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What do you bribe your kids to do?!
What is the weird food combo that you enjoy?
What does your kid carry around as their security item?
Jeremy received a packet with all his VAS info!
Romantic greeting cards cause the show displeasure.
Poor Dom had to clean his own tile this weekend.
Would you clone your pooch? Would it be the same dog?
Jeremy does not wan to camp in his driveway.
Emily thinks drinking water will bring the morning show closer.
Should you delete all the photos of your previous partners because you're in a new relationship.
We sent BO out to beg for money... it didn't end well.
Emily purchased a new house with her mom.
What's the odd nickname you have for your significant other?
Dom was juke blocked at the bar and he's not happy about it.
We know a bride that doesn't want to be upstaged by the grooms hot sister.
Apparently Jeremy was a little too enthusiastic yesterday while explaining what Ashley Madison dot com is to my wife.
How long would you wait if your significant other was in put in jail?
Would you live on Spread Eagle Drive?
Jeremy's son had a bad soccer experience.
Should Emily go braless to work?
This is why we can't have nice things.
David loves Amber but Amber might still be in love with an old boyfriend. What does David do?
Dom has a family member that is flaunting her new boyfriend - but it's HOW she's doing it that is ticking DT off.
Jeremy was schooled by a kale lover in the grocery store.
Would you ever set up your ex with someone new?
We have a little chat about May-Dec relationships.
Bike flips and chili beer on today's show
Wedding or Australia - what would you do?
Dom says every parent has a favorite child.
At what age can you start leaving your kids at home?
Rumors are going around about Jeremy and Emily, are they true?
Jeremy made a horrible mistake...
Are you allowed to say NO KIDS at MY wedding?
Can you tell your kids that they suck?
Waiting for marriage to get freaky
Clark really ticked his wife off with this question...
Jeremy's nerdy friend is spying on the neighbors with his drone.
Interesting call from a bar wench and a mountain hiker, that just can't seem to find time for love.
Emily says the Universe is telling her to contact a Realtor.
Emily does not want kids. Truth.
Your mediocre running away stores.
Wanna run from the law, just get some pepper.
Don't go in the pool you could DIE!
Does Dom do it again? Does he know everything?
You'll find all of this great things on this podcast!
We have 3 simple tips that could land you a biggie!
Are Dom and Jeremy crossing streams?
The Bachelorette has brought a new type of shaming to the world of trending.
Emily has a whole new level of high maintenance in her arsenal.
Jeremy is starting the process to get a little snippy snippy.
Dom and Jerbear really poo poo this whole horoscope thing.
Why are you in everyone's business?
Jeremy's little boy Reid hates anything physical!
We lay down some guidelines when piggin' out at a buffet.
FB knows too much about you and Dom was THAT GUY.
J and T FOREVER - find out what that means on this podcast.
Jeremy and Emily might be fighting over a house.
Some of the best dad calls you'll ever hear! Happy Fathers Day from Mix.
What woman would you put on the new $10 bill?
Jer's son had his first experience with death.
Should you stay friends after you break up?
What dad's what and letters to yourself....
Jeremy's in desperate need of some decent fashion advice.
Another hard hitting 5 calls says it all topic. Saving pool chairs.
Dom uses the strangest placemats....
Should a guy ask for help when picking out a ring?
Emily witnessed a good shoving.
Look at my brain not my butt. Am I right ladies?
We want to know - call now!
Would you go to an office pool party?
Em recaps her trip and fondles some shells
Kids will put anything in their mouth, and we have examples!
Do you re-wear your clothes or wash them every time.
Jeremy is confused by the lady parts.
We wanna talk about your destructive thoughts today! What’s the one way you’ve always wanted to destroy something?!
What went so wrong on the 1st date thet there was not a 2nd...
What little entrepreneurial endeavors have your kids come up with?
Dom and Jeremy have questions.....
They just found out they're cousins - does the relationship continue?
Jeremy wants you to think twice before having kids.
Passing a note to your sexy bank teller.
They did WHAT to a chicken sandwich?
Getting high on whipped cream and Jeremy hates kids pools.
Are you allowed to tell your neighbor to stop tanning in he nude?
Believe it or not, girls can be pretty disgusting.
Emily is worried that her shorts look like PJs. #emilyproblems
Hubby wants to install a urinal in the house wifey says no way.
What quirky thing is wrong with your vehicle.
Here, stick your finger in it.
Who's the boss in your house?
The Kindergarten Graduation. Is it necessary?
You can't make a living being an actor, can you?
Have you ever been excited to visit a destination, only to be let down?
Calling out friends and family that are mouth kissers! Stop it!
Apparently we have exhausted our pretzel budget here at work. Oh the humanity.
He loves me, but not my art.
Women hate the mustache and what's up with Mexican food.
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