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have you seen my shady lady?? – m4w (Westminster)

we met at a backyard moonshine party in Westminster in the serious, serious heat of summer. You were a dark beauty, nubile, effervescent and just coming of age in the suburban moonlight! I was the taller one with the receding hairline who talked the more he drank and drank like a beached whale. I spent most of that night lost in your trance, mystified by your scent and your heat as you stirred my soul. Eventually I danced with the puerto rican girl (maybe it was more than a dance), but really, you were one I wanted to take for a ride. We chatted ever so briefly (as you were the apple of many an eye that evening) and you mentioned you had been seeing a guy (last name Beem?) and that his wood was OK, but you wanted something better. I ran out of words. At the end of the night, we caught each other’s glance and I swear you winked at me and smiled and mouthed “see ya later alligator”. I turned into instant mush and have pretty much been mush ever since. . Your are my shady lady, my queen of darkness, the elixir my soul lusts for. . . and I MUST find you!
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