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Dom’s Book Club for December, 2018: Mr. Dickens and His Carol


By Samantha Silva


This month, millions of Americans will either:

  1. See a stage presentation of A Christmas Carol
  2. Watch one of the movie versions – or Scrooged
  3. Read the book by Charles Dickens

For Dom’s Book Club in December I thought it would be fun to feature a novel about the writing of that classic tale.

Charles Dickens is not only down, he’s depressed. His book sales aren’t good, his publisher is clamoring for a hit, and they’re essentially forcing him to write a Christmas story that would make them rich.

But Dickens pushes back. As he walks the streets of London in despair, he encounters the mysterious Eleanor Lovejoy. It’s Eleanor who launches Dickens into his own dark, but strangely humorous, journey. What is born of this journey is often described as the best holiday fiction ever penned.

If you’re looking for something completely different this season, perhaps Silva’s first book is just what you need.

Mr. Dickens and His Carol is on sale at The Tattered Cover Book Store. If you mention Dom’s Book Club they’ll take 20% off the cost of this title.

Happy reading, and Merry Christmas.



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