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Dom’s Book Club for August, 2018: Unbound, by John Shors

A couple of months ago I was looking around for an interesting choice for Dom’s Book Club. So I asked Gretchen, my fiancé and a fierce book lover, for a recommendation.

She told me she was knee-deep into a book called Unbound, by John Shors. I had to laugh, because John has been a friend of mine for a few years. So this was a double win: Not only did it give me a great book for August, but I impressed Gretchen by knowing a bestselling author.

John, a Colorado author, built his terrific writing career by taking readers by the hand and showing them – in exquisite detail – the lives of people in exotic locations and in fascinating situations.

His debut novel, Beneath A Marble Sky, torched the bestseller lists because it painted a beautiful portrait of the true love story behind one of the world’s most beloved landmarks, the Taj Mahal.

With Unbound he sets his sights on another iconic setting, China’s Great Wall.

Set in the 16th century against the backdrop of a Mongol invasion, the story reveals the hardships and remarkable bravery of one couple, Fan and Meng. Fan is forced to leave his wife in order to help the defensive effort along the wall, but after he goes missing for a year Meng sets out to find him.

Shors is known for not only creating vivid images of these legendary locations, but also for taking us into the hearts and minds of the people who toil there. The best books always capture real human drama in a way that compels you to keep turning the page, and this is a stunning example.

Gretchen appreciated the way Shors described loving relationships amidst the violence, a juxtaposition that makes the story of Fan and Meng even more special.

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