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We say 'I love you' too much!
Anxiety dreams – we all have them.
3 fun stories back to back to back
We want to call people out for their bad behavior.
When the family cat dies, should you bury it or stuff it!?
Jeremy finds stories from around the web that you might have missed – told in 260 seconds or less!
Should you lie to protect your cheating friend?
How do you know that your significant other loves you??
What special potions do you use to calm your mind?
What did you purchase while “under the influence”?
We’re sick of hearing about the snow on the East Coast.
Stories from around the web that you might have missed – told in 260 seconds or less!
Jeremy thinks they should throw another baby shower for spawn #2.
had some fun calls today with the strange things your kids have swallowed!
Principal gets sued and Dom has on his judgy pants.
If she invites you up - does that mean it's freaky time?
Listener wants to know if bowling is a sport?
Study says women love nerds over jocks!
We're not doctors - so we have questions about the control of birth.
Have you ever been somewhere where you just don't fit in?
Amazing birth story and how you can have an invisible boyfriend!
Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to you!
People can pull some pretty sweet stuff out of the trash!
Women get the strangest cravings during pregnancy.
Should you be allowed to take your birthday off if you're over the age of 7?!
The kids are concerned that mom is being taken advantage of. What should they do?
You should never order dessert on the first date.
The hotter she is the more CRAZY you'll put up with!! Funny calls here!
You should never do this on the first date!
Jeremy talks about his latest spawn - including gender and name.
Remember friends. When drying off always face to crack not crack to face.
Emily could not be on the Bachelor because she won’t get her freak on
Here are some unique dating ideas!
In your opinion what is over rated?
Who are these weirdos that LIKE their own FB posts?! (Jeremy)
Emily won't date an 8 because she feels like a 5.
Nicole walked in on Jeremy… what was he doing?
Crayola was HACKED – but seriously who follows Crayola on FB?
Fantasy lovin’ for men and women.
What did your S.O. throw away without asking?
What collection do you have from your past that you swear will be worth some serious cash some day?
It's ok folks. The Earth is still spinning.
Sarah is in love with Mike BUT Mike won't introduce Sarah to his family!
Should women be worried about how they look in the delivery room? Jeremy’s wife is thinking about applying full make-up for pictures after the baby plops out!
Dom has more gifts than women! #domproblems
Jeremy has always said you should never be friends at work and this email proves it.
Em knows the exact place and time a fight will start with her lover.
When flirting goes too far...
What odd thing did your child eat? Jeremy's son ate Vicks.
Emily is having fantasies about an actor and it's starting to affect her life.
Family fighting over where to spread dad's ashes.
Poor Jeremy fell down go boom.
If you are in the mood for love, today is the best day to be online dating.
New Years Resolutions that you actually kept.
Dom received a gift from a listener that he wants to give away to one lucky stinky person.
We have the BEST listeners - what was YOUR best moment of 2014.
Santa was checking out Jeremy's wife!
Are you getting a Christmas bonus this year? If so how much?
I'm proposing to my BOYFRIEND at Christmas, is this a good idea?
Should Ginger take a job out of state and leave her hubby all alone?
When does Christmas Eve officially start? There is a battle on the morning show.
Does the whole ugly sweater thing seem forced now?
You never got it for Christmas as a kid... and you still kinda want it.
Jeremy's son wants to know how the baby got in mommy's tummy.
What do you do with all those damn Xmas cards?
Chad is the cool dad and he wants his kids to know it!
Dom and Jer say you should dress up for Christmas day! Emily is a fat slob.
Listen here for our Christmas elf names!
Is asking for a fertility test a bad pick up line?
What stupid fight are you and your SO in?
Matching underpants makes women feel classy.
The surprise visit to your SO... Women think it's great men think it's horrible.
We are going to re-name the Reindeer for 2014, help us!
Emily's re-dic eyelash routine
Kid demands an iPad, parents demand a child who’s not as spoiled.
Jeremy is sick of giving out Christmas cards
Hipsters are ruining Christmas and a woman is eating TP
Do you attach memories to your clothing? Like what you wore when you fought a bear?
OK some of these are pretty bad, yet quite charming.
If you've been married for 10 years you're ripe for moving on.
Should you cut off the gift giving once you hit 18?
Here are the top stories around the web!
Tipping the trash guy is such a stressful process.
What are the lies that you tell people at the bar?
This lady feels awkward that her new boyfriend just dropped some serious cash on her hoops.
When participating in a gift exchange Jeremy says you should always purchase the maximum amount.
Dirty bathrooms, a repeat story and more top stories!
We have a letter from an angry woman that her neighbors lights are too bright.
The morning show has a big announcement - what could it be.
Worst movie ever, too late for tree, and Dom hates 15 year reunions.
Parents - how do use you Christmas to get what you want from your kids?
Yes, even men have body issues - especially if they have man boobs.
We are surprised by all of the celebrity fragrances out there.
Let's play a game... is there anything worse than unloading a dirty dishwasher?
Where in the world did Jeremy go to get his white elephant gift this year?
Jeremy's grandpa has no filter.
Dom has a friend who is getting hit on....the problem is.... it's the brother in law doing the hittin'!
Jeremy is going to buy all of his own Christmas gifts this year.
This marriage is going to last 5 years....
Jer is about to experience the worst Thanksgiving ever!
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