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Coi Leray Releases New Single ‘Bops’

Hip-hop star Coi Leray recently released a new single, “Bops,” via Uptown Records/Republic Records.

“Catchin’ jets, boo (Woo), I got jet fuel (Woo), when I touch down (Ah), I’ma get loose (Loose)/ Pull up in a spaceship, call me Neptune (Mm), two-step, hit a slide when I walk through (Slide), wrist watch got a (Ah), big clock (Uh)/ Hatin’ a** h**s, yeah, that b**ch a big opp (Ah), sittin’ on top, got these b**ches bitter/ If you ain’t gettin’ money, I ain’t f**kin’ with ya (Uh-uh), go and grab ya calculator,” Leray raps over a Johnny Goldstein-produced beat.

In a recent interview with Eddie Francis on Apple Music 1, Leray explained how she was attracted to the “Bops” beat.

“It just has big energy, period,” she said. “I got to talk my s**t. I like to talk my s**t. I just been recording. Once I heard the beat from Johnny Goldstein, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this s**t is going to be insane.’ And I automatically hopped right on it, and I just got to talk my s**t. Summertime is coming, and I feel like I got a lot to say.”

Earlier in the month, Leray released “Baby Don’t Hurt Me,” featuring David Guetta, and “Flip A Switch” with Raye.

(Photo: Uptown Records/Republic Records)

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