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We want your roommate horror stories!
Man face, crappy enchiladas, and breakfast in bed.
Do you schedule sexy time?
Jeremy has an amazing skill discovered over a night of shots.
What's the most expensive thing you received for your wedding.
Jeremy took a week off with his new baby.
How much mony are you allowed to spend on a weekly basis?
Moments happen, kissing moments, and that's okay.
Can you tell how attractive someone is by just their voice?
What do you say to people who show too much affection?
Jeremy thinks his friend Marc does NOT need to propose!
Dom got a new toy and the shower is the best place to cry.
Jeremy's buddy named his new baby after an an old flame!
Dom will only date women with long nails.
What is the age cut off for helping people move?
Isn't it cute when kids drop the F-Bomb.
Men should never buy clothes for women!
Are you allowed to fire your Maid of Honor?
Random thoughts...Man shoots his computer, cats are horrible and the Broncos start soon!
Women love setting couples up, but you'd never see men doing it!
JerBear is back with a couple new baby updates!
Some exciting news about an addition to the morning show!
If our relationship started as an affair, does that mean she will cheat on me too?
Lisa broke up with Brad, but Brad won’t move out!
How do you deal with your daughters boyfriend staying over for the first time?
TSA will feel you up and it's tax day!
Emily hates road trips.
Would you rather win the lottery or find your soul mate?
...not like that
What was your last family fight? Jeremy just had a good one!
Do you admit a kiss that happened on a work trip?
Fast 7, big golf game, living a food stamp lifestyle
Jeremy wants 6 months without women!!
Listen to where this guy wanted to go on a first date.
A taste of trending AND it’s time to prepare a Will, unless you hate your family.
What was the stupid thing you did when you were mad?
Have you ever forged a signature?
What have yo had stolen?
Dude's girlfriend said she'll help buy her engagement ring. What the what?!
My girl wants us to go away for the weekend... WITHOUT OUR PHONES!
When you just have to finish something.
What oh what would you find in the perfect office?
The receptionist is stealing postage should you alert the bosses?
How long do fights last in your house?
Have a listen to some of our listeners that have never called into the show before! Good people.
When do you let your kid start dating?
My Easter basket overflow'ith.
Jeremy has been talking to his preggers wife's belly and he feels stupid doing it.
What's the worst pain that you've ever been in?
Jeremy wants to buy a dead mans car. When can he approach the family about it?
Could you date a women who had a super cool ex?
Emily has a friend that the Universe thinks is needy and confused.
Did Dom do the right thing by returning $20 to a total jerkstore?
Do you ever feel obligated to LIKE people's posts on Facebook?
Do you know people that are pain to go out to eat with?
I snooped in my boyfriend's phone and found something I don't like... Can I bring it up?
Kids stick with your music lessons – you’ll regret it if you quit.
The mom in this story is worried that her daughter is turning into a selfie addict.
Beth is worried that her hubby might develop the hots for their 18 year old babysitter.
At what age should you give your kids the boot out of your bed?
Just because you wear a Fit-Bit doesn't mean you're in shape!
My friend is a surgeon... and a pot head. Would you mind if he performed surgery on you?
Our first date is a fly away to San Fran for the weekend... that ok??
Emily went to GB and it was good.
Jeremy's buddy is heading out for Spring Break but his girlfriend is NOT happy!
Dogs lick your face and Falcons get you chicks.
His ex is trying to become friends with me, should I make her stop?
I think my mother in law is flirting with me, what do I do?
Emily wants her lover to say 'thank you' more
What are you self-conscious about?
Oops, my hair fell out.
The right way to put on TP and Tulips are slutty flowers.
What is the one thing around the house that you refuse to do?
Wife wants hubby to earn more money, but he loves his job.
Jer and Emily would never want a butler, Dom wants one - only if she's hot.
A listener is turning 21 and she doesn't want to go out and drink for her birthday! What should she do?
For the first time ever, Dom wanted a girl to leave.
Dom wants Jeremy to stop calling his son "BUDDY"
He still lives in moms basement - is that a deal breaker?
Guitars make guys super sexy!
Uh oh... His mom has a key to our home.
Names that go extinct... like Gary!
Your dad's preposterous stories he told you as a kid!
What was the "red flag" in your relationship?
Are arranged marriages as ridiculous as we think?
Well, Jeremy put his foot in his mouth again... listen here to find out why!
What weird eating habit have you seen or been a part of.
Jerbear is trying to rig his blood test. He's a tool.
What are the weird ways that you were punished as a child?
Would you want to live to 117 years old? We don't think so.
Jeremy is sleeping alone and he has never felt better!
What were you excited to get, but now it only collects dust?
The signs that you might be talking too much at work.
You’ll never believe what Jeremy’s parents did to protect him as a baby.
The wide wide world of bras. You’re probably wearing the wrong size.
Should you be allowed to have hate, anger and just general frustration over a dream where your significant other cheats on you?!
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