Every year in August, on the Sunday before Labor Day weekend, over 160 artists from around the country come to Colorado to offer art patrons the unique opportunity to buy fine art for $100 or less. The response to the festival has catapulted it into the fastest growing show in Colorado and to being a Nationally top 20 ranked show out of over 600 festivals in the country (ArtFair Sourcebook rankings) and we are the best place to find affordable arts in Denver!  Plus we make it fun for the patrons.  Just in case saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars wasn’t enough fun, we have live music for the throngs of art lovers who show up hours before we open the gates, swag bags filled with goodies for the first 200 people in line, a coffee cart while you wait and when you buy too much art to carry to your vehicle, we have a team of golf cart drivers waiting at the exit to whisk you to your car.



What kind of art will you find priced at $100 (or less)? Much of the same art you see at other arts festivals. We have painting, glass, clay, sculpture, metalwork, photography, mixed media, fiber and wood. There are pieces that were originally priced at $1,000 or even $4,000 that are now $100. There is art that is normally priced at $100 or less. There are thousands of pieces of art in the 150+ booths and all of it is affordable.