and be proud to say they were from Thornton, "where we eat our dead." We heard about it, and decided it was way too interesting to ignore.

Of course, several people have tried to tell us that Thornton DOES have a cemetery, but it's too late. "Thornton, where they eat their dead" is too classic to give up. Don't blame us; blame the teacher!

Each morning you repeat the answer to the previous Mindbender. Why don't you repeat the question?

We used to do that a long time ago. But, some people are only half-listening, and when they heard the previous day's question they immediately picked up the phone and tried to call in with the answer. It was getting very confusing. So now we just repeat the previous answer. If you ever miss a question, however, we keep all of them here on the Dom and Jane website. Just click on "Mindbender" and scroll down for the past several months of Mindbenders!


During the Mindbender Dom often says, "Don't tell me what you WERE GOING to say, just tell me your answer." Why is that?

Here's the problem: In the past, people have called in and said, "Well, I was GOING to say (blank), but instead I'm going to say (blank)." Then, when later we find out that their original answer was correct, they call back and scream at us, saying "I said that! I said that!"

Essentially they're giving two answers, and that's a big Mindbender no-no. So, no matter how tempted you are, never say what you were going to say, because once that's out of your mouth, that becomes your official answer, and that's the only one we can go with.

Just trying to keep people from screaming at us, ya know?  ;)


What's up with people saying "cluck cluck" when you answer the phone?

 Well, we had a crazy listener who called us and rambled on and on and on about a lot of nonsensical stuff.  At the end she said "cluck cluck," then hung up.  How could we possibly let that go?  Now, instead of saying "Hi, how are you?" our listeners simply say "cluck cluck."  It's code for 'How are you?'

What time do you guys get up every morning?

This is a very popular question. Dom and Jane get up around 4:30, and Jeremy and Emily around 3:30.

Do you leave right at 10am every day when you get off the air?

 Please. Does it SOUND like we just leave, or does it sound like we put in hours and hours and hours of hard preparation for the following show?



 Okay, pay attention, because this one is the trickiest of all.  It has been scientifically tested, studied by ancient gurus, and written in the great book of life.  If you're looking for the true love of your life, and you feel frustrated because you know that they're out there, waiting for you...well, you've come to the right place.  Here is the answer you've been seeking.

Where do you meet someone?  The answer is...


Here's the only secret you need to know: You have to get off your butt and get out there in order to meet someone.  Yes, we know that we sound harsh, but we're simply being honest.  Way too many people sit on their couch watching TV and eating Doritos, and then whine that they just never meet anyone.  Well, get involved, get out of your house, and mix it up.

Oh, and one other thing.  If your list of qualifications is a mile long, then you're going to be looking for a LONG time.  If the guy MUST be 6 feet tall, and yet you meet a wonderful, loving, caring, good man with a JOB and he's only 5 foot 10, then the problem ain't with him, sister.

And that's our answer.  Good luck.  We're counting on you.

- Dom and Jane

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