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by Bo posted Apr 16 2015 4:14PM
by Emily Makinzie posted Apr 16 2015 6:11AM

I am useless when it comes to riddles. And this word problem seems to be all the rage right now. You can work it out, I'll be in the corner painting my nails…
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by Jeremy posted Apr 15 2015 5:54AM
Check out this actor's compilation from Vine – his impressions are SPOT ON!

This makes me happy.


by Emily Makinzie posted Apr 14 2015 6:03AM
I don't know why, but ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with fonts. I've watch documentaries on them, bought extra packages to expand my font base, and even once made a key to translate Wing and Webdings.
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People : Seb Lester
by Emily Makinzie posted Apr 13 2015 6:09AM

Ever had one of those fights where you swear to everlovinGod that you are right… Only to find out you were totally in the wrong?
Yah, me either. ;-)
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by Emily Makinzie posted Apr 10 2015 6:06AM
This Sunday is the glorious return of Game of Thrones! I really should do some catching up, all I remember from the last episode of last season is a lot of people were on a boat.
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People : Jimmy Fallon
by Emily Makinzie posted Apr 9 2015 6:29AM
If you're addicted to coffee, I foresee a bag of this in your future. Pretty cool gift idea, or hell, if you want to buy caffeine presents for yourself, I don't judge.
Create your own blend of wake-up juice. From Brazil to Java. Beans to ground. Regular or decaf.
And the best part is the personalized label for your coffee blend. There's a dude with a top hat, some people in a boat, and even more simple designs for you purists. But profanity is encouraged during the naming process, which I am totally on board with.
So there ya go. Give a bag of a delicious legal stimulant. And have a beautiful day.
by Jeremy posted Apr 9 2015 5:50AM
OK – here is your cringe worthy moment of the day! Are you ready? Here we go…..oh, and make sure your sound is turned UP!

by Jeremy posted Apr 6 2015 6:26AM
This month, we introduce a new blog by dad, husband and radio-show co-host on Mix 100's "Dom in the Morning with Emily and Jeremy" show, Jeremy Padgett. With a second child on the way, Jeremy is in the thick of early-parenthood. In this post, Jeremy shares those times when you don't know whether to be upset or hang onto the memories brought about by a child's actions.

Click here for the post >> Delightfully Random
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Location : Colorado
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by Emily Makinzie posted Apr 3 2015 7:01AM
In honor of the beginning of the end of Mad Men this weekend, please enjoy this song.
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