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by Bo Jaxon posted Jul 31 2014 2:12PM
I played a little football back in the day—I was one of the big “uglies” on the line!
I played offensive and defensive tackle….
My hair style was influenced by the pro wrestling Tag Team Champs called The “Road Warriors” …….
Should I bring back the BOHAWK?????
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by Jeremy posted Jul 31 2014 6:57AM
YO, where my toddlers at?  How many of you are living with these little monsters? 

How many of you are wondering what those sticky spots on your walls are?  How many of you always have a little guest with you in the bathroom? HOW many of you are constantly cleaning Cheerios out of your car?
How many of you wouldn’t trade it for the world?
Check out the link below that any parent of a toddler can relate to…

Little Monsters
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by Emily Makinzie posted Jul 31 2014 6:44AM
"Come and get it, BAE..." Parrell sings. BAE? Is he crooning to Beyonce? Is that a nickname for her I'm not aware of since I'm not in the inner circle?? Or is it short for 'baby'... Since 'baby' is such a long word, and really, who has the time to finish all 4 letters? 
TIFU... Did you just misspell 'tofu', you silly hippie?
ASL... My best gal is an interpreter for American Sign Language... Yes? No?
TL;DR... Tallahassee; Doctor?
My friends, all of these are cool abbreviations. If you're like me, disgustingly UNcool, please read this article and school yourself. 
YW... (You're welcome.) (I just made that one up.)
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by Jeremy posted Jul 31 2014 6:01AM
Want to see some of the most epic selfies around?! Of course you do you narcissistic SOB. 

Click on the link below for a webpage that has been trending its way up the web world – some of these will blow your little mind!
Look At ME!
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by Mark Andrew posted Jul 30 2014 2:48PM
Now those are fans!  If you missed the first two Broncos practices open to the public, you still have a chance to see them.  Get those details and find out what else is happening in Denver today in Mark Andrew's Mile High Mix Fix!

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by Emily Makinzie posted Jul 30 2014 6:48AM
by Jeremy posted Jul 30 2014 6:28AM
Bet ya didn’t know that I enjoy photography and I’ve been doing it for years!  I started back in High School where many of my shots ended up in the school paper and yearbook. Continuing through college I developed a pretty spectacular portfolio where I started to dabble in digital photography and Photoshop.

Some of my most unique and favorite shots were always taken off the cuff without the subject knowing I was taking the shot.  I developed a pretty good eye for shadows, textures and interesting angles.  Maybe someday I’ll post some of my work….maybe.

In the mean time check out this really cool link to photos that were shot at JUST the right moment!  Some of these are pretty mind blowing.

Click the link below!

Shoot Me
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by Emily Makinzie posted Jul 30 2014 6:15AM
Who's got two thumbs and loves animals? This girl. I came across this awesomesauce story about a brilliant staple in the streets of Istanbul that helps stray animals.
(Please disregard the website name. I am neither bored or a panda. I am at work, being very diligent and productive.)  
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by Emily Makinzie posted Jul 30 2014 5:41AM
It was suggested to The Dom and Jane Show that we reveal unknown little bits about ourselves to the listeners. Just because we sprinkle our lives through out the show each morning, it doesn't mean that our listener family knows each of us very well. And I see in magazines all over the place a segment called "___ Things You Don't Know About Me". (The blank being whatever number of personal facts the author wants to dig up.) So I suggested to my morning show homies that we do 5 things about ourselves and share it with our delightful audiences. 
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by Jeremy posted Jul 30 2014 5:30AM
Poor little Saide has come to the realization that unfortunately we must all grow up.  This video is trending its way up the world of social media and yep, it’s ridiculously cute. The look on the little brother’s face is priceless.

 Give er’ a watch below.

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