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by Mark Andrew posted Sep 19 2014 12:17PM
Uh oh! Ariana Grande is starting to get some negative press after demonstrating some diva-esque behavior with fans and other industry types. Initially the static was coming from some of the trash Hollywood press outlets like Daily Mail and Buzzfeed, who frequently report hearsay and embellish their stories with quotes from so called "sources." But now there is a story about Ariana's brattiness in the Washington Post. They do news. The real kind. That's more of a "Problem."
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by Bo posted Sep 19 2014 10:29AM

Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19

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by Dom posted Sep 19 2014 6:19AM

Another week, another story about how our food is killing us. This time it's artificial sweeteners (again). I know, I know, but the scientists insist on taking away all our fun. The story is in the link below.

And when you feel really sick, but you still drag your carcass into work, you know what you're doing? You're infecting everyone else. A new study shows just how fast your flu virus is racing around the office - and it's not pretty. Details in the link.

Plus, a new formula for being productive - based on how long you work at one stretch followed by a specific break time - and the video of the week: a robot cheetah. Yes!

Follow this digital path for all the stories, and prepare to get your nerd on!

Image courtesy of Romain Behar via Wikimedia Commons

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by Jeremy posted Sep 19 2014 5:26AM
Big thanks to Comedy Works Landmark for the invite out to their 5 year anniversary celebration last night. It was a night filled with weirdos, and weirdos are the BEST people to hang out with! Had the chance to talk with some very creative people in the media and comedy industry. There were delicious appetizers like spray cheese and shots of warm Spaghettios. The incredible Gerorge Lopez performed and the bar was wide open!

If you're looking for something fun and different to do on your weekends I suggest you head out and support the CW and get your laugh on! Find a list of comics coming to town right here:

by Emily Makinzie posted Sep 18 2014 5:32AM
Another blog from Emily about music??! Shocker.
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by Bo posted Sep 17 2014 5:15PM
Stop by and see Dr Oz, you might get on his show

Here's the details.........

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by Mark Andrew posted Sep 17 2014 1:47PM
Well almost. But you know what? Here's something we don't use nearly enough. You Tube tutorials! You can learn just about anything you'd ever want to know! You can learn calculus. How to tie a bow tie. How to use complicated software. How to nurse your cat back to health. Whatever you want. I made a decision recently that I'm tired of not knowing how to do stuff. Like fix a hole in the wall in our townhouse. I've never really done dry wall but I'm gonna learn thanks to you tube. A few months ago I needed a costume for a comic con event and I wanted to be a White Walker from Game Of Thrones. Check it out.

I used this site to achieve that look.

The sassy gal in my pic on the left is my fiance Beth. She gets tons of make up tips from LUSTRE LUX. It's a pretty amazing channel. This girl running it has nearly 400,000 followers. She has all kinds of make-up and hair ideas and tutorials. Check her out!

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by Bo posted Sep 17 2014 11:40AM
It's a hilarious roll reversal you must watch!

Ending so true!!!

by Bo posted Sep 16 2014 4:37PM
Krispy Kreme to Sell 'Ghostbusters' Themed Doughnuts
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