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by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 4 2015 6:09AM
When little Rosie the kitten was found, she was frail and malnourished. The human family that rescued her worried that she wouldn't make it through her first night. But never send a human to do a dog's work, because that's when Lilo the husky stepped in to care for little Rosie. Slowly the kitten regained her health and strength, and today Rosie is a spunky kitsky… That's a kitten/husky.
Because not only does Rosie tag along with mom Lilo, but has other husky brothers and sisters, and she kinda thinks she's a pup.
Sometimes love is all you need.
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by Jeremy posted Aug 4 2015 5:16AM
Well, this probably took some time to put together! Enjoy!

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by Dom posted Aug 3 2015 5:20PM
Life After Life
By Kate Atkinson

Reviewed by Dom

It was my son who suggested this book to me. Glancing at a brief description of the plot, my first thought was: Oh, it's Groundhog Day, but set a hundred years ago.

Not quite. Life After Life is not a comedy vehicle, but rather a good author's take on the concept of reincarnation or rebirth. Throw in a serious examination of the horrors of war, and you're way beyond a funny weatherman in Punxsutawney, PA.

In a nutshell, here's the story: Ursula Todd is born in early 1910, but dies immediately. But then we rewind, and she's born again. This time the doctor makes it in time to save her, and she begins to live her life.

When she dies again, she once again goes back to February, 1910, and starts over again. This is a story of a woman who relives her life over and over and over again, with only faint suspicions of an earlier life - deja vu, if you will.

Along the way we'll see her die from drowning, a fall, and at the hands of an abusive husband. Yet she keeps coming back and starting again.

Mix in two wars, however, both The Great War (which later became known as World War I), and then, of course, World War II.

Atkinson, a skilled writer in the first place, leads the reader through life after life (yes, the title), and challenges us to learn something about how we each have different paths that we can take. So do countries as a whole.

It's an audacious read at well over 500 pages, but settle in and watch the pages fly by.

You'll find Life After Life at the three main locations of The Tattered Cover Book Store. Just mention Dom's Book Club at checkout and you'll receive a 20% discount. Happy reading!
by Mark Andrew posted Aug 3 2015 10:50AM
Liliana is a HUGE fan of Sabrina Carpenter from Disney Channel's Girl Meets World. So imagine how over the moon she was when her mom called her to tell her she'd won meet and greet to her show at Elitch Garden's on Saturday on Liliana's 10th birthday no less . Take a listen!

Congrats Liliana! Thanks for sharing your pics.

by Sinna G posted Aug 1 2015 5:00PM
I want to know more about YOU, the listener.....Post your answers below.....I can't WAIT to read them!!!
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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 29 2015 2:26PM
This video is a classic and has made the rounds over the years.  It's the story of Christian the lion and his loving and happy reunion with his former owners.  This is a good week to look at it again and realize how wonderful and amazing lions are. 

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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 29 2015 2:02PM
by Emily Makinzie posted Jul 29 2015 6:02AM

This story make s me physically ill. My heart breaks for this innocent soul.
Being devastated, horrified, and enraged won’t change what happened. But match this act with love, because any little bit of good that you put out into the world will hopefully prevent something like this from ever happening again.  
by Jeremy posted Jul 28 2015 6:00AM

Behold the world record semi truck jump... men everywhere are rejoicing!


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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 27 2015 1:49PM
My wife Beth and I are usually city rats.  But yesteday we decided to get up in the mountains and do something different.  So we rolled up to Lake Dillon and rented a boat!  OMG we had a blast.  The people at the rental doc are all incredibly nice and we had so much fun cruising all over the lake.  If you're looking for a fun staycation, we highly recommend Lake Dillon.

Beth was reluctant to drive the boat at first, but once she did she loved it.  Look how happy that face is. 

This is way up the Snake River Arm.  There are a bunch of mansions on the cliff side. This one with the red roof was our favorite. 

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