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We talked to a human lie detector…. he’s like a comic book character
Have you turned down a sale because you didn’t like the person buying?
Today’s N4N: Giant fart machine, machines can smell you, your coffee routine and more nerdy news!
Today’s JR: Celeb break up, imposter in jail, NFL jokes, good news stories, and more celebrity news.
What's your trademark? Jeremy ran across a guy who has an annoying one!
I've gone out with her a few times... But I really like her sister.
That one person in your office you're afraid will go postal.
Today’s JR: Model money, the other side, T Swift new album, kids do shows, new app.
Things that you should never buy for your SO…and the best gift ever.
It's toooooo soon for the PSL....
The list of the little things that we all steal.
Today’s JR: Hip Pack is back, Lohan book deal, ALS challenge update, worst mall commercial and more celebrity news.
Jeremy's son is an old soul...
Jeremy's been having a recurring dream about death...
What are your security checks before bed?
Today’s JR: ALS update, Oprah screams, Denzel spa day, toilet music and more celeb news.
Where do you want to run away to?
Emily has an ex-fiancé that has reached out and wants closure…
N4N returns: what’s more dangerous in the ocean than a shark, space with no helmet, vibrating shoes and more nerdy news.
Today’s JR: Robin Williams was sick, Stallone interview, GE-DD, late night jokes and more celebrity news.
Kids calling adults by their first names. This should never happen.
Married, jealous of singles; single, jelly of married peeps.
Emily: I slept so well but I feel so bad... about what?
Jeremy has a friend that wants to spice up his love by using his cell phone.
A funny thing happened to Emily while she was meditating.
Today’s JR: Robin Williams update, and late night jokes.
Dom is in the purge stage of his life and his friend Cathy had an Estate Sale while she was alive!!
Should Claire invite her hot mother to her birthday party?
The current wedding trends can be found on this podcast
Today’s JR: Tribute to Robin Williams
Jane was attacked by one of nature’s most feared creatures!
Should she let her man go out alone with a single attractive female friend?
Guys want to be romantic and women sometime don’t think they are.
Today’s JR: Teen Choice Awards update, selfie book, SBB movie, Cher is old, late night jokes and more celebrity news.
How many is too many people for your SO to have slept with before you?
In honor of back to school, we asked for your kooky teacher stories. Some wore tie-dye, some showed wedding videos.
Admit it, ladies. We all have a love tchotchke from a past relationship. What token are you hiding from your current love?
Sleeping... JUST sleeping... with someone is a horrible idea. Especially if it ruins your hair.
Naughty pictures were found on their 11 year-old son's iPad... Do you punish the perv or is it natural? Great calls!
These tales of grabby neighbors will blow your mind! Who are these sick people??
Jenny's met her dream man... But he doesn't want her to engage in social media. Do you give up Facebook for love?
What big secret are you keeping in your marriage? Couple great calls on this podcast.
She’s prego and didn’t tell her hiring manager…. Good idea or bad?
Today’s JR: Kimmy K on late night, ONB on late night, and more celebrity news.
Frozen event and scam free food - both topics can be found here!
Listen to an update about Jeremy’s sneaky neighbor and LADIES how about hiring out a man servant.
You ever hear of sexually induced sneezing? Jeremy has a story about it here!
Today’s JR: Celebrity break up, new rap, cry after sex, and more celeb news.
Great calls from first timers today! Listen for Ray…. He loves us.
Ever hear of a Facebook page for a fetus…well we have!
How are you taking your closes of every night? Maybe you’ve been doing it wrong for years!
Today’s JR: Late night jokes, 1 line in a movie, Brian Williams daughter as PP, and more celebrity news.
Jeremy’s wife thinks there is some hanky panky going on in his hood!
Prince Charming found evidence that Jane could be having an affair. Gasp!
Today’s JR: Beebs gets in a fight and moves, late night jokes, Comic Con audio and more celebrity news.
When you go to a restaurant you shouldn’t have to assemble your own food!
Today’s recap of trending Hollywood news.
Kelly Clarkson’s hubby has ruined it for all of the men.
Is being a baby the greatest time of your life and you just don’t know it?!
Brit Brit wants to be married in 1 year…can she do it?
John does not want his girl friend to have a male roommate.
The Grandma Shower….is this just a gift grab?
Today’s JR – Bad zombies, late night jokes, normal women and more celebrity news.
Jane is hiring a pet communicator for 70 dollars, will it work?
Dom knows someone in an open relationship and he’s got questions!
Today’s JR – Musician divorce, new Beebs hits, late night jokes and more celebrity news.
At what age should little girls wear make-up and high heels?
Ladies can have the BIG O at the gym and a story about a very angry husband…
Today’s JR – Beatles jokes, Clinton gossip, Jay-Z gossip, reality TV and more celeb news.
You HAD to leave somewhere because of your kid...Jeremy had to leave the library because his son Reid was doing something horribly embarrassing!
I am NOT shopping here anymore…..
Leaving a job in a blaze of glory. You'll never guess what Jeremy's friend stole from his work on his last day!
Today’s JR – Late night jokes, #NODASH, new Dumb and Dumber audio, Trump tweets and more celebrity news.
Where oh where did you throw up?!
Today’s JR: Celebrity death, celebrity marriage, celebrity interview, celebrity movie team up and more celebrity news.
You’ll want to hear what Jeremy’s mom wants to do for his dad’s birthday!
Would you go to a party where skinny dipping is involved?
So what’s the difference?
Emily wants the reception but NOT the wedding.
Check out the back and forth going on in this office bathroom!
Road trips just got a whole lot more complicated.
Prepare your mouth; it’s time to eat a Buddha Button! I feel dizzy....
Why is it that we all hate Other People's Kids?
Now that’s it’s legal, this dad wants to smoke a joint BUT the wife says NO!
The worst thing that restaurant servers have to do is…..
If you could bring any DENVER sports player back who would it be?
Today’s JR: New Weird Al song, Seacrest dating a model, and more celebrity news!
My first trampoline gave daddy his first aneurysm
Should a 20 year old have to keep checking in with his mother while he is camping?!
The 3 year old birthday party that would never end.
Take a listen to all the latest celebrity gossip.
If the family comes to stay, do you ask them to chip in?!
Are you allowed to comment on someone’s tattoo?
Today's hottest celeb gossip!
What was your last bonehead move?
If you’ve done your body harm at what age can you still bounce back?
Today’s JR: Prego celebs, late night jokes, hottest celeb bodies, are you kidding me and more Hollywood news.
Welcome to the OPC - Obsessive Packers Club
If the restaurant closes at 9 - can you ask to be seated at 8:45?
Jer's junk was tied up and what do you stock up on?
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