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by Dom posted Jul 4 2015 10:39AM
I had an experience this holiday weekend that was at first frustrating, then aggravating, and finally enlightening and VERY fulfilling. And it all involved a barbecue grill and memories of my dad. Wanna dive in? This will take you right there. Enjoy, and happy 4th to you and your family!
by Dom posted Jul 3 2015 8:50AM
Well, this is something new. While hosting a book club with The Tattered Cover for fifteen years, I've never - not even once - featured one of my own books. It just seemed kinda schmarmy - and maybe even unethical? I don't know, but I never even considered it.

But now it doesn't make sense not to, really. The city of Denver bestowed a huge honor upon me by choosing my first book for students, The Comet's Curse, as their Youth One Book / One Denver selection for 2015. Over 2000 young people are receiving copies of the action/adventure tale, and I'm hosting more than a dozen presentations with Denver students during July.

So The Tattered Cover thought it would be fun to spotlight the award-winning book, too. In fact, you and your kids are invited to a special evening at The Tattered Cover's new location in Aspen Grove on July 23rd at 6pm. I'll talk about the book (and the whole Galahad series, for that matter), answer questions, and generally just have a good time with it. I'd love for you and your family to stop by and chat.

Rather than a traditional review, I'll just tell you that The Comet's Curse is the story of 251 teenagers who are sent away in a spacecraft to colonize another world. And there are no adults aboard. Why they're on this mission - and why no grownups are allowed - is revealed in the story. Of course there's drama, action, suspense, mystery, and even a little bit of romance (hey, they're teenagers).

The book won the International Grand Prize from Writer's Digest magazine, as well as an EVVY Award for Best Young Adult Book. It's the first volume in a six-book collection known as The Galahad Series, and all six of the books are available through the Tattered Cover and other sources. Find out more about the entire series right here.

Hope you and your kids enjoy the book. Yes, I do mean you, the adult, because half of the readers of The Comet's Curse and the Galahad series are adults. Then I hope to see you on the 23rd. Mention Dom's Book Club at checkout and The Tattered Cover will take 20% off the cost of The Comet's Curse.

Happy reading!
by Jeremy posted Jul 2 2015 5:25AM
by Mark Andrew posted Jul 1 2015 10:22AM
Oh no he didn't! Yes he did! He even medleyed in a little Opps Up Side Your Head. Go Rick!

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by Mark Andrew posted Jun 30 2015 11:34AM
At first I thought it actually was Lady Gaga.  Her name is Ariana Savalas and she's with Sarah Reich.  Great video to share with your friends who are Gaga fans. 

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by Emily Makinzie posted Jun 30 2015 6:41AM
Some people hang patriotic flags. Others have a pet Bald Eagle. Me? I paint nails. 
Happy birthday, USA.
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by Jeremy posted Jun 30 2015 6:22AM

Some guy posted a video of his wife crying after she saw "Jurassic World" because she LOVED it so much.

You might not want to watch it if you haven't seen the movie, because they talk about the plot.  But apparently she cried for about 20 minutes straight.

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by Mark Andrew posted Jun 29 2015 2:25PM
My step-brother is a dog.  His name is Dusty and he's sooooo sweeet.  But he got himself in a jam over the weekend with our Mom.  I tried to tell her there's no proof he did it but she's not buying my story.  Don't admit anything Dusty!

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by Jeremy posted Jun 29 2015 5:22AM

The annual World's Ugliest Dog pageant went down in Petaluma, California on Friday.

This year's winner is a 10-year-old mixed breed dog from Loxahatchee, Florida named Quasi Modo.  She has several birth defects that make her completely hunchbacked . . . and she looks more like a hyena than a dog.

She beat out 26 other dogs in categories like unusual attributes, raw ugliness, shocking first impression, and personality.

Her owners get a $1,500 prize. Cha-Ching!



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by Mark Andrew posted Jun 26 2015 11:28AM
Months ago we had a lip sync battle and I must admit, she defeated me soundly.  So naturally Emily wants a rematch.  Our management teams are still negotiating the details but this could happen as soon as next week. 

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