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by Dom in the Morning posted Feb 27 2015 7:30AM
This event is such a blast! Get Your Nerd On Day with the Colorado Avalanche. And tickets are drastically reduced (practically half-price), but you can only get them through this link right here.

The Big Brain Club teams up with the Physics Department at DU for a day of fun, science, and hockey! You'll get in to the Pepsi Center a few hours before the days open to the public, and totally get your nerd on!

Again, here's a link for the tickets. Get 'em before they're gone!
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Location : Colorado
by Dom in the Morning posted Feb 27 2015 6:35AM
Emily sees white and gold. Dom sees blue and black. Jeremy sees a lovely spring look that would pair nicely with a neutral espadrille sandal. Check out this controversial dress, and prepare to have your mind blown.
by Jeremy posted Feb 25 2015 6:26AM
Well here it is - the list of the BEST fast food chicken nuggets! Enjoy! Link HERE >> NUGGET ME
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by Emily Makinzie posted Feb 25 2015 6:21AM
Oh what charm, oh what taste.

I'm slightly obsessed with all things 60s. I've even proudly declared my desire for full skirts, white gloves, and aprons to make a fashion come back. There's just such a classy, high-quality, pure spirit about that decade that will allure you. The 60s were itching with change and fashion and metal and music and Jackie O and the whole kit-n-caboodle just fascinates me.
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by Mark Andrew posted Feb 20 2015 12:56PM
Why not?

by Jeremy posted Feb 20 2015 6:14AM
I stumbled across this dude yesterday while watching some old Ted Talk videos. He's an interesting cat with quite a back-story. I enjoyed his theme of "going with your gut" and turning your hobby into an obsession and finally a career, which you will see in the first video I posted. I also included a second video of his Porsche documentary – yes I'm a car guy and I eat this 'ish up BUT even if you're not - it's really well done and worth a watch!


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by Bo posted Feb 19 2015 3:43PM

by Mark Andrew posted Feb 19 2015 1:45PM
The look on this woman's face is priceless when she realizes what's happening.

by Emily Makinzie posted Feb 19 2015 5:52AM
Found this story, and it made me all misty… in a good way. If you love rescue stories, dogs, or have a pulse, your heart will love this.
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : New York
People : Charles Gaston
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