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by Dom posted Jan 17 2015 3:05PM
Is it just me, or is TV getting better? And is that a good thing or not?

I wrote a piece about how I went from watching almost NO television, to suddenly having more shows in my Netflix and Amazon Prime queues than I can keep up with.

You might enjoy the post. Here's a link for you to check it out. I'd welcome your comments, too.
by Dom in the Morning posted Jan 7 2015 10:56AM

I know that I have a lot of habits – some good, some bad – but I'd never considered how much they really dominate my everyday life.

And then I read Charles Duhigg's book on the subject. I've read plenty of books that were interesting or influential, but there are only a handful of them that have cause me to instantly adjust the way I live.

The Power of Habit isn't just an eye-opening look at how our habits create subconscious patterns, it also explains how simple little tweaks can help you to take a bad habit and make it something of value in your world.

And it's not just in your personal life. Businesses are beginning to suggest that managers and employees spend some time with this book. There's an entire section on the habits of successful organizations. If anything, read the segment on how Target was able to use customers' habits to actually predict when a woman became pregnant. It's fascinating.

If you're looking to make some changes in your life (either personal or professional – or both) then it's worth a read.

The Power of Habits is available at all three locations of The Tattered Cover Book Store, and if you mention at checkout that it's part of Dom's Book Club, then you'll get 20% off.

by Dom posted Nov 1 2014 3:47PM

For the longest time, Subaru relied on its reputation as an all-wheel-drive beast to sell scads of cars to people in Colorado and other snowy regions. In fact, just this week someone mentioned to me that Subarus were “unofficially the official car of Colorado.”

Now Subaru is elbowing its way into the discussion with a redesigned look and feel to the 2015 Legacy. Sure, it’s still excellent in the snow, but suddenly there’s more to make it an attractive option in the crowded - and formidable - midsize sedan field.
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by Dom posted Sep 19 2014 6:19AM

Another week, another story about how our food is killing us. This time it's artificial sweeteners (again). I know, I know, but the scientists insist on taking away all our fun. The story is in the link below.

And when you feel really sick, but you still drag your carcass into work, you know what you're doing? You're infecting everyone else. A new study shows just how fast your flu virus is racing around the office - and it's not pretty. Details in the link.

Plus, a new formula for being productive - based on how long you work at one stretch followed by a specific break time - and the video of the week: a robot cheetah. Yes!

Follow this digital path for all the stories, and prepare to get your nerd on!

Image courtesy of Romain Behar via Wikimedia Commons

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by Dom and Jane posted Sep 12 2014 6:22AM

Kate and William are about to have another royal child - hip hip hooray! - and so science once again looks at the effect of birth order on personality and such. I've got your details in the link below.

Also, how many MicroLives did you add to your lifespan by eating your broccoli last night? Wait - what's a MicroLife? It's a funky new stat, that's what, and it helps you to figure out just how bad - or how good - you're treating your body.

Plus, the science behind Angry Face, and how to choose gym clothes that will be less stinky. Important, right?

All of it is patiently waiting for you down this digital path, so get on it. It's time to get your nerd on!

Photo courtesy of Rama via Wikimedia Commons
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by Dom posted Sep 6 2014 3:19PM

Suppose you’ve got a hankerin’ for a nimble, stylish sports car, but you want to spend less than $30k. I mean, you still want good performance and, since it’s a sports car, you want something that will smoke through the turns on winding roads in the foothills.

Subaru comes to the rescue.

I spent a week tooling around in the 2015 BRZ, and found it to be one of the best times I’ve ever had with only four cylinders.
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by Dom posted Sep 5 2014 6:18AM
You're getting sleepy in the afternoon, and you wonder: Should I take a nap or just drink some coffee? It turns out that the answer is: Both. They call it a coffee nap, and it could be just what you need. Details are in the link below.

And which memories do you think are the most powerful for you? Your trip to Hawaii, or the music playlist you created three months ago? You're gonna be surprised.

The rest of News For Nerds covers learning a second language, and how to keep your tan during the winter.

It's all good stuff, and you can dive in by following this underlined link thing. Go on, get your nerd on!

Photo courtesy of Kendi Calismam via Wikimedia Commons
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by Dom posted Aug 29 2014 5:14AM
What would you think if middle school and high school started at 9 or 9:30? What? You don't like that idea? It messes with your schedule? It would be inconvenient for you? Well, it's actually MUCH better for your kids. Now what do you say? I've got the story in the link below.

Also, we only THINK we hate waiting. It turns out that sometimes it's good for us, and not all waiting is the same. Interesting story, and you'll find it in the link down there.

Plus, the reasons why you lose friends as you age, how monkeys don't own any selfies that they take, and video of a robot riding a hovercraft. I mean, how could it get any better than this?

Follow this digital pathway and you'll be quickly getting your nerd on. And you'll thank me.

Photo courtesy of Alessandro Zangrilli via Wikimedia Commons
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by Dom posted Aug 22 2014 6:23AM
Think you're addicted to coffee? Gotta have it every morning, right? Otherwise you're useless. Well, what if it's not the coffee that you're hooked on, but the routine of making it? Cool stuff, and I've got details in the link below.

Plus, science is always trying to come up with new ways for personal identification. Forget about retina scans - how about a device that recognizes your body odor? Or your veins? Think I'm kidding? I'm not. The story is in the link below.

And some other cool things this week: How Twitter helped to identify restaurants that served up food poisoning, how to get by on the pitiful amount of sleep you're getting, and a gigantic fart machine that will make you laugh - unless you have no soul whatsoever.

Check it all out by tripping down this digital pathway, and get ready to get your nerd on.

Image courtesy of Andres Nieto Porrass via Wikimedia Commons
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