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by Jeremy Padgett posted Aug 29 2014 7:52AM
Prepare to have your mind blow...some BIG news is out regarding Hello Kitty!

Click Below!


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by Dom posted Aug 29 2014 5:14AM
What would you think if middle school and high school started at 9 or 9:30? What? You don't like that idea? It messes with your schedule? It would be inconvenient for you? Well, it's actually MUCH better for your kids. Now what do you say? I've got the story in the link below.

Also, we only THINK we hate waiting. It turns out that sometimes it's good for us, and not all waiting is the same. Interesting story, and you'll find it in the link down there.

Plus, the reasons why you lose friends as you age, how monkeys don't own any selfies that they take, and video of a robot riding a hovercraft. I mean, how could it get any better than this?

Follow this digital pathway and you'll be quickly getting your nerd on. And you'll thank me.

Photo courtesy of Alessandro Zangrilli via Wikimedia Commons
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by Bo Jaxon posted Aug 28 2014 11:29AM
"Shake It Off" is my new workout song---burn the calories, shake off the pounds!!!
Enjoy the outtakes, I'm glad there are no cameras around when I'm working out---Bo

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by Mark Andrew posted Aug 27 2014 12:05PM
Let's go!

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by Jeremy Padgett posted Aug 27 2014 5:15AM
Parents – have your kids listen to this epic rap!  Not only is this guy really good but it contains some valuable advice for living your life the right way.  Bonus – it’s profanity free!



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by Bo Jaxon posted Aug 25 2014 5:13PM
Opera man helps quench your thirst at Coors Field and Sports Authority Mile High!!!!!
Singing up and down the rows of seats!!!

by Emily Makinzie posted Aug 25 2014 5:56AM
A man who reads AND understands emotions??! Not possible! 
Har har har... 
But really, I know the only certified human in the state of Colorado who can read micro expressions to gauge truthfulness and credibility. Sounds pretty cool, but what does it mean?
It means that you can tell a story to my pal Phil, for example a story about getting married to your S.O., and he will know if you're really happy about it. Or sad about it. Or angry about it. Oh snap!
And besides being fantastic entertainment at the bar, reading micro expressions is incredibly useful in serious situations. Hiring interviews, for example. Fraud or murder investigations. Divorce cases. It's a long list.
We talked to Phil on the show last week, and it was fascinating. Check it out, you'll want to get Botox.
And if you want to learn more about his skillz, yes skillz with a 'z', click here. 
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by Jeremy Padgett posted Aug 25 2014 5:33AM
Big thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday to the Ponies, Power Strokes and Friends event with Colorado Off Road and Phil Long Ford.  HUGE turnout - and Ford even dropped off a brand new 2015 Mustang for all the spectators to drool over!  Thank YOU for making this such a great community event.

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by Bo Jaxon posted Aug 22 2014 7:08PM

by Dom posted Aug 22 2014 6:23AM
Think you're addicted to coffee? Gotta have it every morning, right? Otherwise you're useless. Well, what if it's not the coffee that you're hooked on, but the routine of making it? Cool stuff, and I've got details in the link below.

Plus, science is always trying to come up with new ways for personal identification. Forget about retina scans - how about a device that recognizes your body odor? Or your veins? Think I'm kidding? I'm not. The story is in the link below.

And some other cool things this week: How Twitter helped to identify restaurants that served up food poisoning, how to get by on the pitiful amount of sleep you're getting, and a gigantic fart machine that will make you laugh - unless you have no soul whatsoever.

Check it all out by tripping down this digital pathway, and get ready to get your nerd on.

Image courtesy of Andres Nieto Porrass via Wikimedia Commons
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