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Dom’s Book Club for January, 2019: Make Your Bed, by William H. McRaven

This is perhaps one of the shortest books I’ve ever featured in my book club, and I love that. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve read 375-page non-fiction books that could’ve easily been condensed into 150 pages. Or less.

William McRaven is a former Navy Seal who addressed the graduating class of the University of Texas in 2014. His talk to those students went viral, with millions of people watching it online. And, just like that, the talk was distilled into a small book with large repercussions.

Okay, so it falls into the self-help category. But it’s not your ordinary self-help book. McRaven recounts many stories about not only his training to become a Navy Seal, but also anecdotes about how that training influenced his life and decision-making.

I’ve heard people say it’s a fantastic book to give to teenagers. Others have proclaimed it’s a perfect book for people in the early stages of a management career. Still others credit it for helping them get through difficult stretches of their life.

Sounds like an all-around tonic for helping you get centered and get started.

And perhaps it’s just what you need to read at the start of a new year to get pointed in the right direction. That’s why I chose it for the January book.

Pick it up at your nearest Tattered Cover Book Store. If you mention Dom’s Book Club, they’ll take 20% off the price of this title.



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