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by Jeremy posted Dec 17 2014 6:53AM
Geek out alert - probably the best Christmas light show you'll see all season! (Insert Wookie sound here)

by Emily Makinzie posted Dec 17 2014 6:11AM
If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will... Jeremy and I have this on repeat. Sooooo gouda!
Mashup by Yeplum The Toaster. Of course.
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by Mark Andrew posted Dec 16 2014 12:44PM
  • Try some self imposed peer pressure. Tell a friend a task your struggling with, then ask them to check up on you later to check your progress. Sometimes a little friendly peer pressure can be effective. This tip is from

  • Don't give in to feeling good now which ends up being short term gain for long term pain. Focus on being more protective of how you're going to feel in the future as opposed to how you're going to feel in the short term. calls it "emotional intelligence". Acknowledge the negative feelings and start the task anyway.

  • Sometimes we put things off because of our mood. We assume that we are in the wrong mood to complete a particular task. We falsely assume that our mood will be change in the near future and we'll be better suited at that time to complete the task, but in reality that just adds anxiety, guilt and shame which make it even more difficult to harness the emotional and cognitive energy to complete the task. For more on this, check out this article in The Atlantic.

  • Make sure your "to-do" list is a smart one. Don't include things you know you're going to do anyway. Then set deadlines.

  • Try the "Seinfeld Strategy." For him it's to write at least one joke every day. He then puts an X on the calendar for every day he completes the task no matter how bad the joke. Then his goal is to just keep the chain going. The idea is to remove the focus from the individual performance and instead put the emphasis on the process. The top performers in every field are the ones who are more consistent. Read more here:

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by Jeremy posted Dec 15 2014 5:30AM
Cracked open the box of make your own gingerbread houses this weekend with my 3 year old son. By looking at the pictures I think it was a smashing success!

On the left is the image on the box and on the right – our completed project.

Nailed it!

by Jeremy posted Dec 12 2014 5:12AM
Your favorite Frozen song has been set to lights! Check it out below.
On a side note - This ultra green light display only costs $6 in electricity to run for the entire season. WOW!!

by Bo posted Dec 10 2014 4:18PM
Which one is your fav?????

by Emily Makinzie posted Dec 10 2014 6:12AM
I have to admit, dogs dreaming make my heart smile. For example, when my old man pup Rex gently ruffs and his little paws wiggle, I know he's in a big field of bunnies and having the time of his life. But when they whine and twitch, I get really worried about what's going on in their slumbering brains.
This is Jackson, (the napper), and Laika. And I hope this 20 seconds makes your day.
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by Jeremy posted Dec 10 2014 5:47AM

Hello my little elves. Here is the link to the BEST Colorado Christmas light displays for you and yo family to enjoy this Chirstmas season!

Ho Ho Ho!

by Bo posted Dec 9 2014 3:10PM

by Jeremy posted Dec 9 2014 6:14AM
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