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Billie Eilish Shares Look Behind The Miniature Outfits In ‘What Was I Made For?’ Video

Billie Eilish recently shared a behind-the-scenes clip showing the miniature outfits that feature in her video for “What Was I Made For?”

Eilish released the “What Was I Made For?” track and an accompanying video on July 14. The song appears on the soundtrack for the new Barbie: The Movie.

The Eilish-directed video for “What Was I Made For?” shows tiny versions of some of the singer’s most iconic looks.

The behind-the-scenes video gives viewers a closer look at some of the outfits seen in the song’s visual. The yellow co-ord from the “Bellyache” video, the Chanel suit from Eilish’s first Oscars in 2020, and clothing she’s designed and sold for her company Blohsh are among the outfits featured in the visual.

“It’s supposed to be like vintage Barbie,” she explains of the music video. “I really wanted it to feel like how the old Barbies looked. It was so goofy to type in ‘Billie Eilish iconic outfits,’ it was such a weird thing to type.”

“But it was hard, though, there’s so many we wanted to put in, but we could only do a certain amount,” she adds. “Knew we wanted some of them as the main looks on hangers, and then some to be loose. There’s like 18 of them.”

(Photo: Billie Eilish/YouTube)

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