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Lauren the Honeybee – m4w (Denver?)

This is a true longshot, but what the hell, I make my living doing the impossible, so I might as well put this out there…

Lauren, I saw your post on Tinder and you absolutely stopped me in my tracks.
When I look at your photo, and see your eyes,
I literally feel like I am looking at an Angel from heaven.
I am reminded of the first time I saw wood duck in the wild.
Not because you have any duck face photos, and please don’t take offense that I am make a comparison to a duck here,
This is the deal,
Wood ducks are among the most beautiful birds in the world.
And they are incredibly shy and secretive,
So the first time I saw one in the wild,
I literally felt like I was seeing a unicorn.
I was utterly mesmerized. I couldn’t stop looking.
My dad headed back to our camp,
But I just stayed there in the redwoods,
Amongst the ferns,
By the little creek as the rain fell down.
Completely and totally spell bound,
In awe at the beauty of the world,
Enchanted with life,
And feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.
A leprechaun with a pot of gold would have seemed far less precious to me.
I have seen them twice since,
Here in Colorado,
On other beautiful creeks,
And each time it has been the same.
I am absolutely stunned by their beauty and magical aura.

And that is how it is with you.
I see you and I am stunned.
And it has happened twice now.

I checked out Tinder last spring,
And I saw your profile,
And it was all over.

I dropped Tinder because I am pretty sure I am going to meet my future partner out in the real world.
But then this fall I thought, “Well, I might as well open as many avenues as possible so that my partner and I can find each other.”

And there you were.
And now all I wish is that I could see your radiance again.
Of course I “liked” you,
But I don’t think you will see me.
And I tend to be invisible to most people because I am an incredibly rare and extraordinary creature myself and most people don’t notice me at a glance. When someone sits down to have a conversation with me, they get an immediate sense of who I am, and everyone I meet can tell that I am a truly amazing and wonderful person. But just walking down the street, or swiping on Tinder, I don’t register at all, people don’t see me. So if my profile comes across your feed, likely you will swipe on past.

I spent about two hours last night searching Laurens on Facebook. No dice. I went through hundreds, on an incredibly slow internet connection, painfully slow search. Every Lauren that came up, had at least one friend in common with me, and according to Tinder, you and I have no mutual connections. So it doesn’t seem possible to find you and write to you there. Hence this shot in the dark.

A bit more about you: you have one photo getting ready for a race of some sort and you like to run. You are in a purple shirt with your race number pinned on.
You have another photo in a bumblebee or honeybee costume. In that, you have a pair of glasses with thick black frames. You are brunette, fit, clearly enjoy your friends.

So, not likely you will ever see this post. I am sure you are getting plenty enough attention online and in the real world that you don’t check missed connections. But having written this, I can let it go.

If I ever see you in the wild I will:
1. Fall over.
2. Ask you to marry me.
3. Ask you on a date.

Best wishes.

Universe, if you are listening, please make note, study Lauren, and send someone like that into my life!

If you have a “missed connection” email me at: [email protected]  OR Tweet it to @Mix100Denver and don’t forget the #missedconnections

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