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by Emily Makinzie posted May 18 2015 6:05AM
You're about to get married. Puttin' a ring on it. Lockin' it down. Forever and ever. And ever. 
Let's hope you grow together, you never give up... You age well. 
by Dom posted Nov 4 2014 10:47AM

Rum Punch
By Elmore Leonard
Reviewed by Dom
I’m a big fan of Elmore Leonard’s writing, especially his dialogue. He was a master at delivering compelling conversations between his characters, and along the way he surely inspired not only other writers but some filmmakers, too.

It’s no secret that Quentin Tarentino is a fan; he took this month’s book club selection and turned it into a hit movie called Jackie Brown – starring Denver resident Pam Grier.

Leonard wrote in several genres, but his crime thrillers, like Get Shorty and Raylan (which F/X turned into the hit show Justified) made him one of America’s favorite authors. Rum Punch tells the story of flight attendant Jackie Brown, who is sneaking money into the country for an arms dealer . . . until she’s nabbed by the law.

Jackie decides that perhaps she’ll find a way to keep the money for herself – and you can imagine how that sits with the bad guys.

Elmore Leonard is a writer who doesn’t waste words, which makes for fast-paced thrillers, full of memorable characters and spicy language. People magazine claimed that Rum Punch was his best, and you can find it for 20% off at The Tattered Cover Book Store.
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