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by Jeremy posted May 21 2015 6:24AM
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Location : Colorado
by Jeremy posted May 21 2015 5:50AM
From the Broncos Facebook Page:

Peyton Manning visited the final Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday.

During his previous trip last May, a few footballs were thrown at ‪#‎NYC‬ taxis.


by Dom posted May 19 2015 2:47PM
2015 Jaguar XJL Portfolio
Reviewed by Dom
Car provided by manufacturer

I sat behind the wheel of the Jaguar XJL for the first time, adjusting the seat, the steering wheel, the mirrors, programming some of the entertainment options, and generally taking it all in. And I thought: Is this car too comfortable? Could I actually doze off on the highway?

Look, there are naysayers who (for some reason) have nitpicked Jaguars to death over the past few years. But although there have been a few rough patches here and there, the cars ooze luxury and class. (And did I mention that they're comfortable as hell?)

Take the classic XJ and make it longer - now you know what the L stands for. This is a loonnggg car, a beefy sedan that uses those extra five inches to create a vehicle that grabs the road and produces a steady, stable ride. Okay, so it may be a tight squeeze in some garages . . . (remember what I said about nitpicking?)
by Emily Makinzie posted May 18 2015 6:05AM
You're about to get married. Puttin' a ring on it. Lockin' it down. Forever and ever. And ever.
Let's hope you grow together, you never give up... You age well.
by Bo posted May 14 2015 4:14PM
Would your childhood home movies make a good music video???

Ed's did!

by Emily Makinzie posted May 13 2015 7:50AM
I have loved tigers since I was a kid. They're majestic and powerful and it's really tough to pull of orange and they rock it.
Enjoy this, and smile.
by Emily Makinzie posted May 12 2015 6:47AM
Michael Jackson dance party, anyone?
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People : Michael Jackson
by Jeremy posted May 12 2015 6:02AM
I don't know if I should be grossed out or incredibly impressed. Watch this competitive eater devour and 18 inch burrito – WOW!

by Bo posted May 11 2015 6:26PM
Which one are you????

Come on which one????

by Dom posted May 9 2015 9:57AM
2015 Toyota Camry XSE
Reviewed by Dom
Car provided by manufacturer

For 16 of the past 17 years - an incredible run, no matter how you measure it - the Toyota Camry has been the bestselling car in America. (Trucks are a different story; we're talking sedans here.) There are some who claim that Toyota's run at the top is nearing the end, which might explain why the car giant did yet another redesign of their top dog. The goal is obviously to recapture some of the attention grabbed by Ford and Mazda.

Camry has a new look on the outside to go along with an updated interior. Sleek lines replace an exterior look that never collected second glances from anyone. The grill is larger, giving it a somewhat-more-aggressive face, and overall its curb appeal has improved.

Slip behind the wheel and you'll find that Toyota invested a bit more in materials and design. With some of the trim levels (there are four to choose from, not counting the hybrid model) you'll have access to a simulated leather that looks and feels better. The quality of the seats and center console pieces have moved up a notch, too.
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Location : Colorado
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