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Jer is about to experience the worst Thanksgiving ever!
Jeremy’s 35th birthday recap, he's getting old and fat.
Is there such thing as happily ever after? T. Swift thinks so.
With Thanks giving approaching - do you like to cook or have someone cook for you?
Ever wonder what happens during our commercial breaks? Listen here!
Jane talks about what’s next in her life after she wraps up the morning show.
Will has a family issue this Thanksgiving and it involves touching.
With Jeremy it’s all about the size, even if it makes him cross-eyed.
Jeremy wants to sleep in a separate bedroom - his wife thinks it the beginning of the end.
Jer's mom went to Kohl's for 3 and half hours! WHAT!?
Today's hottest celebrity news! - including a famous penis story.
What's your special ringtone - especially the one for your boss!
She's 36, and he's 27. Is that allowed?!
What's your car quirk? EX: The heater only works when the wipers are on
People can’t swallow pills AND those same people are not happy about stores being open on Thanksgiving.
Is Kimmy K's big but actually a good thing?
What have you lied about on your resume just so you got the job?!
You'll be more successful if you marry a boring person!
She's insisting on a particular wedding date, he is totally against it. Why? Listen HERE!
Jeremy throws away Reid's artwork. Reid is his 3 year old son. Evil.
Today's hottest celeb chit chat!
Would you buy a house that someone has croaked in?
Should the average Joe have a pre-nup? Please don’t take my VHS tapes!
We all know someone that is always late! Stop it!
Today’s JR: J.Rivers death update, Tom Brady audio, Jennifer is still hot, and more celeb chit chat.
Jane is going to be touching her hubby a whole lot more!
Did you hear the big news from the morning show today? If not listen here!
Today's hottest celebrity gossip!
How much cleavage is too much in the office place?
Stop honking at Emily! What are you a goose?
Today’s JR: Late night jokes, new Star Wars title, swallowed by a snake and more celebrity news.
Boy sees girl. Boy follows girl home. What will girl do? Boy in love.
We all love them, and some of us get in the shower.
Today's celebrity gossip!
Someone had a wedding prankster in her photos and she’s not happy about it!
Jeremy wants to take his son to his first movie this weekend!
Today’s JR: Political jokes, stupid celebs, Olive Garden audio, Subway theft, late night jokes and more celebrity news.
It’s Election Day! How many fights have you had with your significant other?
Jeremy's mom has the neighbors dog, and she's not giving it back.
I reallllly like him... But he's training to be a WHAT??
Brunch with 3 famous people... who?
Today's celebrity gossip!
Your 2014 scary laugh contest! Happy Halloween
Are you allowed to use someone else’s trash can?
Learn the “4 R’s” of complements right here. Thanks beautiful.
We want your ghost stories on today’s show!
At what point did you just wanna throw up your hands and run away?
What are the nasty things that your kids have brought home from school?
Here are some happy ideas for your otherwise meaningless existence.
We will attempt to determine the Best Song of ALL TIME!
Em has a best friend for every possible situation.
Amy wants her friend to take her soppy seconds.
Tips on how to take the perfect photo...
Emily is dressing up and won’t tell us what she is.
Does your S.O. think they are a wizard or maybe a dragon slayer?
The 5 people that ruined Jeremy’s concert experience.
That moment when you realize that you're officially an adult. These stories include underwear and a goat!
We wax about how love is different in your 30s compared to your 20s.
Our latest and greatest bathroom gizmo at the station.
There's that one kid at the party... The kid who can't have sugar.
Today’s JR: What’s wrong with her face, J-Lo in concert, Palin audio, and more celebrity news.
Fast Food Hall Of Fame... these always get heated.
Twins Halloween costumes are ripping a family apart.
People who try to change their names mid-life...
If you could ask your dog 1 thing what would it beeeee?
Become a waiter and learn how to become a creepy shadow.
Today’s JR – PFM update, what killed Joan, fired on the spot, BB action figures and more celebrity news.
We all have our own personal HELL! What's yours?
The romance is gone when......
Today’s JR – Boob out, Letterman jokes, porn break up and more celebrity news.
He won't introduce me to his friends, is it a deal breaker? Also, she might be ugly.
Should she go on her dream trip that she's been saving for years... to Africa?
Get your lip gloss on and get ready to pucker up - we want you to get that first kiss out of the way ASAP. Hope you don't have a cold sore!
Is there an age cut-off for trick-or-treating? If you're in Jeremy's hood there is!
Shopping for a new throne... aka a new toilet. It's awkward.
Should kids be able to fly alone?
What memento are you holding on to?
Emily will not stop calling the police!
She won't take his last name and he doesn't like it!
Honeymooning with his parents is not really honeymooning...right?!
Why are women never Juniors??
Servers - here is your chance to call in and tell us your pet peeves.
Are you the same side of the booth people? Our calls say NO!!
Emily will not date a dude that’s packin’ a lot of cheddah.
Jeremy has been continually violated by a family member and he’s sick of it
Nobody wants to talk to your 4 year old on the phone. Stop it.
If you could marry anything you wanted – what would you marry?
There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who answer the door for solicitors and those who don’t!
Today's hottest celeb chit chat.
If your SO went to prison how long would you wait before you started dating?
Should parents ask permission to take a group of boys to a haunted house?
Emily has joined the smoking police and she’s crackin’ down on violators.
Today’s JR: Jimmy raps and its fantastic, T Swift on a mag, cheesy pick up lines and more celebrity stuff.
Jenny slept with her best friends crush – should she tell her? Bow chicka bow wow!
What has everyone knows forever but you just found out?
Today’s JR: Big Broncos day, what’s up with Bruce, how to find Bill Murray and more celebrity news.
Tell us about your guardian angel
The best and worst couple Halloween costumes....mostly worst.
Ummmm, you put a potato where?!
Today’s JR: Grab your junk, late night jokes, celebrity pep talk and more Hollywood chit chat!
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