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by Mark Andrew posted May 30 2014 12:31PM

by Emily Makinzie posted May 30 2014 8:32AM
Apparently I have a new hobby: I take selfies with pop stars.
This is James, the banjo/guitar player of American Authors.
American Authors are enjoying their fantastic new fame becasue of their hit, "Best Day of My Life". People love that song, sing along, have it on repeat. (Fun fact, BDoML was written about the book, Where the Wild Things Are.)
And trust me when I say, American Authors aren't going anywhere anytime soon.


by Jeremy posted May 30 2014 7:37AM

I talked about this website on the show today - Big ol' fat ATM receipts casually left behind. Click Below....


by Dom and Jane posted May 30 2014 7:25AM

Dear Friend or Family Member,
I am excited to hear that you are embarking on a new adventure by choosing to move to a new home. I am confident your new home will serve you well until which time you decide to move again.
As your friend or family member, it has fallen to me to help you move. Let me stress that this is a task I am more than willing to help with, however, moving sucks!  I won’t enjoy it, and will more than likely hate my life during the entire process of helping you move.
For that reason, on the following pages is an agreement I am asking you to sign and abide by, whole heartedly, in an effort to preserve our relationship during this stressful time. 
Moving day is inherently traumatic. Tempers will flare, words will be said, fights will be had, but if we can agree to the terms of my labor we’ll move forward with a strong a healthy relationship. By signing this agreement we will mutually agree upon several terms by which both of us will abide by regardless how moving day goes.
As I hope you will see from the listed expectations, the overall theme is respect for my time and energy.  If you ask me, or any other friend or family member to help you move, I expect you to be fully prepared on the agreed upon date and time.  I also expect anyone else you recruit to help, to arrive ready to work.  Moving day is not social hour! These people are you friends and family and there will be plenty of other opportunities to socialize with them. Moving day is meant for work and only work until the job is done.
Please continue to the next page to review the moving agreement.
by Dom and Jane posted May 30 2014 6:56AM
There's never really a day when we DON"T want Le Peep in our bellies. Thank goodness Amanda came in with piles of deliciousness for us. One of the things we love about Le Peep, is the variety of food is fantastic. Dom and Jeremy had plenty of bacon, Jane enjoyed gluten-free waffles, and Emily had a lovely vegetarian breakfast. There's really something for everyone... especially Dad. Bring the whole family in for Father's Day, and Dad will get a $10 gift certificate to use on his next visit, and he'll be entered in a drawing to win $100 to a sporting goods store! It's perfect. Find the Le Peep closest to you by clicking here. 
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by Dom posted May 30 2014 6:20AM

Ok, let the firestorm begin. A new study not only explains the differences in personality between dog owners and cat owners, it goes so far as to say which group is the more intelligent bunch. Don't shoot the messenger. Read all about it in the link below.

Also, we're getting closer to the days where you can pull an Austin Powers move and be frozen for years. (Well, at least for a few hours, anyway.) Suspended animation has arrived, and I have the details.

Plus, tips for taking a better nap, and a new amusement park thrill ride that drops you FACE FIRST from more than 300 feet up. Yes!

Here's your digital path to all of the above, because science is cool. C'mon and get your nerd on!

Photo courtesy of Don Wecua via Wikimedia Commons
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by Jeremy posted May 30 2014 6:00AM
Dom, Jeremy and Emily had a chance to hang with the dudes from American Authors yesterday in Golden. Check out da pic!

by Mark Andrew posted May 29 2014 12:52PM
And a major opps for the Rockies.  What is their punishment?  Find out in Mark Andrew's Mile High Mix Fix. 

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by Jeremy posted May 29 2014 8:31AM
New list out, and Denver ranks in the top 5 for healthy citizens…although we’re not getting enough of something very important! Read the story below!

Nom Nom Nom
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by Jeremy posted May 29 2014 6:21AM

A money heavy anonymous donor is hiding cash in locations all around the country and is using Twitter to send out clues on where to find it. The latest envelope is hidden somewhere in Boulder!  Check out the story below – and start searching…


Free Money Click Here
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